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The evolution of home technology has greatly transformed our daily habits, especially in the way we manage our pets. The trend for using microchip-controlled pet doors for cats and dogs is rapidly on the rise. Moreover, the prevalence of automated pet feeding devices is becoming increasingly widespread in households nationwide.

We dive into the best smart home products available to make looking after your smart pets a little easier!

How is Smart Technology Changing Our Pet’s Lives?

As technology evolves, so has the introduction of many useful smart pet products. However, these products are not just made for the fun of it. Smart pet products have significantly improved our lives; ensuring pets are well-taken care of even when the owner is not around.

As a pet owner, you can enjoy a wide selection of useful items – whether you want to reward your pet remotely or simply check on their welfare.  Ultimately, smart technology allows you to ensure your pets are safe, healthy, entertained, and of course, happy.

Once you begin to use smart pet products, you will never get enough of them. These products come with a convenience that is out of this world. You will find a wide selection of smart pet products you can integrate into your pet’s life to make even more meaningful.

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Microchip Cat Flaps

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect with Hub Bundle

If you want to be informed of your cat’s whereabouts at all times, the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect is what you need. This tool is paired with a SureFlap hub and Sure Petcare app to give you real-time updates of your cat’s comings and goings – even when you are not at home.

This door connect tool is an excellent method for understanding your cat’s behavior and patterns. Furthermore, the tool comes with an implanted ID microchip with RFID technology; allowing you to easily distinguish your cat from strays whilst the DualScan technology lets you set exit permissions for them.

Collar Activated Doggie Doors

PetSafe Electronic Collar Activated SmartDoor

For a playful pet, the PetSafe Electronic Collar Activated Smart Door gives them the freedom to exit and enter the house at any time – whilst leaving you at ease to know where your dog is. The electronic smart door unlocks and locks the dog’s entryway by sensing their SmartKey on the collar.

In fact, this technology can cater to up to 5 different smart keys customized for an individual pet; making it perfect for a multi-pet household. It also features 3 types of locking controls – you can customize entry and exit options as well as fully lock or unlock the pet’s entry doors.

Smart Pets Collar

Findster Duo+

Fitted on your dog or cat’s collar, the Findster Duo+ acts as an ideal pet GPS without feeling bulky on your pet. Simply connect it to the MAZE technology and track your pet’s footprints wirelessly to a radius of up to 3 miles.

Yet, the Findster Duo+ doesn’t only come in handy when you are home. Using the Findster app, you can even monitor your pet’s real-time location whether you are hanging out at the park or at the beach. You can also create a safe perimeter in the app for your pet to hang around in; allowing the app to notify you when they cross these borders.

Automatic Pet Feeders

PetSafe Smart Feed

Using the PetSafe Smart Feed, you can ensure that your pet doesn’t miss a meal even when you are not around. The Amazon Alexa enabled device feeds your cat or dog hands-free from anywhere in the house. Its automatic Amazon Dash replenishment feature reorders the food when it’s running low so your pet can always have enough food.

Additionally, you can use the low and empty food notification sensors to notify you when food levels are low or depleted. You can also choose to set it on a slow feed option; allowing to dispense meals up to 1/8 cup in small amounts over 15 minutes to cater to pets that eat quickly.

Pet Cameras – Greet & Treat!

Furbo Dog Camera and Petchatz Camera

The interactive Furbo camera keeps you and your dog closer when you are away. Using the camera, you can see, talk, and even toss treats at your dog. The camera detects events such as barking and even home intruders.

The Pet Chatz camera is all the resource you need to care for your pet when you are not around. The two-way audio and visual camera doesn’t only share smart audio-video recording of your pet. It also dispenses treats, diffuses calming aromatherapy, and streams DOGTV.

Smart Litter Box

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

With the Litter-Robot Connect, your feline friend finally finds their match. Your cat doesn’t have to worry about a filled up and foul-smelling cat litter box anymore. This device is specially designed with a patented sifting process that automatically separates waste from the litter.

It then deposits the clumps into a waste drawl for easy disposal. Additionally, it integrates the AutoPets Connect app that gives you an insight into your cat’s health whilst you monitor other features such as the waste drawer level and other notifications. To make it friendly for anyone to use, it is compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices.

Cat Laser Toy

PetSafe FroliCat Zip Automatic Laser Light

Just because you are not at home, it doesn’t mean that your cat shouldn’t enjoy their fair share of fun. With this interactive automatic laser light, you can still entertain your cat.  The cat laser toy moves around the ground spinning and whirling in every direction to facilitate a chase play. 

After 10 minutes of each play, it automatically shuts off to save battery and to prevent exhausting your cat. To keep your cat safe and your home free of damage, the laser light toy navigates out of corners and away from furniture. Plus, the red laser is completely harmless to your cat.

Doggie Ball Launcher


Who said your dog can’t have fun just because you are busy?! With the iFetch, your dog can still have the time of their lives playing with this interactive ball launcher.  The toy allows your dog to place a miniature tennis ball on top of its ball machine and then throws it to 10, 20, or 30 feet away.

Thanks to its miniature size and delicate build, this toy is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. However, to fully enjoy this game, you want to use it with small-sized dogs.

Pet Health Monitor

Tailio: Smart Health Monitor for Cats

Using the Tailio smart health monitor for cats, you can avoid the frequent and unnecessary trips to the vet. The Tailio monitor allows you to transform your cat’s litter box into more than just a place for them to relieve themselves.

The Tailio turns the litter box into a smart monitoring system by measuring their weight and monitoring a host of other health and wellness indicators. The best part about this device is you don’t have to wrestle with your cat to monitor their health.

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Smart technology has most certainly revolutionized the convenience of caring for and entertaining your pet. Using smart pet products you can do anything – whether you want to feed your pet remotely, keep them entertained when you are busy, or even monitor their health at home.


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