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If you're striving to convert your antiquated bathroom into a contemporary sanctuary, you've certainly arrived at the correct online destination.

We list some of the latest and greatest smart bathroom technologies that can help enhance your overall experience. From smart showers to intelligent bathroom ventilation – we've covered it all.

1. High Tech Showers

High tech or smart showers combine your traditional showerhead with a few more user-friendly controls that can make your showering experience a delight. 

These features can range from Bluetooth connectivity to playing your favorite songs, remote control for temperature and pressure control, and switches to customize water flow. There are even showerheads that let you answer calls while bathing. 

All of these customizations to your shower help make for a more comfortable showering experience. There are even smart showers that offer you reports on your water usage in order to conserve water.

2. Digital Bathroom Controls

Digital bathroom controls include voice-controlled digital assistants Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa and remote controls for turning your bathtub into a bubble bath. These controls can entirely change your experience in the bathroom without causing any harm to your devices. 

You can use the digital assistants to change your music for you or dim the lights while you get into your bath. You can also use them to warm up your toilet seat or spray an air freshener in the bathroom before or after use. 

Digital bathroom controls help create the perfect environment for you before or after you use the bathroom. They help save time and customize things just the way you like them.   

3. Smart Bath Tubs

Even though smart tubs haven't really caught up with the popularity of the rest of the smart appliances we enjoy, they're gaining traction. And it's easy to see why. 

You see, bathtubs, unlike quick showers, are where many of us find peace of mind to sit back, relax and contemplate. But you can make this refuge even more enjoyable with customizations. 

Smart bathtubs come with multiple luxurious features, including filling up the water and controlling the water level via voice command or remote control. Some top-of-the-line smart tubs also include fog or steam functions and even offer the right scene with customized lighting.

4. Smart Toilets

Like all other smart gadgets, smart toilets reduce the amount of work you have to do, thus making your bathroom-going experience fun and hygienic. 

Not so long ago, smart toilets were all the rage in Japan. Now their popularity has caught up in the rest of the world, leading to better and more customized smart bidets. 

Some of the most common features of a smart toilet will include seat warmers, automatic lid & flushing features, water temperature, and spray settings for bidets. Suffice it to say; a smart toilet has so many convenient features that you may never want to switch to a traditional one ever again.

5. Home Spas

You can create the perfect home spa with smart bathroom gadgets. Now that you already know about customized baths and voice-controlled lights, all you need for a natural spa experience is some smart speakers, light dimmers, and a top-notch smart bathtub. 

You can use the tub to create the perfect setting with the right water temperature and soothing sprays for a relaxing massage. And if you add a smart shower to the mix – you can even do away with the speakers. 

Also, for interested parties, some companies make smart custom saunas with infrared technology, smart lighting, and smart speakers, and remote control of temperature settings via an app.

6. Voice Controlled Bathroom Speakers

Many people love listening to music in the shower or to their favorite podcasts while relaxing in their bathtubs. 

For this very reason, voice-controlled bathroom speakers are a treasured smart gadget that everyone wants in their bathrooms. Voice-controlled speakers are wireless and mostly waterproof speakers that use voice commands to perform different actions, including turning on, switching to your desired song or playlist, or changing the volume. 

These speakers installed in your bathroom let you easily navigate through your playlist without any hazards or damaging the speakers with water.   

7. Smart Bathroom Lighting

Smart bathroom lights set the perfect environment for you depending on your mood. Happy and in the mood to dance in the shower? Bright, colorful lights will help you set the mood. Want to relax in your bathtub in the evening? Dimmed lights will be your best friends. 

Smart lighting lets you adjust the brightness, hue, and sometimes even the color of your bathroom lights with remote access via an app or digital assistants like Siri or Alexa. 

Smart lighting provides an easy solution to completely changing the aura in your bathroom with simple commands or controls. You can also switch off your voice-activated bathroom lights from your room, or anywhere else for that matter, if you forget to switch them off on your way out. 

8. Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors don't only show you your reflection while you put on your makeup or brush your teeth; they take your bathroom experience one step ahead. Smart mirrors come equipped with a digital display behind the glass that shows the weather, news, your notifications, and the date and time. 

Smart fitness mirrors display your fitness needs and diet, whereas a smart cosmetic mirror might show you your required skincare and makeup needs. Besides these, a smart mirror also has features like smart lighting and speakers connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

9. Intelligent Bathroom Ventilation

Intelligent bathroom ventilation includes smart exhaust fans that can easily detect humidity and turn on when needed. You can program these fans to run for a specified amount of time before they turn off. 

A smart exhaust fan will let you customize it according to your needs, so you get precisely the amount of ventilation you need.  You may also control these fans remotely through an app on your mobile phone. 

Some smart exhaust fans come with timer functions, scheduling options and can be Energy Certified to help you cut down on energy costs.

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The Verdict

There's a lot of room to play with when it comes to modernizing your bathroom with smart technology. While there's a wide range of smart bathroom devices to choose from, ultimately, nothing matters more than what you need. Adding smart technology that you'll barely use to your bathroom isn't worth the time, the expense, or aggravation.



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