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If you’d like the benefits of smart lighting without having to invest in smart bulbs, then smart light switches are the way to go.

Before we begin, here’s a quick run through of important things to know …

  • Generally speaking, you have the choice between smart on/off and dimmer switches, if you are replacing your existing switch. 
  • Some switches work off Wi-Fi and don’t need a smart hub, while others are Z-Wave and Zigbee compatible.
  • Some switches require a neutral wire to provide constant power while others don’t, so best to check that first and foremost.
  • If you would like to keep your existing light switches, you can install a mini-relay behind the switch or above the light fixture, which you can then control via a smart hub.
  • If you already have Philips Hue smart bulbs, there are also light switches available for them, to give the more traditional experience
Best UK Smart Dimmer Switch
9.3 Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer (No Neutral)
Top Smart Dimmer SwitchWi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch
Top Retrofit OptionLight Switch Bundle and Hub
Top Philips Hue SwitchControl up to 10 hue bulbs
Top Zigbee Pick1, 2 & 3 Gang Smart Switches
Top Lighting Mini-RelayLights controlled via the lightwave app

Best UK Smart Dimmer Switch

Top Smart Dimmer Switch
Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch

The Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer allows you to easily add it to your home without needing extra wiring work. Its fully wireless design allows you to control it remotely using the Lightwave app – available for both iOs and Android.

Top Features
  • Compatible with dimmable LED bulbs
  • Multiple Lightwave device triggers
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant/Apple Homekit compatibility

So, whether you want to switch on the lighting in your home when you are running late from the grocery store, or want to surprise your loved one in the other room with a calm, inviting ambiance – this UK smart light switch gives you full control.

For even better performance, the dimmer switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Home for voice-controlled functions. As if that is not enough, the dimmer light switch is built with multiple automations.

Thanks to the included automations – you can set up functions such as scheduling light switch activations when you are away. It can also turn the lights on and off when you are away at random times to simulate occupancy.

Best UK Smart Light Switch

Built with ultra sensitive and intelligent time functions, the ENER-J Wifi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch allows you to tailor your home lighting schedule as you want.

Top Features
  • Remote access control
  • Remote access control
  • Intelligent time functions

Using the ENER-J Wifi Smart Wall Mounted Light Switch, you will always have access to your home lighting remotely. Without any monthly or hub fees, you can connect and control your devices using the free ENER- app on your smartphone.

Furthermore, the smart light switch UK option allows you to control the switch with voice commands through the Amazon Alexa app. You can do the same using Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap and Google Assistant. Additionally, the smart light switch integrates an intelligent timing function that allows you to automatically power electronics on and off based on the times you set.

Nonetheless, the light switch features a power-saving feature to conserve energy – preventing wasteful standby power, overcharging, and overheating. The light switch doesn’t only bring great functionality and usability.

It also adds flair and class to any home. Built with a white tempered glass touch screen with a chic, elegant flat surface for a stylish look. Its built-in LED light on the other end safely lights up in the dark to allow for convenient operation.

What we liked
  • Attractive, chic, and elegant flat surface – sleek, intuitive touchscreen
  • LED lighting for added visibility during operation in the dark
  • Intelligent time functions allow you to set the switch functions how you want based on time
  • Power saving feature maintains switch functions without wasteful energy consumption
  • Connects to multiple devices with just a single switch
What we didn't like
  • Some users complained about the supplier screw lengths

Tech Specs

Dimensions (LxWxH)86mm x 86mm x 37mm
Power (max)600W per gang
Bulb TypeLED

Using the Energenie MiHome Smart Light Switches, you can control your home lighting using a selection of features. For one, unlike other models, these smart light switches are built with versatility – allowing you to control both LED, halogen, and incandescent lighting.

Top Features
  • Geolocation feature
  • LED, halogen, and incandescent light compatible
  • 3 single gang switches

The switches come with a MiHome gateway, 3 single gang switches, and remote control for full home retrofitting to control the existing lighting. The switches are further designed with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT compatibility. You can also use the geolocation features to remotely set up and control your lighting automations. 

With the SONOFF Smart Light Switch, you can take full advantage of the smart scene feature. The smart scene integrates multiple triggers in a single set up. You can set up one SONOFF device to trigger the other one on/off. Alternatively, you can choose to run all devices at once with a single command.

Top Features
  • PC V0 and tempered glass panel
  • App remote and voice control
  • Timing functions

Furthermore, the smart light switch UK option comes with multiple timing functions – whether you want to opt for the single, repeat, countdown, or loop timer. The timing functions allow you to set up lighting functions in your home to suit your schedule and habits. The app and voice-controlled switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa/Echo and Google Home/Assistant. You can even use its app for real time status anywhere you are.

The TCP Smart Wifi Wall Light Switch allows you to effortlessly automate on/off timings for the lighting in your home. For easy usability, the smart light switch allows you to connect it to your existing home Wifi network and use it via tools such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Top Features
  • Dark blue LED light
  • 2.4GHz Wifi operation
  • Tempered glass touch screen

Furthermore, you can use the TCP Smart app to set up functions based on your preferences – whether it’s switching on the porch light as it gets dark or switching off the lights in your kids’ room for lights out.

The Yagusmart Smart Wall Light Switch is built with an intuitive timer control which allows you to set ups up to 30 times a day. You can even curate the settings to repeat daily or weekly.

Top Features
  • An anti-RF remote control function
  • Voice-controlled
  • 30-interval timer control

Furthermore, the timer control functions allow you a myriad of different settings – even if you want to tailor your settings around the time you wake up or go to bed. 

Additionally, the smart light switch is compatible with multiple voice control tools such as Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home to make your life a whole lot easier.  

Built with an anti-scratch tempered glass panel, the MOES WiFi RF433 Smart Touch Wall Switch enhances the look of any interior or exterior space.

Top Features
  • Single wire switch
  • Non-interference mode
  • Multiple control

A backlight on the switch allows for easy operation in the dark – providing just enough lighting to prevent from interfering with other activities or your sleep.  

Using multiple controls through the app gives you access to a variety of settings which include timers, schedules, and countdown. The countdown can be done in intervals of 1, 5, 30, and 60 minutes.  You can even choose to share the multiple control functions with your family.

Best UK Philips Hue Switches & Controls

Top Philips Hue Switch
Control up to 10 hue bulbs

Using the Phillips Hue White Dimmer Switch, you can control up to 10 lights in your room or home.

Top Features
  • Up to 10 lights
  • Mountable anywhere
  • Nest and Samsung SmartThings compatible

The dimmer is compatible with all Phillips Hue lights – however, it needs a Hue Bridge for the full smart lighting experience. Nevertheless, the dimmable switch works wirelessly and remotely without the need for any extra installation. 

Furthermore, the battery-powered light switch comes with all the necessary accessories to allow mounting anywhere you want. For easier operation, the Dimmer Switch is even compatible with the Nest and Samsung SmartThings system. 

Wireless Philips Hue scene switcher

With the Philips hue Scene Switch, you will be able to effortlessly control up to 50 different Phillip Hue lights simultaneously.

Top Features
  • Controls up to 50 Phillip Hue lights
  • 20m indoor range
  • 300m open space range

Thanks to its simple design, the smart light switch UK option works without requiring any complex wiring or batteries. Thanks to its En Ocean Energy technology, the light switch generates adequate power for radio pulse. 

Furthermore, the light switch can be used for both regular on/off functions and dimming functions. The left hand keys on the switch can be used for light scenes whilst the right key can be used for regular on and off whilst holding them down allows for diming functions.

The Phillips Hue Button features an installation-free control that allows for easy use – simply mount it or stick it through its magnetic design anywhere in your home and begin to enjoy its functions.

Top Features
  • Magnetic button
  • Multi-room control
  • Installation free control

What makes the light switch special is its portable and magnetic build – allowing you to move around the house with it. 

When done using it for the day, simply stick it to its wall-mounted plate for storage. The single smart button design on the other end allows for smooth lighting control in your home. The customized light settings on the other end allow you to set the lighting preferences in your home based on the times you want.

Best UK Smart Z-Wave Switch

With the Neo CoolCam Z-Wave A-Plus Light Switch, you can integrate your home lighting into the Z-wave Smart Home Secure system.

Top Features
  • Z-Wave compatible
  • 2 gang smart light switch
  • Touch-sensitive and remote-controlled modes

However, to enjoy these functions, you must keep in mind that this light switch requires neutral and live wires during installation. Designed as a 2 gang switch style, the smart light switch UK option supports up to two output devices. 

Furthermore, the touch-sensitive light switch is compatible with Z-Wave 300 and 500 series home automation. You can choose to operate the switch remotely from anywhere using its Smartphone app or through its touch-sensitive button on the panel.

Best UK Smart Zigbee Switch

Top Zigbee Pick
1, 2 & 3 Gang Smart Switches

The Yagusmart Zigbee Smart Wall Light Switch gives you the freedom to operate your light switches using the hard manual hard button, voice control apps, or app remote control.

Top Features
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT compatible
  • Single gang switch
  • Timing function

Designed with an innovative timer control schedule setting, the smart switch allows you to set up your preferred lighting schedules 30 times per day. 

Additionally, you can further automate the settings for daily and weekly set up.  The single gang light switch is also compatible with multiple voice apps such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT for convenient hands-free operation.

Best UK Smart Mini Relay

Top Lighting Mini-Relay
Lights controlled via the lightwave app

The Lightwave Smart Mini Relay is built with increased versatility – allowing you to control more than just your lighting at home.

Top Features
  • 3 latching positions
  • Requires mains power
  • Smart relay triggers

Using the smart mini relay, you can control gates, curtains, LED stripes, and other electrical circuits. What makes the mini relay stand out is its remote operation – allowing you to set up and control the electrical circuits from anywhere. 

In fact, the mini relay is even compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home kit for easy voice control. Furthermore, the mini relay also facilitates regular switching on/off as well as dimming functions. Its waterproof housing allows for outdoor use for garden lighting, pond pumps, and automatic gate openers as well.

Best UK DIY Smart Switch

The SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher is designed to work with any appliance button or rocker switch.

Top Features
  • 5-second installation
  • 2.4GhZ Wifi supported
  • Built-in timer scheduling

The button pusher features a proprietary app that allows you to schedule built-in timers without requiring a hub or Smartphone.  The battery-operated switch pusher is built with an extended battery life thanks to its Bluetooth low energy (BLE) power-saving function – allowing you to use it for up to 600 days. 

Set up and installation for the switch button pusher are also quite easy – simply take it to a rocker switch or button using a 3M sticker. The smart switch pusher is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT for easy voice control.

Features of Smart Light Switches

Voice Control

Some of the best UK smart light switch options are compatible with voice control tools. Some of the common ones include IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home/assistant, and Apple Home Kit/Siri.

This makes it easy for you to control the lighting hands–free. All you need to do is mutter out the voice commands. This function allows you to integrate your home lighting into your smart home system as well.

Remote Control

What makes smart light switches stand out is their remote control feature. Some smart light switches are Wifi controlled – allowing you to connect them to your home’s Wifi network. This means that you can then control them remotely using their proprietary app. Others work off Z-Wave or Zigbee protocols so you can integrate with a compatible smart hub.

Depending on the light switch design and capacity, this feature doesn’t only allow you to remotely switch your lighting on and off. You can also use this feature to set up timing schedules and tailor your home lighting habits based on your needs.


Most UK smart light switches use technology that you may already be using in your home. So, before investing in one, it is a good idea to cross check this information – so you can figure out how to take advantage of the technology and ensure effective functionality.  

Generally, a smart light switch will be compatible with at least an iPad, android device, Nest, or Ecobee in your home. For example, Apple Homekit devices such as Ecobee or iPad are perfect for iDevices and in-wall outlets. SmartThings technology on the other end supports Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.

Switch or Plug

When shopping for smart light switches, you will come across switches and plugs. Switches come with the convenience of working as regular light switches with natural operation whilst boasting features such as app remote control and timing automations. 

They work great for those who want to automate their regular light fixtures. Smart plugs on the other end tend to be more flexible as you can plug them with whatever device you want – great for lamps!

The Verdict

We hope this guide was useful in helping you choose a smart light switch for your UK home.

If we’ve missed anything, leave a comment below!

Top Smart Dimmer Switch
Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch

The Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer allows you to easily add it to your home without needing extra wiring work. Its fully wireless design allows you to control it remotely using the Lightwave app – available for both iOs and Android.

Top Features
  • Compatible with dimmable LED bulbs
  • Multiple Lightwave device triggers
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant/Apple Homekit compatibility



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