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Beyond Burglar Alarms: Exploring the Various Types of Smart Alarm Systems

Over the last decade, the home safety and security industries have undergone a significant transformation, thanks to advancements in wireless hardware technology and the seamless integration of smart home technologies. Unlike in the past when the installation of alarm system components like sensors, sirens, and cameras required complex hard wiring, these days, it is typically achieved through wireless data transfer, battery, or…

Best Security Cameras & Doorbells that “Work with Alexa”

If you already own an Echo Show, Speaker, or Fire TV and are looking to improve your home security, then it’s best to choose a brand of cameras and video doorbells that integrates well with Alexa. While most security camera brands have Alexa Skills, their levels of integration can be poor with missing features, delays in activating feeds, and then latency in…

eufy Video Doorbell Dual Review

To provide footage of both people approaching your door and packages at the doorstep, a lot of video doorbells have strange aspect ratios with fisheye distortion. To get around this, eufy has released its latest video doorbell which contains two dedicated integrated cameras. We test it out below. Note: eufy provided me with a free sample of the product for the purposes…