Best Z-Wave Hubs of 2020 - Automate your home

Planning the infrastructure of your Smart Home is an important first step in achieving your home automation vision. 

There are thousands of smart products out there with a vast array of apps to control various devices. A key challenge in achieving the vision of a smart home is tying all of these devices together to work seamlessly.

It is important to understand communication protocols such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee and WiFi. In addition, choosing a smart home hub as a single system to control all of these devices is an important decision to make.

While wireless communication is the smart home standard, you will always find a need for cabling. Either when it comes to powering devices that aren’t battery operated, or if you require reliable data transfer, such as Cat5 or Cat6 cabling for security cameras.

In this section we dive into all aspects of smart home infrastructure, as the backbone of your home automation system.