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8 Best 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switches

hallway lighting

Are you on the lookout for a 3-way smart dimmer switch that offers you extended control of your lighting fixtures? If so, then we’ve got just what you’re looking for with our 9 Best 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switches 2021 lineup.

Smart Lighting Guide

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Installing smart bulbs is typically the first step in people’s smart home journey. With Philips Hue multi-colored bulbs and light strips stocked in almost every DIY store, it allows people to dip their toes into the waters of home automation!

Best Shower Timers of 2024: Maximize Efficiency in Your Bathroom Routine

best shower timer

The best shower timer can revolutionize your morning routine, saving water and energy while ensuring timely showers. From climate change to ever-increasing utility bills, there are plenty of reasons to conserve water and energy in the home. When checking off energy hogs, you’ll find the daily shower is a major culprit pumping out gallons of water and burning electricity to get it…

13 Innovative Smart Home Devices for Your Windows

smart windows

From smart blinds and shades to robot window cleaners and smart glass, more and more smart home devices are being released to modernize your home’s windows.  These devices can help reduce energy consumption, increase security, and improve air quality in your home while offering the convenience that smart home devices deliver with voice and remote control. In this guide, I explore 13…