Thermostat Wire Colors Explained

Thermostat Wire Colors

The first thing to say is you shouldn’t take the below thermostat wire color guide as gospel. While “generally speaking” each wire color has a purpose, there is nothing to say that the person who previously wired your thermostat did it correctly! The only way to be sure is to check the wiring directly in your HVAC system. That way you’ll know…

Top 9 Aprilaire Thermostats

Aprilaire Thermostat

Aprilaire offers different types of thermostats to suit everyone’s needs. Among them are smart thermostats, touchscreen thermostats, programmable and non-programmable thermostats, heat pump & multistage thermostats.

Top Robert Shaw Thermostats

Robert Shaw Thermostat

Robert Shaw thermostats offer great value for your money compared to other devices on the market. Plus, their universal compatibility, larger display designs, and friendly user interface makes them suitable for any home.