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The swift progression of IoT and smart home development have substantially enhanced city living. Importantly, these technological achievements have radically transformed the contemporary kitchen environment, bringing about swift and noticeable alterations. Explore how this forward-thinking technology can profoundly change your cooking experiences.

How Are Kitchens Becoming Smarter?

Smart kitchens integrate a host of different smart appliances that help to enhance your tasks in the kitchen.  Whether it’s a connected smoker, a Bluetooth probe that improves cooking precision, or kitchen displays that allow you to follow a recipe the right way – a smart kitchen certainly makes it more fun to prepare meals. Plus, with our fast-paced lives, this technology has helped to simplify many painstakingly long processes.

Smart Appliances

Smart Fridges, Smart Microwaves, Bluetooth Smokers

With a smart fridge, you can finally enjoy value for your investment and reduce wastage. These refrigerators are programmed to sense the type of food you store inside them to not only keep track of the stock but also provide the proper storage environment.

Smart wifi operated microwaves allow you to control them remotely. They use barcode scanners and access data of the food you wish to heat up so it can do so with the right settings. A Bluetooth smoker offers a revolutionary way to enjoy smoked meat without suffering through the irritating smoke. You can remotely control options in the smoker via an app on your phone or other smart devices.

Connected Appliances

Smart Coffee Maker, Voice controlled pressure cooker

As you imagine it, a smart coffee maker allows you to make coffee just the way you like it – remotely! You can use Alexa or other voice-operated systems and brew just the coffee you want without having to be there physically.

All you need for your voice-controlled pressure cooker is to voice out the commands on what you need to be made and let it do the rest. Voice-controlled pressure cookers are normally Amazon Alexa operated.

Cooking Assistants

Sous Vide Cooker, Automatic Stirrer, Temperature Probes

For the amateur chefs, home cooks, and foodies, these smart cooking assistants are made just for you. A temperature probe acts as a sensor; allowing you to easily identify the temperature of the food you are cooking, thawing, or prepping within seconds.

With an automatic stirrer, you can finally spare a few minutes from the stew you are making to focus on another dish. It’s like having your own kitchen assistant.

A sous vide cooker brings a total revolution to your kitchen. Those days of focusing on vacuum sealing bags and hot water baths are over as the sous vide cooker can do all this for you under minimal to no supervision.

Kitchen Displays & Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo & Echo Show – Video Recipes

These smart speakers and kitchen displays assist when it comes to any visual or audio applications. You can simply set up your recipe on your smart screen and let the speakers guide you through it both visually and audibly.

You can even integrate these tools into your home integration system; allowing you to announce when dinner is ready. You can even pair them to other appliances such as your coffee maker for when you want a quick cup without moving a finger. Also, who said you can enjoy music or adjust the thermostat mid-cooking?!


Smart Heat Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smart heat alarms and carbon monoxide alarms add an extra layer of safety to your home.  As part of your smart home integration, these tools intelligently recognize dangers in the kitchen with precision from any sudden temperature spike or carbon monoxide levels in the atmosphere.

These tools normally work with a minimal temperature/carbon monoxide difference and bear a built-in alert siren – notifying you of potential danger anywhere you are. This smart design means that you have access to them whether you are in your bedroom, at the office, or on vacation.


Instant Cold and Hot Water Faucets

Whether you want to make a cup of coffee, ice tea, or warm your baby’s bottle, instant cold and hot water faucets add convenience to any home whilst significantly reducing energy costs.

Using these faucets, you no longer have to wrestle with a kettle or freeze water bottle in your refrigerator – they are a great companion to any sink. Instant cold and hot water faucets also aid in cooking when you need to use cold or hot water in your recipe. When not in use, you can simply shut them off to save even more on your energy bills.

Smart Indoor Gardens

Herbs On Demand!

Ever thought that you would one day grow your herbs in a smart indoor garden? Well, now you can. Using these tools, you will be able to grow your herbs without putting too much effort or having any gardening experience.

The gardens integrate an automatic irrigation and lighting system to set just the right growing parameters for that particular plant without using any soil. You will be able to enjoy fresh salads and herbs during any season of the year. Even if you go away on vacation, you can set the gardens on vacation mode to ensure you don’t return to dead plants.

Benefits of Smart Kitchen Appliances & Devices

Voice control

Voice control reinforces the smart design of any kitchen. Using this feature, you can connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to be able to give voice commands to the devices and let them do the magic. 

Whether you are making yourself a cup of coffee or setting the right parameters on your Bluetooth smoker – voice control makes it easy. The voice control feature allows you to run the appliances hands-free.

Food Recognition – Smart Fridge

The food recognition feature in a smart fridge is a great way to keep track of your supplies.  Smart fridges use barcode scanners or RFID scanning to sense what kinds of foods you add to the fridge and to keep track of the stock. 

Using smart refrigerators, you will no longer run out of food as its food recognition feature notifies you when to restock.

Cooking Assistant – Smart Food Thermometers

Using smart food thermometers, you no longer have to do a guessing game when cooking your favorite meals. The smart food thermometer design allows you to track the temperature of your food with increased accuracy as you cook. 

Simply insert a probe in your food and let the app do the real-time tracking for you. In fact, some smart thermometer designs allow you to even track the temperature of your food from another room thanks to their longer wifi or Bluetooth range.

Remote Control

The best part about smart kitchen appliances is that you can also control them using a remote – a perfect hands-free alternative. A remote control gives you access to the appliance interface without having to manually navigate the options. 

You don’t have to interrupt your favorite scene on TV to adjust the controls of the smoker in the kitchen!

Instant Heat

When it comes to smart kitchen technology, heating is super fast and convenient. Whether it’s an instant hot water faucet or your microwave, the rapid heating technology is undoubtedly one to reckon with. 

You don’t have to wait for long to access hot water or heating of any kind. Plus, as always, the smart heat technology heating accuracy provides just the temperature you want.

Shopping Lists & Auto-Reorder – Amazon Dash Buttons

With the Amazon Dash Buttons, convenience in grocery shopping has never been so easy. These buttons are just a click away from allowing you to restock on depleted supplies. 

Smart Kitchen Articles

Smart Kitchens: The Verdict

A smart kitchen technology goes beyond the convenience of quick and precise cooking. This technology significantly improves overall life in the kitchen – you don’t have to manually count stock, manage more than two meals simultaneously, or even, miss out on your favorite shows during cooking time.


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