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Looking for ways to declutter your home without compromising on your entertainment needs? Then a hidden TV lift mechanism or cabinet may be just for you!

We give a complete rundown of the best options available – starting with the Touchstone Motorized TV Lift.

Best DIY Lift Mechanisms

Top Pick
A dependable lift mechanism

The Valueline 30003 TV lift mechanism by Touchstone is a first-rate option for TV screens measuring up to 50-inches.

Top Features
  • Can accommodate TV screens that fall between the 26-50 inches range

  • Touchstone’s exceptional ‘C’ bracket

  • Wired remote has a handy visual display

The Valueline 30003 TV lift mechanism by Touchstone is a first-rate option for TV screens measuring up to 50-inches. Apart from being competitively priced, this product also includes a flat top lid for flush counters and Touchstone’s exceptional ‘C’ bracket that makes your life easier when it comes to finding the right height for your TV. 


The mechanism itself measures 19 inches in width, with a retracted height of 28 1/8 inches. Overall the Valueline TV lift offers a whopping 28 inches of movement and can accommodate TV screens that fall between the 26-50 inches range. 

As far as functionality is concerned, the Valueline 30003 is designed to be multi-purpose and may be mounted inside a counter or hidden TV cabinet. You also have the option of using the mechanism as a standalone lift. 

The product also features the following essentials, apart from the lift mechanism:

  • Flat-top lid mount
  • Wired remote
  • RF remote
  • Lift control box
  • Product manual

With a weight capacity of 170 lbs, the Valueline 30003 is a robust TV lift that promises seamless movement with any grinding sounds or sudden jerks or shakes. Additionally, the wired remote has a handy visual display to help keep track of your height preferences and memory settings. 

Installation Setting

Even though this TV lift isn’t meant for drop-down use, you can still virtually use it in any setting you choose. Be it your kitchen or RV – the Valueline 30003 will do its job of hiding your TV and conserving space with a minimum of fuss. 

Finally, if you’re still not comfortable with this practical lift mechanism, then you should know that it comes along with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. That also means (toll-free) customer service and 2 years’ worth of non-functioning parts replacement – which is all-in-all quite a substantial deal. 

What we liked
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Offers a whopping 28 inches of movement
What we didn't like
  • Isn’t meant for drop-down use
A heavy-duty lift mechanism

The CO-Z Motorized TV Mount Lift Mechanism is perfect for televisions measuring 32-70 inches and comes equipped with a sturdy VESA interface.

Top Features
  • Comes equipped with a sturdy VESA interface

  • Is perfect for televisions measuring 32-70 inches

  • It’s delivered 80% preassembled

If you’re on the lookout for a TV lift that’s sturdy, speedy, and suitable for just about any type of television, then you may want to pay attention here. 

The CO-Z Motorized TV Mount Lift Mechanism is perfect for televisions measuring 32-70 inches and comes equipped with a sturdy VESA interface.

The VESA interface is used to define the proportions of the four-hole attachment centered on the back of TV displays. The pattern not only helps in minimizing the torque forces utilized in mounting, but it also aids the mount in bearing heavy loads better. This is probably why the CO-Z TV Mount can withstand weights up to 154 lbs. 


Another distinct advantage of the CO-Z lift mechanism is that it’s delivered to your doorstep 80% preassembled. That means you won’t have to go through complex installation procedures, and set up can be complete in under 10 minutes. 

Apart from being constructed with reinforced steel, this particular product can accommodate HDTVs, Smart TVs, curved screens, flat-screen TVs, etc. So you don’t have to worry about whether this lift mechanism will suit your entertainment system. 

Height Settings

Programming the CO-Z TV mount isn’t a hassle either, thanks to the lift’s 3 pre-set height settings. There’s also little to no chance of the machine making any sort of noise while it’s in operation due to its efficient screw rod structure. 

With its integrated digital display, wired switch and remote, and three built-in memory banks – this TV mount is solid!

What we liked
  • 3 pre-set height settings
  • Integrated digital display
  • Wired switch and remote
What we didn't like
  • Some users have complained about the remote not working after a few months of use.
Budget Pick
A durable lift mechanism

The Eco-Worthy motorized vertical TV lift is easily the best option for folks looking for a great price-performance ratio.

Top Features
  • It is suitable for TV displays measuring from 26-57 inches

  • Quick-connect system and universal hardware kit

  • Two-wheel scrolling design

The ECO-WORTHY motorized vertical TV lift is easily the best option for folks looking for a great price-performance ratio. 

This product is suitable for TV displays measuring from 26-57 inches and has an overall height of 38.6 inches (from the top to its column). Additionally, the entire unit has a width of 16 inches – which means you won’t have any trouble in placement.  

Even though the ECO-WORTHY lift doesn’t come preassembled like the CO-Z lift mechanism, it’s still relatively easy to set up thanks to its quick-connect system and universal hardware kit. However, you should note that the lift is mostly suitable for flat TV screens. 


Made from aluminum alloy and steel, this competitively priced TV lift is designed for durability and build quality. Additionally, the product also features a powerful motor that boasts of a lift rate of 25 millimeters per second. However, if you’re worried about any speed-related operational issues, you’ll be happy to learn that the unit also includes a safety duty circle overload. 

The ECO-WORTHY lift also includes a robust mounted bracket that you can utilize to fix the unit to any surface with the help of four screws. You can choose to control the TV lift with the wired controller or the RF (radio-frequency) remote – which makes the unit’s operation user-friendly. 

Another great benefit of the ECO-WORTHY lift mechanism is its two-wheel scrolling design, which not only promises enhanced performance but also a noiseless user-experience. 

What we liked
  • Made from aluminum alloy and steel
  • Includes a robust mounted bracket
  • Two-mode operation and control
What we didn't like
  • Mostly suitable for flat TV screens
Top Features
  • Durable VESA mount

  • 4-inch compact profile

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

The VIVO Motorized TV Stand is another strong contender in the arena of lift mechanisms due to its build quality and price. 

This product includes a durable VESA interface that’s compatible with layouts ranging from 75x75mm to 400x400mm. It’s designed to accommodate TV displays measuring 32 to 48 inches and can withstand weights up to 77 lbs. Although the VIVO TV stand’s range isn’t as diverse as the CO-Z and Touchstone lift mechanisms, it still packs quite a punch in its relevant price range. 

Compact Profile

Aside from that, the unit’s under 4-inch profile makes the unit easy to place and conceal. This means the VIVO TV mount is compact enough to fit most cabinets (or enclosures) and that only adds to the product’s overall functionality. You can choose to utilize this vertical mount for entertainment systems, conference rooms, kitchens, etc. 

As far as installation is concerned, the VIVO vertical lift mount comes along with an accessory kit that includes a trusty manual guide plus all the necessary hardware required. And the product also includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty with access to customer care for tech support or any other customer queries. 

Best All-in-one TV Lift Cabinets

Top Features
  • Whisper Lift II system

  • The stainless steel mount can withstand weights up to 100 lbs

  • Features an add-on component shelf

The Touchstone 72011 TV Lift Cabinet offers users a painless, stress-free method of decluttering your space. This product is a fantastic ready-made combo of a TV lift + cabinet – that’s perfectly poised to fit in with most types of decor. 

And to up the ante, you can choose for the 72011 to include Touchstone’s Whisper Lift II system, which can elevate your TV lift to another level entirely. 

Weight Capacity

For instance, the stainless steel mount can withstand weights up to 100 lbs, along with a powerful, soundless motor that can raise or lower a TV display in under 30 seconds. 

And, if that’s not enough, the lift’s construction features a hassle-free single-piston actuator to make your user experience as smooth as possible. 

End of Bed

The cabinet can function perfectly as an end-of-bed or wall accessory, and its rich black color ensures that it’ll find a space in your home without sticking out too much. Nonetheless, if you’re not into dark colors, you can always opt for the honey oak or cigar leather color variations. 

The product measures 18-inches in depth, 49.5-inches in width, and 35.5-inches in height. That means you can fit the hidden TV cabinet even in the most confined of places without losing out on precious legroom. 

Component Shelf

Not to mention, Touchstone’s Elevate Cabinet also features an add-on component shelf that you utilize to house all your other electronic units, such as DVD players, gaming consoles, DVR or cable boxes, etc. 

One of the biggest plus points of this TV lift cabinet is the fact that there’s absolutely no installation required. All you need to do is buy it and set it up wherever you please.

Top Features
  • Accommodates TVs Up to 50 Inch Diagonal (45” Wide TV)

  • Takes up even less room than the 72011 cabinet

  • Wireless remote control to manage the device

If you’re on the lookout for a TV lift cabinet that has a combination of style and functionality, then look no further than the Touchstone 72006 TV Lift Cabinet. 

Apart from the Mission Oak finish with styled dropdowns, recessed paneling, and joint details, this hidden TV cabinet also features Touchstone’s highly efficient Whisper Lift Technology – that promises performance and noise-free operation. 

As a matter of fact, there’s not much difference in features when you compare the 72006 cabinet to the 72011. Both cabinets have a sturdy stainless steel construction, a powerful motor to operate the lift mechanism, and a wireless remote control to manage the device.  

However, the 72006 does vary in dimensions – for example, it measures 17 inches in depth, 49.5 inches in width, and 36.75 inches in height. That means; the 72006 TV lift cabinet takes up even less room than the 72011 – making it ideal as an end-of-bed or wall accessory. 

Top Features
  • Can accommodate TVs measuring up to 65-inches wide

  • Extra storage space

  • 5-year warranty

Touchstone knows what it’s doing when it comes to lift mechanisms, the third runner up in our selection of TV cabinets happens to be the Touchstone Grand Elevate.

As the name suggests, this model of Touchstone’s TV cabinets raises the stakes by providing all of the brand’s specialized features in a cabinet that can accommodate TVs measuring up to 60-inches wide. This means buyers with monster TV screens don’t need to despair. 

The features of the Grad Elevate hidden TV cabinet are more or less the same as all of the other Touchstone models. So, the Grand Elevate also includes a robust stainless steel construction, extra storage space for elements of an entertainment system, a single-piston actuator,  and a wireless remote control. 

Then there’s Touchstone’s Whisper Lift II technology and an extensive 5-year warranty.

TV Lift Cabinets & Mechanisms Features to Consider

Many consumers often think about compromising on quality due to budget constraints, but when it comes to motorized vertical TV lifts, purchasing something low priced can end up costing you more. Vertical lifts handle TVs that are quite fragile and are expensive to replace. 

For that reason, you should keep the following factors in mind when you’re out looking at TV lifts to make sure you bring home a high-quality product.

Pre-Set Heights, Travel Distance & Lift Speed

The terms ‘preset height’ and ‘lift speed’ may sound high-tech and complicated, but they’re just talking about the different functional aspects of a TV lift. For instance, some lift mechanisms feature preset viewing heights that make operating the device easier.

Conversely, lift speed tells you how fast the lift can raise the TV to the appropriate viewing height. Whereas the term ‘travel distance’ denotes the distance the mechanism can lift your TV – starting from the column base to the top.

TV Measurement Range

A lift mechanism’s TV measurement range tells you what kind of TV can be accommodated by the TV lift. If you pick a TV lift that’s too big or small, you run the risk of damaging your TV as well as the aesthetics of the room you want to set up the lift in. 

Choosing the right lift unit for the right TV has a lot to do with the measurement range. Not to mention, you’ll have no trouble with fitting your DIY lifting mechanism into a hidden TV cabinet – if you get your dimensions right.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a motorized TV lift is another crucial component of getting your hands on the perfect unit to suit your needs. A TV lift will advertise it’s weight lifting capacity, but you need to go a step further and figure out your TV set’s overall weight.

Do not try and guesstimate this problem away. Instead, be precise because getting the wrong fit means your user experience with the TV lift will be affected greatly.

Lift mechanism controls

Lifting mechanisms are all about giving you control over the device. This is likely why most TV lifts generally feature a wired control box and a remote control that allows you to control the device from anywhere within the room.

However, some TV lifts also include an integrated visual display that makes it easy for you to keep track of height preferences and control settings. It’s up to you to decide the level of convenience you’d like in the vertical TV lift you buy.

You can also use smart remotes to control your lift mechanisms via Alexa or Google Assistant, if that feature is not built in!


Many people often overlook the setting they want to place the TV lift or TV lift cabinet. However, that’s something you definitely want to avoid doing if your purpose is organizing space. 

Apart from the product dimensions, you need to keep in mind the placement of the lifting mechanism. For instance, do you want a TV lift that’s suitable as an end-of-the-bed accessory, or do you want something for your living room or even your patio!

Assembly & Installation

The best thing about hidden TV cabinets is that there’s little to no assembly or installation involved. 

However, when it comes to TV lifts, the situation can get tricky without proper gear. It’s a good idea, therefore, to buy TV lifts that come equipped with installation kits that include all the tools for installation. 

On the other hand, thanks to technology, some TV lifts actually do not require complex installation procedures because they come pre-assembled. You can select whichever option you feel most comfortable with. 


The lengthier a warranty is, the more you’re protected in terms of repair and replacement costs. While some products offer no warranties at all, others have manufacturer warranties that extend up to 5 years. Price does play a role here, but even mid-tier lift mechanisms have warranties ranging from 1 to 3 years.

The Verdict

Choosing a motorized TV lift isn’t rocket science, but it’s still something that you should undertake with care to avoid unnecessary effort and strife. 

Additionally, be sure to have a good idea about your budget, it’s limits or constraints before you head to buy a lift mechanism. Apart from that, keep the factors we’ve covered here in mind, and you’ll be all set to take your home viewing experience to new heights!

Top Pick
A dependable lift mechanism

The Valueline 30003 TV lift mechanism by Touchstone is a first-rate option for TV screens measuring up to 50-inches.

Top Features
  • Can accommodate TV screens that fall between the 26-50 inches range

  • Touchstone’s exceptional ‘C’ bracket

  • Wired remote has a handy visual display

Top Features
  • Whisper Lift II system

  • The stainless steel mount can withstand weights up to 100 lbs

  • Features an add-on component shelf

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