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Looking into the recent smart home statistics from CSO in Ireland is certainly intriguing.

Smart Home Statistics for Ireland

  • 19% of Irish internet users make use of a virtual assistant through a smart speaker or app. 
  • 15% use smart energy devices like smart thermostats, smart plugs, or smart lights. 
  • 14% use smart security equipment like wireless cameras, smart smoke or Co2 detectors, smart door locks, or alarm systems.
  • 4% of users have connected appliances like smart ovens, robot vacuums, or smart fridges.

With the global smart home market set to reach 120 billion dollars in 2021 with 15% year-on-year growth, there is plenty of headroom in the Irish market for expansion.

Research by Strategy Analytics indicates by mid-2023, half of all households in Ireland will have a smart speaker with voice assistant, with Alexa the most popular choice.

With major electronic retailers like Harvey Norman, Currys PC World, DID Electric, and Power City all having dedicated smart home displays, it is no surprise that smart devices are becoming ubiquitous in the Irish home.

Smart Devices in the Irish Household

Smart home devices typical in the Irish household cover a relatively wide range.

Energy Management & Heating

Smart thermostats (such as the Hive and Nest) are becoming more and more popular as people look to take remote control of their heating systems. Energy providers like Bord Gais have helped fuel this expansion with smart energy deals with equipment upgrades included.

Electric Ireland is continuing to roll out their Smart Meters across the country, providing homeowners with detailed insights on energy usage.

Smart radiator valves are available in plumbing and heating merchants to retrofit existing systems, for zonal heating.

SEAI grants are helping reduce homeowners’ capital costs of heating upgrades with heat pumps, solar panels, heating control upgrades all included.

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Smart Home Ireland: Smart Security & Safety

Wired alarm systems are a thing of the past with newer systems now wireless with remote smartphone controls. Smart security cameras have become much more affordable with simple installation, thanks to wireless video feeds and battery power.

Smart locks and video doorbells are the new way to welcome people to your home, all connected and controlled from your phone or smart display.

Connected carbon monoxide and smoke detectors were previously only installed in commercial premises. Now with smart wireless detectors, any home can improve its coverage and have all sirens sound if any device is triggered.


It’s practically impossible to buy a TV these days that is not a Smart TV! With the ever-improving broadband infrastructure and rural broadband plan now in motion, media streaming is commonplace in almost every home.

With Eir offering wireless TV via the AppleTV box (with Siri voice assistant built-in), traditional homes will soon become smart homes! Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast all make up the more modern ways to consume content.

Smart Living

Once only found in 5-star hotels, any Irish home can now have automatic blinds and curtains controlled by the touch of a button or a simple voice command, without breaking the bank!

Smart fridges and ovens are making life easier in the kitchen while robot vacuums are taking the sting out of the daily chores!

Every day you hear of how traditional devices and appliances are being reimagined with a new smart IoT angle!

Conclusion: Smart Home Ireland

In conclusion, the landscape of smart home technology in Ireland in 2024 reflects a dynamic and rapidly evolving market. With advancements in IoT, AI, and connectivity, Irish households are increasingly embracing smart home solutions for enhanced comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

This shift towards intelligent living not only represents a significant leap forward in residential technology but also underscores Ireland's commitment to sustainability and innovation. As we look ahead, the integration of smart home technologies in Irish homes is set to redefine our daily living, offering unprecedented levels of convenience and control.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast or simply seeking to improve your home life, the smart home revolution in Ireland promises to bring about transformative changes, making the future of living not just smarter, but more intuitive and connected than ever before.


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