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The key to a truly connected smart home lies in a seamless and reliable network.

Our Hubs & Network category covers everything you need to know about the leading smart home ecosystems such as Alexa, Google Home & Assistant, and Apple Homekit & Siri.

Learn about the benefits of wireless protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Matter, and Thread, and how they work together to create a stable and flexible smart home network.

Find the perfect hub and network solutions that fit your unique needs.

2024 Guide to Voice Assistants & Smart Speakers

voice assistants

Your voice-controlled assistant is exceptionally adept at managing the various aspects of your smart home. Given the correct commands, it can complete an array of duties. It possesses the ability to play songs, alter the lighting, set reminders, change the room’s temperature, lift your window covers, and execute a myriad of other tasks on demand! Meet the Contenders! There are five major…

A Guide to the Matter Standard


The journey towards setting up a smart home might seem daunting and intricate, especially when it involves merging devices from various manufacturers. In addition, having smart devices dependent on a cloud server dramatically slows things down as well as poses numerous privacy and security risks. Matter has the potential to change all of that, by establishing a unified standard for device manufacturers…

A Guide to Thread Networks

Thread 1

Should you have an interest in advanced home technology, you may have come across the Matter standard. The primary goal of this standard is to increase the effectiveness of smart home systems. This is achieved through the development of a versatile application layer that can cater to a wide variety of devices. Matter-over-Thread is a key element of this, designed for connecting…

Zigbee vs Thread: Which is Better?

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Starting your adventure in the realm of smart homes and unclear about which technology to select? You’re at the correct place! This article provides a detailed comparison between Thread and Zigbee, two major contenders in the space of smart home communication protocols. I discuss their key features, differences, and how they fit into the new, interoperable Matter standard.  By the end of…