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Making an investment in top-notch thermostats and radiator valves can significantly improve how you manage your home's heating system. These devices deliver precise control over temperature adjustments for each room which could lead to considerable savings on energy costs.

The best smart radiator valves generally include a hub or a bridge, one or more thermostats, and feature compatibility for voice and app control. This guide provides an in-depth look into how they work and they options available, so you can decide if they are worth the investment.

9.6 tado
Top PickFull Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit
9.4 Eve
Runner UpBridgeless Smart Radiator Valve
9.3 Bosch
Expandable Climate Home Control
9.3 Hive
Precision Temperature Control
9.1 Honeywell Home
Programmable Home Radiator Controller

What Is a Smart Radiator Valve?

Also known as a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), a smart radiator valve is designed to facilitate temperature control in your home. The device functions by regulating the air temperature in a designated area. It does so by adjusting the hot water that enters the radiator that the valve is fitted to.

Great DIY Video

Charlie DIYte has a brilliant DIY video on how to install a Smart Heating System with TRVs which is well worth a look. He installed the Drayton Wiser system which you can get here.

Benefits of Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

Energy Saving

Smart valves for radiators go a long way to helping you save on your energy bills. This is because the valves ensure each room receives an adequate amount of heat, preventing under or overheating. 

However, investing in the valves alone may not be enough. You have to ensure your home is adequately insulated to prevent heat loss, which would otherwise use up more energy to heat up the home.

Remote Control

Smart radiator valves will allow remote control to a certain extent. For the most part, you have to pair them with a smart thermostat to take advantage of the remote control features. 

Additionally, you will require a hub to control them with a complete setup, you can control your valve via a smartphone app and even voice control, like Alexa – if your valve has voice control compatibility.

Separate Temperature Control for Each Room

The best part of using smart valves for radiators is that you can enjoy separate temperature control for each room. For example, you can leave your room at a cozy warm temperature while the home office stays a little cooler throughout the night to save on bills. 

This feature also comes in handy for people who don’t want a completely new installation – for instance, if they live in a rental unit.

Best Smart Radiator Valves

Top Pick
Full Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit

The Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit comes as a full starter kit to replace existing radiator valves and instantly get you started with intelligent heating control in your home.

Top Features
  • 30-minute Heating Boost for all rooms
  • Home air quality tracking
  • Child lock and frost protection

The Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit is built with versatile smart home compatibility to instantly improve your home’s intelligent heat control. The starter kit is designed to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. It also features a proprietary Tado smartphone app to allow for individual room temperature control and tracking on your phone with just a single click, no matter where you are. 

In fact, the app gives you full control of your home’s heating, saving you thousands on your energy bill. You can also take advantage of features, such as turning the heat on when someone is home or detecting when home or windows are open. Moreover, you can customize comfort zones so the thermostat can finetune your desired temperature automatically. 

Thanks to its universal design, the valve fits most radiators with TRVs and can be mounted in any direction. Packed as a full kit, the Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit comes with all the essential tools and an easy-to-follow manual for simplified DIY installation. Plus, it features an expandable design. 

With this design, you can add up to 25 smart thermostats, smart radiator thermostats, and other add ons to your Tado home. You can use the smart kit to even control underfloor heating. The kit comes with one smart thermostat, to begin with.

What I liked
  • The Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit features an automation option for the heat to turn on in any room when someone is home.
  • It fits most radiators that use TRVs.
  • It is easy to install with an expandable design that accommodates up to 25 smart thermostats.
  • It monitors individual room temperatures.
What I didn't like
  • It does not support electric radiators.

Tech Specs

Power Source: AC, USB, 2 x AA batteries
Hub/Bridge: Included
Thermostat: Included
Voice Control: Included
App Control:Included                                   
Runner Up
Bridgeless Smart Radiator Valve

The Eve Thermo smart radiator valve is built without the need for a bridge for enhanced convenience.

Top Features
  • Built-in LED screen with touch controls
  • Vacation mode and door/window open detection
  • Pre-designed and DIY schedules

The Eve Thermo smart radiator valve connects to any home hub to make it easy to control and adjust the heating in your home. In addition to its Bluetooth connectivity, the smart valve is compatible with Thread. This makes it more responsive and reliable for hubs such as the HomePod mini or even the Apple TV.  

This smart radiator valve allows you to set up schedules for each room in your home or the whole use, using the app alone without an internet connection. The radiator is also compatible with Apple HomeKit, allowing voice temperature control. Alternatively, you can assess the app and adjust the settings from anywhere via phone, tablet, or laptop. 

It also integrates touch controls with a clear LED monitor for when you want to manually control your home environment. Furthermore, this smart thermostatic valve offers a wide selection of features to choose from. The open window detection prevents energy loss by automatically shutting off the heat when the window is open.

On the other hand, the vacation mode keeps the home just warm enough to stay cozy while saving energy when you’re away. Plus, this smart radiator valve by Eve is fairly easy to install and set up without the complications of a gateway or bridge.

What I liked
  • The Eve Thermo smart radiator valve features multiple control modes – via the app, Apple HomeKit, and touch controls.
  • It offers the user full control away from home.
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth (BLE) and Thread.
What I didn't like
  • The app has a steep learning curve.

Tech Specs

Power Source: 2 x AA batteries
Hub/Bridge: N/A
Thermostat: Included
Voice Control: Included
App Control: Included

The Bosch Smart TRV Starter Kit features a smart home controller for convenient, fine-tuned multi-room climate control.

Top Features
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate app
  • Limescale, frost, failure, & child protection
  • Single & multi-room control

The Bosch Smart TRV Starter Kit comes as a complete indoor climate starter kit, allowing you to achieve the perfect environment inside your home. This updatable starter kit comes with all the features to allow for easy finetuning of a feel-good climate. It primarily comprises a smart home that runs all the devices connected to your smart home using a bidirectional radio link. 

Its components make single room control effortless and facilitate remote control via smartphone. You can also control the TRV via voice control, thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Whether you use the home controller, smartphone app, or voice command, you can execute numerous other features. You can also set special heating schedules through timed programs. 

You can set varying temperatures for each room you connect to the smart home controller. The smart thermostatic valve features an intelligent open window detector functionality. 

The functionality immediately shuts the valve when any window or door in the room is open. Additionally, the open window detector alerts you to close windows and doors for optimal heating function. The climate control kit comes with its smart home controller, a door/window contact, and two free radiator valves – to cover two radiators. However, the expandable system can support extra valves, up to 100, ensuring every radiator in your home is covered.

What I liked
  • The Bosch Smart TRV Starter Kit supports up to 100 thermostat radiators.
  • It comes with two free radiator valves.
  • The door/window contact integrates with a Bosch alarm system to trigger unauthorized door and window openings.
  • It features a smart home controller that sets up automation and scenarios for all connected devices.
What I didn't like
  • It only links with Bosch thermostats.

Tech Specs

Power Source: AC, USB, LAN (Ethernet, RJ45)
Hub/Bridge: N/A
Thermostat: Included
Voice Control: Included – Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant
App Control: Included
Precision Temperature Control

The Hive Radiator Valve is designed to allow more accurate temperature settings. This allows you to achieve the perfect temperature in your room. Instead of setting the temperature in increments of 1 to 5 degrees, the smart valve lets you set the actual degrees in the temperature you want.

Top Features
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Exact temperature setting
  • Built-in schedules

The best part of using the valve is it works with any heating system, even through the Hive app. The mobile app lets you manage the radiator in your room, turning it off, on, and fine-tuning the temperature, without affecting other rooms.  

With Hive’s active heating, the valve automatically heats up your room, even with the thermostat low. On the other hand, without the Hive heating systems, the valve still keeps your room cool, if you want, while rooms elsewhere in the home remain warm. 

Moreover, the Hive app allows you to set specific schedules for the temperature you want in your room all day long. You can curate a special schedule to ensure the room doesn’t get overcooled or warmed while saving your energy bills.

Programmable Home Radiator Controller

The Honeywell Home Rondostat doesn’t only stand out for its affordability. Designed to fit any home, the radiator controller features a programmable design that lets you fine-tune the temperature in your room.

Top Features
  • Four switching options
  • Replaceable battery
  • Fuzzy algorithm controller

It also features a built-in scheduling function to maintain the perfect climate all day long. The customized scheduling function lets you set up four different switching times in a day. 

To make set-up easy, the thermostat is built with an easy-to-read LCD display with a clear scale. It is also built with a window function for improved energy saving. 

Once it detects an open window, the programmable valve automatically turns the radiator down. On the other hand, the valve for the radiator’s safety features boosts its functions further. The frost protection feature preserves the radiator's longevity by preventing the valve from jamming. 

The childproof protection feature eliminates unwanted tampering and usage. The portable valve is also easy to install. Simply add new batteries, set the time/date parameters, and mount it on the radiator – replacing the older valve. Once done, you should be able to use it. 

The Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve allows for improved precision when it comes to climate control in your room.

Top Features
  • Dual heating modes
  • Energy-saving night mode
  • Temperature & insulation auto adapt function

It comes with a customized construction, integrating an auto-adapt feature for optimal performance. The auto-adapt feature monitors your room’s temperature and factors in the home’s insulation to maintain the perfect climate all day long. 

On the other hand, the night mode, when activated, it directs the valve to the radiators in the home to keep the bedrooms warm while lowering the temperature elsewhere around the home. Ultimately, this helps to save you tons on your energy bill. To save on your bill further, the smart valve integrates dual heating modes. 

The comfort heating mode heats rooms to a higher temperature than what is set on the thermostat. The eco heating mode saves energy use by lowering its operating temperature. For added operational convenience, the valve is compatible with multiple voice control systems, including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. 

Smart Radiator Valve Decision-Making Factors

App Functionality

Smart radiator valves can be operated in several methods, based on their design. If they have central controllers, you manually control them using traditional push or touch screen buttons. Additionally, some models are voice control compatible with systems, like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. 

Additionally, many smart valves can be controlled remotely via their proprietary smartphone apps. Using the app, you can do more than just turn the radiator on and off. You can also use the app to set heating schedules to ensure you always get the temperature you want. 

Moreover, app control works perfectly for those who want a climate control solution for individual rooms in the house. The app also allows you to activate additional energy-saving features, such as the open window detector.

Integration with Different Manufacturers

Most smart thermostat valves will only work with specific hubs that you may have to purchase separately. Alternatively, you can purchase a valve from the same manufacturer as your existing thermostat to ensure they are compatible. In fact, some smart radiator valves, like the Bosch or Netatmo smart valves only work with smart home devices of the same brands. 

However, this is not all you will find on the market. You can also find a few models, such as the Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit, that don’t require a hub or bridge at all. Nonetheless, to enjoy the features offered by smart valves fully, you also want to have a compatible smart thermostat.

Smart Radiator Valves: The Verdict

Using the best smart radiator valve doesn’t only allow for convenient climate control, it also allows you to save significantly on your power bills. You can set timed schedules and individually control the temperature in each room in your home. 

Ultimately, smart radiator valves allow you to create the perfect climate for your home, based on your preferences. With any of the smart radiator valves above, you can transform your home’s climate control game. 

Top Pick
Full Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit

The Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit comes as a full starter kit to replace existing radiator valves and instantly get you started with intelligent heating control in your home.

Top Features
  • 30-minute Heating Boost for all rooms
  • Home air quality tracking
  • Child lock and frost protection


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