Roomba and Google Home

Smart devices are changing the way we live! Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are commonplace in helping us complete tasks and achieve our daily objectives.

Smart vacuum cleaners are automatically cleaning our homes, while we are at work. Smart bulbs and switches are providing abundant light while smart plugs are helping us remote control otherwise dumb electronic devices.

Even our pets are benefiting from smart technology with automatic feeders and smart pet doors, allowing them to gain access to your home.

The Smart kitchen has arrived with intelligent fridges that can determine when products are expiring and ready for reorder.

The very way that we live has changed and is constantly improving with smart home technology.

Top 3 Smart Animal Traps for Pest Control

Smart animal traps are truly a modern approach to traditional pest control. These IoT-connected pest-control devices have the capability to collect real-time data automatically from devices placed around the home and inform us about pest activity in our surroundings. In some devices the built-in infrared sensors can instantly sense the presence of pests or unwanted animals by tracking down heat signatures.  The…