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How to Fix a White Rodgers / Emerson Thermostat that’s Stuck on Hold

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If you’re thinking about altering your current configuration to align with a temperature setting that suits your individual liking, it would be beneficial to precisely adjust your temperature control equipment to an exact degree. In most models, you can cancel an existing hold by creating a new one or by pressing on the “Run Schedule” button.  So in this article, I’ll guide…

How to Turn On Aux Emergency Heat on a White Rodgers / Emerson Thermostat

Toggle Emergency Aux 1

The “EMER” feature on your thermostat is engineered to autonomously control your emergency heating system. This is useful in several scenarios, especially when your heat pump or first-stage heating equipment is malfunctioning or frozen over.  So in this guide, I’ll show you how to enable this setting and how to use it effectively.  What is “EMER” or Emergency in Your Thermostat? The…

How To Turn Off Or Clear the Schedule on a Honeywell Thermostat

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Understanding how to change or turn off the software on your thermostat is crucial. This knowledge is particularly significant if you have recently purchased a new thermostat from Honeywell, or if you are attempting to enhance the efficiency of your current one. In almost every Honeywell thermostat model, you can set up temporary or permanent holds and in certain models, you can…

Hydronic Heating System Guide


Hydronic heating is not only one of the most common forms of heating found in homes, but also one of the most efficient. If you’re looking to invest in hydronic heating, or simply understand the system you have, this article will provide you with the working principle, types and pros/cons of this type of system.

Discover the Secret to Locating Abilene’s Premier AC Repair Service

Nest Thermostat Flashign Yellow

Abilene’s breathtaking landscapes and unique viewpoints are appreciated not only by its residents but also draw a multitude of visitors. The copious natural splendor, pleasant weather, and amiable residents render Abilene an extraordinarily attractive place to live. However, the scorching summers can put a strain on your air conditioning system, making it crucial to know the secret to locate Abilene’s premier AC…