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Eufy vs Arlo: Security Camera Showdown

Camera Brand Head to Head Eufy v Arlo

Eufy and Arlo, are well known for supplying good quality consumer-grade home security cameras. In this head-to-head battle, I analyzed a total of 24 cameras, with 15 models from Eufy and 9 models from Arlo. I compared them across several categories to figure out what sets them apart. I’ve listed all of the product codes at the bottom of the page. Let’s…

Ring vs Lorex: Battle of the Security Cameras!

Camera Brand Head to Head Ring v

Ring and Lorex offer excellent options for homeowners and businesses alike.  In this article, I discuss their key differences to help you decide which brand to choose. I examined a total of 41 security cameras, including 12 from Ring and 29 from Lorex in this analysis. A comprehensive list of product codes included in this research can be found at the end…

Lorex vs Arlo: Security Camera Showdown!

Camera Brand Head to Head Lorex v Arlo

Lorex and Arlo are both well-known security camera brands catering to consumers and businesses.  In this article, we made a comprehensive analysis of each brand’s products, features, and capabilities across 32 models to provide essential information on their camera lineup.

How to Open a Yale Smart Lock With a Dead Battery?

Open with a Dead Battery 2

My biggest “smart lock” fear has always been what happens if it runs out of battery. How do you get in if the app won’t respond and the keypad won’t light up?  Depending on the model, you can unlock the door using a physical backup key or provide emergency power just enough to type in your code.  So in this article, I’ll…

How to Change the Batteries in a Yale Smart Lock

Change Batteries 1 1

It’s important to replace the batteries regularly on your Yale smart lock to prevent lockouts and glitches.  When the battery levels are down to 20%, the mobile app or touchpad itself will let you know that the batteries need changing.  In this guide, I provide detailed instructions on how to do so for your exact model. Let’s go!  Replacing the Batteries on…

7 Ways to Reduce Battery Drain on your Yale Smart Lock

Reduce battery drain 1

Having to replace the batteries frequently on your Yale lock and other smart devices can be tedious.  Maintaining high signal strength for your Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or Zigbee connection is one method to ensure your smart lock doesn’t eat away at your batteries unnecessarily. So, to learn how to fix this and other issues, read on!  1. Use Only High-Quality Alkaline AA Batteries…

Privacy Mode: How to Set it Up on a Yale Smart Lock?

Setup Privacy Mode

A unique feature of many Yale Smart locks is the ability to enable privacy mode from the inside. So if you’re wondering about how to enable it, you’ve come to the right place Privacy mode disables the keypad on the outside, preventing users from gaining access or opening the lock remotely via the app.  In this guide, I’ll show you how to…

How to Change Codes in a Yale Smart Lock?

Change Codes 1

If you’re unsure of how to program the master and user pin for a Yale smart lock, you’ve come to the right place.  Most models allow you to manually program codes directly through the keypad so you don’t always need to rely on the app to manage it. Through manual programming, you can manage codes and change some of the lock settings.…

Fixed: Yale Smart Lock Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix Wi Fi issues 1 1

There are lots of causes and solutions to the problem of a Yale smart lock not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. From incorrect credentials, poor signal strength, and network interference to congested Wi-Fi channels there are a number of ways you can improve your network’s reliability. In this article I discuss the common causes and corresponding solutions to solve this problem,…

Jimmy-Proof Vertical Deadbolt Smart Locks

Jimmy Proof Door Lock

Jimmy-proof vertical deadbolt locks are great as they offer enhanced resistance against forced entry. Their unique design, which involves interlocking with a strike plate mounted on the door frame, makes it difficult for intruders to pry the door open or spread the door and frame apart. Most smart locks available today, are designed for single-cylinder deadbolts. So if you’re renting an apartment…

How to Reduce Battery Drain on a Schlage Smart Lock?

reduce battery drain 2

On average, Schlage locks can function for an entire year on a full charge. Beyond that, you can try to reduce battery drain on a Schlage lock by following certain practices. With the exception of rapid battery drain, which can be due to a malfunction or a loose connection, you can enable/disable certain features to minimize power consumption.  So in this guide,…

How to Fix the Blinking Red Light on a Schlage Smart Lock?

Featured Image Fix Blinking Red Light on Schlage Locks 2

A blinking red light on a Schlage lock can become annoying. It can cause delays, unnecessary beeps and impede the natural operation of the lock. That said, a blinking red light is most often due to battery issues or a programming error. So in this article, I’ll provide model-specific instructions on how to fix a Schlage lock with a red blinking error.…

7 Fixes for a Schlage Smart Lock Not Working

Schlage Lock Not Working 1

If your Schlage smart lock has stopped working all of a sudden, don’t worry, it can be fixed! Whether that’s a bolt that won’t extend/retract or a touchpad that doesn’t register, a non-responsive Schlage lock can almost always be reverted to default with a factory reset. However, a factory reset is a last resort, so in this guide, I’ll walk you through…

How to Fix the Orange Light in a Schlage Smart Lock?

Fix orange light

The orange blinking light on a Schlage lock can cause the lock to stop responding, causing delays or complete lockouts. Although it’s primarily used to indicate programming mode, the orange light can start blinking continuously if there’s an underlying battery issue or programming error. So read on to find out how to fix it. 1. Programming Mode On every Schlage lock model,…

How to Connect a Schlage Smart Lock to Google Home?

Featured Image Connect Schlage to Google Home 1 1

Connecting a Schlage Smart lock with Google Home can be tricky, especially when it’s not supported in older models. In the more recent models, you can use Google Home and Google Assistant to engage the lock or check the status of all your Schlage locks. You can also combine these two functions into routines and use voice commands to check on your…

Schlage Smart Locks: How to Open with a Dead Battery?

manage codes 1

If your Schlage lock’s battery has dropped dead and you’re locked out, don’t worry, you can open the lock without having to call a locksmith.   In most models, you can easily bypass a Schlage lock using a battery jump start or with the help of the physical key.  So in this guide, I’ll show you how to open a Schlage lock…