Smart Home

Nest Thermostat

Managing the climate in one’s home is a popular topic for home automation enthusiasts.

Previously, HVAC systems were expensive and difficult to install. Today, modern day smart devices are enabling people to actively manage temperature and humidity in their surroundings, while also saving energy and money.

Smart thermostats are the latest trend while motorized devices such as smart curtains and smart blinds can control light and heat entering your home.

Smart vents can be installed to regulate ventilation, and humidity while smart infrared controllers can automate dumb, air conditioning systems. It’s now even possible to automate ceiling fans and electric fireplaces to turn on or off, based on the temperatures inside or outside the home.

Emporia Smart Plug Review

Emporia Smart Plug

Looking for a smart plug to control your devices and tackle vampire energy in one go? Have a look at our Emporia Smart Plug review to learn more about one of the best smart plug options on the market.

Ultimate Smart Thermostat Guide

Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are a core component of a heating system, helping to maintain the temperature and humidity for everyone in the home. With advancements in technology, thermostats have transformed from simple temperature controls and time switches to fully connected smart home devices.

Top 9 Aprilaire Thermostats

Aprilaire Thermostat

Aprilaire offers different types of thermostats to suit everyone’s needs. Among them are smart thermostats, touchscreen thermostats, programmable and non-programmable thermostats, heat pump & multistage thermostats.

Top Robert Shaw Thermostats

Robert Shaw Thermostat

Robert Shaw thermostats offer great value for your money compared to other devices on the market. Plus, their universal compatibility, larger display designs, and friendly user interface makes them suitable for any home.