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If your Trane thermostat is showing an error code or is no longer working as expected, the first port of call is to check the manual.

That is why we’ve provided links to their most popular Trane Thermostat Instruction Manuals to help you get back up and running.

Trane Thermostat Manuals

It can sometimes be difficult to find the correct instruction manual for your device, particularly for older, discontinued models.

Use the search bar below to find your specific Trane Thermostat Manual. You can enter the model number, name or description. We’ve also included images to help.

If you have a manual you would like to list, submit it here. Or, if your model is not listed, leave a comment below.

All imagery and manuals are copyright © Trane. Please visit for the most up to date manuals and product information. You can read our DMCA policy here.

Model Image Model ID Description Document Updated Downloads
ComfortLink™ II
18-HD64D1-1, TZONE950AC52ZA
Thermostat 2011 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2011
ComfortControl Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated:
ComfortLink™ II Thermostat 2011 User Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2011
Thermostats 2012 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2012
3 Heat (Gas, Oil* or Elec) / 2 Cool / Heat Pump, Dual Fuel
18-HD29D3-4, XR402, TCONT402AN32DA
Electronic Non-Programmable 2008 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2008
Tracker Version 12 Building Automation System 2004 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2004
Thermostat 2009 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2009
TCONT602AF22MA, 18-HD25D21-2, 18-HD25D21-2, 69-1835-1
Programmable Comfort Control 2006 Instruction Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2006
TCONT800 Series Touch Screen
TCONT800, 22-5207-04, 69-1791-05
Programmable Comfort Control 1999 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
XR401, TCONT401AN21MA, 22-5206-05
XR401 Comfort Control 2011 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2011
TCONT900AC43UA, 22-5211-02, 69-1817-04
Programmable Comfort Control 1999 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
TAYSTAT 540, 22-5185-01, 69-1229
Programmable Heat-Pump Thermostat 1999 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
XT300C, XT302C Deluxe
XT300C, XT302C , 22-5127-04, 69-1214
Programmable Heat-Cool Thermostats 1999 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
XR401, TCONT401AN21MA, 22-5206-01
Comfort Control Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated:
Heat Pump thermostat
XT500C , 22-5128-02, 69-1216
XT500C Deluxe Programmable 1999 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
TAYSTAT 570, 22-5186-0, 69-1248
Electronic Heat-Pump Thermostat 1999 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
TAYSTAT 370, TAYSTAT 371, TAYSTAT 380, 22-5184-0, 69-1247-1
Electronic Thermostats 2000 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2000
TAYSTAT 340, TAYSTAT 350, 22-5183-01, 69-1228-1
Programmable Thermostat 2000 Owners Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2000
CT30 Programmable 2011 Instruction Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2011
Heat-Cool Thermostat
18-HD25D7-5, XT302C , 69-1213-1
XT302C Deluxe Programmable 1999 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 1999
TCONT624AS42DA, 32-5088-01, TCONT624A
Touchscreen Comfort Control 2013 User Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2013
CA8900 Z-Wave®
Digital Thermosta 2008 Instruction Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2008
X13511538-01, BAYSTAT152A, THT02775, BAS-SVX44A-EN
Trane™ Touch-screen Programmable Thermostat 2011 Installation Manual
Document(s) Updated: 2011

How To Find Your Thermostat Model Number?

Trane sells several types of thermostats with lots of variations. If you are looking for the manual for your specific thermostat, it is crucial that you know the model number.

Finding the model number of a thermostat is easy. It should be printed on the back of the face-plate. Simply remove the face plate from the wall to view the model code. For devices with a digital interface, it is sometimes available in the menu system.

Types of Trane Thermostats

Connected Thermostats

Trane has a number of connected thermostats, aimed at the smart home. This thermostat can connect to a wireless home internet network. With the help of your smartphone or computer, you can communicate with the smart thermostat remotely.

This technology provides the ultimate convenience to the user. You can control the temperature of your house from your bed. If you ever forget to turn off the heating or cooling system, then you can turn them off from your office.

By using the Trane connected thermostat wisely, homeowners can cut down their energy bills.

Traditional Thermostats


As the name suggests, with a programmable, you can program the device in advance. The thermostat then uses the data to change the temperature of the house during the day and night. Many Trane thermostats have a 7-day programmable feature. The 7-day programmable thermostat is one of the best of its kind. With these thermostats, you can program a separate schedule for all 7 days of the week separately.

For example, if you work extra hours on Friday or take Mondays off, you can set the thermostat accordingly. The device will follow pre-set orders and communicate with the heating / cooling systems to achieve the temperature.


The non-programmable thermostats from Trane are best for those people who don't like the complexity of schedules. These thermostats are easy to operate, and you can change the temperature of your house manually.

Non-programmable thermostats are as basic as it gets. Any time you need to change the temperature, you would have to walk up to the device and change the settings. There is no option to pre-set the temperatures or program a schedule.

The majority of users might not prefer the lack of features. However, a good quality non-programmable thermostat like Trane’s can save you money on the electricity bill.

What's included in your Trane Thermostat Manual

Installation Guide

At SmartHomePerfected we always advise readers not to undertake any work they are not competent in performing and if in any doubt, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional.

Start by turning off the HVAC system. Now remove the old thermostat by merely unscrewing the mounting hardware off the wall. If the wires are not color-coded, mark each wire with the terminal code, so installing a new thermostat is easier.

Wiring New Thermostat

Turn of the HVAC system and isolate the circuit to avoid potential shocks. Attach the red wire to the R terminal (heating or cooling). Attach the green wire (for the fan) to the G terminal. Finally, connect the white wire (heat) with W and yellow wire (AC) with the Y terminal. If the wires were not color-coded, attach the wires to their corresponding terminals by following the marks.

Supported HVAC Systems

The manual mentions if the model is compatible with your HVAC system or not. Usually, Trane thermostats support both furnace and heat pump systems.

Check the specific model's manual for exact compatibility.

Guide to Interface

The interface shows a digital clock. If your house is connected with Nexia Home intelligence, then it will update it for you. The screen also displays the set temperature. You can also see the menu button, system mode button, fan mode button, and schedule mode bottom on the bottom of the screen.

Operation Modes & Features

You can use the menu button to access the control menu. With the system button, you can change the system from heating to cooling and vice versa. The fan mode button can turn the fan on and off. Lastly, with the schedule mode button, you can schedule the thermostat.

Troubleshooting a Trane Thermostat

Exact troubleshooting advise depends on the model. Check the specific manual above for instructions

  • Display not showing: This can be a reason for the loss of 24VAC between R & C at the control. Check to wire between R & C and transformer from 24VAC output. Also, check for shorted or broken wires.
  • The indoor temperature display is incorrect: Adjust the indoor temperature sensor. If the control is in contact with another air source, then either relocate the control or the air source.
  • Indoor humidity display is incorrect: Adjust the humidity sensor.
  • Cooling will not come on: Select the “Cooling Mode” from the system mode and turn it “On”. You can also lower the minimum off-time delay. If the problem is not solved, repair the device.
  • Heating will not come on: Select the “Heating Mode” from the system mode and turn it “On”. You can also lower the minimum off-time delay. If the problem is not solved, repair the device.
  • Heating/Cooling is displayed, but the air is not coming: Select the correct mode from the system mode and turn it “On”. You can also lower the minimum off-time delay. If the problem is not solved, check and repair the device.
  • The fan runs all the time: It could be because the fan is set on “on” or “Circ”. You can solve it by changing it to “Auto”.
  • The fan is set “On” but not running: Raise cooling target humidity or disable SCF.


We hope this article was useful to you and you found the solution to your Trane thermostat problem. If your particular model is not listed above, and you are still searching for your Trane thermostat manual leave a comment below.


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  • Erik Hoke
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    Belay my last, I believe I found the manuals . Thank you anyway.

  • Erik Hoke
    Posted October 19, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    I would like an instruction manual for Trane thermostat model number BAYSENSO19B as I have 38 of these that I have to set for winter at my factory. The previous maintenance man did not leave a manual accessable. Please send it to this E-mail address, thank you very much.

  • Binh Nguyen
    Posted July 26, 2022 at 3:37 pm

    I very appreciate if you have instruction manual for the Trane Room thermostat P/N 024-0675 (4-stage thermostat). Thanks so much

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    Posted May 21, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    I am looking for an instruction manual for a Trane thermostat model number, TCONT803AS32DAA. I found an instruction manual on your website for a thermostat model number TCONT800 Series Touch Screen but I did not find an instruction manual for the exact model number that I have. Would the instruction manual for the 800 series touchscreen also work for my model number? If not, where could I get an instruction manual for my model number? Thanks so much.

  • Alex tongbua
    Posted January 29, 2022 at 12:05 am

    I would like to have a service manual for Trane thermostat model baysens019b or where can I find one?

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