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Video doorbells are a great way to boost home security and have two way conversations with visitors at your front door!

The latest video doorbells offer the best of technology where you can see, communicate, record, and playback all activities happening at your doorstep every minute.

With a video doorbell, you won’t miss a single moment of what’s happening outside your home, even in your absence. Besides, you ensure that your loved ones are protected at all times. Arrivals or deliveries will never be missed either.

Video Doorbell Articles

Top Pick
Motion detection, live view and night vision

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a next-gen product in its category!

Top Features
  • It has a video camera that allows you to see who’s at your door
  • Voice-controlled command and compatible with Alexa
  • Smart and elegant design that gives any house a good look

The Ring Video Doorbell helps you keep an eye on everything happening at your doorstep with its motion detection and live streaming to your phone.


Just like all the other Ring Video doorbells, this model has motion detection, and allows you to customize how far it can detect movement from. 

Image and audio are good quality, especially when there’s a good internet connection, something that makes this device our top pick. You can hear and see if someone is on your porch even at night, as this video doorbell also has Night Mode. The best thing about it though is that you can talk to visitors. For example, you can tell your postal worker where to leave your package.


When it comes to design, this doorbell has a button surrounded by a LED on the front. The LED turns blue when the button gets pressed. There’s also a hidden setup button, under the faceplate, on the device’s right side. When the doorbell button is pressed, the camera starts to record, and your phone receives a push alert. It’s compact and sleek, not to mention its faceplates are interchangeable. 

The Ring Doorbell is voice control compatible, integrated with Alexa. If you’re not the most DIY or tech-savvy person it may be best to get it professionally installed. In particular, the wired version which requires knowledge of electrics.

What we liked
  • High Definition video with Night Mode for maximum surveillance and increased protection
  • 2-way communication which you can use to keep unwanted guests away from your doorstep
  • Compatible with smartphones. Can be accessed when away from home
  • Works with both an internal chargeable battery and existing wiring
  • Instant alert on your phone when movement is detected at your doorstep
What we didn't like
  • The wired version should be installed by a qualified electrician
  • Needs to have a fast internet connection for best video and sound quality
  • Must check the compatibility of existing devices you want to connect it with

Should I Buy a Video Doorbell?

Integrate with a Smart Home Hub

General-purpose video doorbells are not typically integrated with smart home hubs. However, the Ring doorbell has Alexa and Google Home integrated which can be extended via routines to set up smart home automations.

Different Chimes

Chimes are used to grab your attention and alert you to visitors. Some video doorbells come with a wireless chime (such as the Ring Chime) while with others you can use the existing wired ringer.


If you are looking for a security system and not just a doorbell, then you must consider a video doorbell with an HD camera. Night Vision and compatibility with devices like tablets and cell phones are also important so you can access feeds from any part of the world. The Ring doorbell listed above is a nice example. Besides, you get to feel safer in your own house if you know who’s at your front door.


Video doorbells can range anywhere from $150 to $300. You should remember that it is not the price you are paying but the functionality you are buying. So, you should think about the minimum functionality you need and then compare the price.

Video Doorbell Features to Consider


Generally, video doorbell transmitters can face extreme weather ranging from severe cold, to heat, to pouring rain. You need to consider waterproofing when shopping for such a device as the transmitter is going to be installed outside. You should also consider dustproof and weather-resistant products in the same category.


Video on a video doorbell is a great feature if you need to secure your home, you have kids or grandparents, or you keep valuable things locked away. 

Having video at the door is becoming popular all over the world as crime rates are on the increase. When choosing the video camera for this device, you should select something with infrared because this makes it work during the night too. 

Wired vs Battery Powered

The ideal doorbell should have both as, during extreme weather, if electricity is cut off, the battery backup will continue to work. And you want to be more alert when the power supply fails. So, wired as well as battery-powered are the best way to go. Battery life comes into the picture at this time too. So, before selecting the doorbell, see how long it can continue functioning in the absence of a stable power supply.

Chime Options & Volume Adjustment

Before deciding on a video doorbell, you should consider the average noise level in your home and surrounding area. The size and layout of your home or office are also important as you may need louder chimes to draw your attention. 

Regarding chime options, you should check if custom chimes can be added, as some products let you download audio files that you can use for your door. Some doorbells come with a mute option and a timer. Such products are very useful when you want to turn off the doorbell during the night. Instead of turning it off and on, timers perform these tasks automatically.

LED Indicators for Silent Alert

If you have older people around or people with a hearing deficiency, you must consider doorbells with LED because they catch their visual attention.

This feature is extremely useful if someone pings you when you have babies sleeping too. 

It’s also an ideal solution for those who are constantly busy with meetings and need to put their phones and doorbells on silent but still receive alerts.


Depending on the place you want to install the doorbell, range may be an issue. 

It’s best to select a device with a slightly longer range than what you need. When manufacturers say a product has a range of 1000 feet, this is based on ideal test conditions. 

Generally, that is not the case in real life as nobody can install a doorbell in true open space in their home. Therefore, if you have a distance of 100 feet then you should aim for a video doorbell with a 150 foot range.


Generally, the simpler the video doorbell, the easier is the installation. The latest doorbells come with an installation guide and even provide installation customer support. When it comes to doorbells with video cameras and doorbells compatible with other devices such as smartphones or tablets, perhaps Alexa, double-check that the doorbell you’re purchasing supports your devices. 

Though technology today is typically Plug and Play, some manufacturers don’t make things this easy, so choose something that is not a hassle to put on the wall and connect with other devices, especially if you’re not that tech-savvy.

Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Integration of a video doorbell depends on the security policy of your home or office. Some people like everything connected. Some are afraid of a security breach. 

If you have the technical know-how and you can connect all your devices, then say yes to Smart Home Integration. This enables you to control multiple gadgets from just one app and gives you the power to manage them from only one device.

You should also consider which app best suits your needs as there may be many of them available out there.

Common Questions Relating to Video Doorbell

How to install a video doorbell?

The method to install a video doorbell differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should refer to the user manual for installation.

In general, all the doorbells have certain standard procedures irrespective of the installation process. Decide on the place where you want to put the transmitter. If you are expecting kids or shorter people, then at what height do you want to put the transmitter? 

Consider this. If you are installing a video doorbell with a camera, then you need to ensure the camera is fitted at the right height and the right angle.

Some video doorbells need to be wired, either into the existing doorbell wiring, or need a PoE connect. Others are battery powered and communicate over 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to have a video doorbell extra loud?

Generally, every video doorbell can be adjusted for loudness. Before purchasing such a doorbell, check the dB mentioned on the product, since if you have set the dB on the highest and you’re still not satisfied with the sound, then you’ll have to replace the entire device. 

Usually, the loudness of a sound depends on the size and capacity of the speaker installed in the receiver. So, beyond the capacity of the chime, the loudness cannot be increased. It can always go down, though.



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