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Fusing smart devices with your home automation configuration might unintentionally lead to the overlooking of your garden's condition. It is crucial to emphasize that despite the increasingly technologically advanced nature of your home, your garden still requires a level of attention parallel to those given to other in-house appliances. By merging advanced smart home technologies with intelligent sensors, the management of your garden and the productivity of plant care can be significantly improved.

Smart Devices for your Garden!

Here’s a list of the best smart garden gadgets in the market right now. We cover all of them on our website, so have a look around for more detailed content as well!

Smart Indoor Gardens

Since more and more people are moving into apartments, indoor gardens have been gaining popularity. The truth is, many people don’t know just how many different plants they can grow indoors! The good news is that an indoor garden is not as much work as you might think it is. That is especially true if you have an indoor smart garden.

An indoor smart garden is like an advanced flower pot for your plants. You can find gardens of different shapes and sizes. Some can fit multiple plants and look more like large bookshelves or TV stands, while others are quite petite and only suitable for one small plant. 

One of the main features of smart indoor gardens is the LED light panel. It should be located on top of the plants and help the plants grow. This feature is especially important because plants often refuse to grow due to a lack of sunlight. You will find that these light panels can often be extended as the plant grows.

smart garden

Smart Lawn Mowers

Mowing the lawn has become one of the most annoying and boring activities we have to do around the house. However, if you want to keep your lawn looking nice and green, you will have to put the time in.

With robot lawn mowers, you can automate this chore. You’ll understand the importance of a robot lawnmower a few weeks after you’ve used it. A robot lawn mower operates in a similar way to a robot vacuum cleaner. It uses sensors to determine where to go next and not fall in the pool. The rest is up to you.

Most robot lawnmowers these days are programmable. Some even come with smartphone apps where you can point out which parts of your yard you want to work on and which parts to avoid. With the lawn mower’s scheduling capabilities, you can tell your device when you need to grass cut in advance. Some of the newer models even come with features such as anti-theft, Wi-Fi connectivity, and rain protection.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation controllers are nothing new, right? They’ve been around for a while. Without them, how would homeowners always keep their lawns nice and green? That’s a fair point, but have you heard of smart irrigation controllers? That’s right, you can now schedule the water flow in your garden.

One of the main features of smart irrigation controllers is programming. You can create a schedule for your sprinklers and decide when your plants will need some water ahead of time. This way, your plants won’t die even if you’re not home. You can customize every bit of the process. Decide how long you need the sprinklers to run and at what exact time they should start or end. 

Smart sprinklers are especially useful for owners of big yards. If you have a lot of plants to keep up with, each with its complex schedule, then you’ll appreciate the ability to control outdoor water use through your smartphone. 

In addition to that, a smart irrigation controller can save you money. Expect a smaller water bill after you start programming your sprinklers.

Smart Plant Monitors

You might be wondering why your plants refuse to grow when you water them regularly and provide enough natural light. If you want to know, use a smart plant monitor. 

A smart plant monitor is a device that you slide into your plant pot. It stays on the inside to monitor the conditions of the soil. The monitor uses the information it gathers to tell you what your plant needs. Some things you can learn from a smart monitor are the temperature of the soil, its moisture level, the amount of light it gets, and more.

With a smart plant monitor, taking care of your plants is like playing a video game. Check how they’re doing through an app on your phone.

Smart Weeding Robots

Pulling out weeds in your backyard can be a bit tedious. Unfortunately, if you fail to do that in time, your garden will look messy and disorganized. 

What you need is a smart weeding robot! Essentially, a weeding robot will take care of the weeds for you. Most robots identify weeds by their height. In other words, if a plant is tall enough to be detected by the robot’s sensor, it goes unharmed. Everything that ends up under the robot gets cut. You could easily compare it to the way a smart lawnmower or vacuum cleaner operates.

Most smart weeding robots allow you to set up routes and create schedules using your phone.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

If you have a large outdoor space, outdoor lighting can save your life. It can prevent you from tripping as you’re walking back into the house at night. One of the most important features to look at when choosing a smart lightbulb for your garden is brightness. Light is perceived differently outside and it pays off to find a bulb that’s brighter than the average one. Bonus points if you can change the brightness, which is a feature most smart bulbs possess.

Another thing to pay attention to is the Away mode. The Away mode switches lights on and off at random times when you’re away for longer periods. That can help scare off intruders. If you don’t want to let the lightbulb do its job, you can control it using an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to create schedules and decide when you want the lights to turn on or off before the time comes. You can also dim the lights or turn them up higher, as well as change the color or hue.

Smart Weather Stations

A smart weather station can tell you all about the weather with higher accuracy than your phone or search engine. A good weather station measures not only the temperature outside, but also the direction and speed of the wind, amount of rainfall, UV index, humidity, heat index, barometric pressure, and that’s not even all!

This type of device is only suitable for users who can make sense of all the information. All the data is presented in a comprehensive manner on the screen of your smart device. 

Open a mobile app to see the temperature outside (and, in some cases, inside), check the UV index for tanning, and see how humid it is.

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The Verdict

If you’ve decided to automate not only the inside of your home but also the outdoor area, these devices will come in very handy. However, before you decide what to buy, think about all the functionality of these devices and if you will get good use out of them!

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