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If you are looking to get a Z-Wave smoke or CO detector for your existing Z-Wave smart home network, then you are in the right place!

With a Z-Wave-integrated detector, you can program advanced scenes into your home network. For example, you could program your home lighting to flash on and off if smoke is detected along with activating escape lighting. 

You could automatically unlock all smart locks to facilitate people’s exit. If your Z-Wave network is connected to your smartphones, you could push notifications to all devices, alerting them of an emergency situation.

Option 1: Buy a New Smoke Detector
9.3 First Alert
Top USA PickSmoke Detector + CO Alarm all in one
Top Europe PickA hard-wearing Z-Wave smoke detector custom-built for the EU market.
Option 2: Use your old Smoke Detectors!
9.3 Ecolink 28617953415
Top Audio DetectorIntensive whole home coverage
8.8 Amazon
Not a Z-Wave solution, but you could enhance your fire protection with the Alexa Guard feature.

Option 1: Buy a New Smoke Detector

The easiest way to improve your household protection and security system is investing in a brand-new Z-Wave smoke detector with enhanced capabilities and real-time notifications. 

People looking into different detectors will be happy to learn that several Z-Wave-incorporated fire detectors are available on the market – each with something unique to offer. Feel free to scroll down below to learn more about the top contenders.

United States

Top USA Pick
Smoke Detector + CO Alarm all in one

The 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector by First Aid combines smoke detection and CO detection in one device.

Top Features
  • Can detect both Smoke and Carbon Monoxide.
  • Z-Wave compatibility allows for time-sensitive mobile phone notifications if connected with a Z-wave hub.
  • Powerful 85dB sound alarm.
What I liked
  • Needs only two AA batteries to operate.
  • Is compatible with smart home systems like Ring Security, Samsung SmartThings, etc.
  • Photoelectric sensors help reduce occurrence of false alarms caused by cooking, etc.
What I didn't like
  • AA batteries often need to be replaced earlier, unless you get the more expensive Alkaline ones.

Did you know deadly gases and smoke spread more quickly than heat during a fire? That's why getting a smoke detector that also incorporates a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm can make for an enhanced fire protection system.

This 2-in-1 Z-Wave Wireless Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm offers users the advantage of both photoelectric and ionization smoke sensing chambers for rapidly identifying fires.


According to the National Fire Protection Association – photochemical smoke sensors are ideal for fires that begin with a long-smoldering period (as opposed to flaming fires). 

Besides that, First Alert's Z-Wave smoke detector also provides safety from odorless and difficult to detect carbon monoxide exposures thanks to the product's electrochemical monoxide sensor.


You should note that the product comes equipped with an alarm that goes off at 85 decibels (think lawn-mower loud), so there's no chance of missing it. 

Thanks to First Alert's 2-in-1 Smoke Detector’s Z-Wave capabilities – you can receive real-time notifications via your mobile phone. That means you get quick response teams over at your house no matter where you are – to safeguard the lives of your loved ones and control fire-related damage to the premises.


The alarm is easy to operate and set up. Plus, the product comes with mounting hardware so that you can complete the placement in under five minutes. Next, you need to push the test button, insert 2 AA batteries, and move on to syncing your alarm with the Z-Wave smart hub you have at home.

The alarm is suitable for use in institutional and residential settings and complies with all codes and standards set up by fire associations, such as the  UL217, CSFM, NFPA 720, etc.

Ring Alarm Kit

Finally, the Fire Alert 2-in-1 Wireless Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm is also compatible with the Ring Alarm Security Kit. All in all, it's a pretty robust option for users that are unconvinced about their current fire alarm protection set-up.


Top Europe Pick
A hard-wearing Z-Wave smoke detector custom-built for the EU market.

Heiman's Europa Version Z-Wave Smoke Detector offers users a 868.42 MHz range to suit the European market.

Top Features
  • Includes the Z-Wave Plus standard.
  • Offers the convenience of instant notifications on the go.
  • 3-year battery life with batteries included in the pack.

The alarm is designed for smoldering fires and can operate between temperatures of 0° to 40°.

The smoke detector is Z-Wave Plus-compliant and is compatible with several Z-Wave Gateways. It runs on a CR123A lithium battery (included with the alarm) and offers users the advantage of a three-year battery life.

Other notable benefits include an 85dB alarm volume and mobile phone notifications on the go.

Option 2: Use your old Smoke Detectors!

Sometimes, the prospect of buying a new smoke detector for every area of your house can be a little intimidating, if not expensive. However, readers who'd rather find an alternative solution can look into wireless audio detectors for their existing smoke or CO alarm setup.

The best part – if your smoke detectors are interconnected – you may only need one audio detector to bring Z-Wave functionality to life in your smart home!

Top Audio Detector
Intensive whole home coverage

The Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Wireless Audio Detector is a pain-free alternative to replacing an existing fire-alarm setup.

Top Features
  • Can work with numerous Z-Wave hubs.
  • Capable of monitoring all interconnected fire and CO alarms.
  • Offers real-time notifications via Z-Wave connectivity.
What I liked
  • Advanced algorithms to reduce chances of false alarms.
  • 5-year battery life
  • 3-year warranty
What I didn't like
  • Some users have reported it’s complicated to set it up with a Samsung SmartThings connection.

The Ecolink FireFighter Z-Wave smoke detector can be a life-saver for homes with interconnected smoke and CO alarms. But why, exactly?

That's simple. The Ecolink Wireless Audio Detector monitors your existing CO and smoke alarms for signs of trouble. It's designed to send signals to your Z-Wave network in case of an emergency, and the Z-Wave network informs you of the impending danger – no matter where you are – via notifications.

Number of Devices

Homeowners will typically only require one Ecolink Audio Detector for overall coverage. That means you can cut back on costs and effort while still achieving an added layer of protection for your home's fire security setup.

Tech Specs

The product is also compliant with various Z-Wave controllers (like SmartThings) and doesn't require too much work in terms of network inclusion. You can connect your audio detector to your Z-Wave controller by initiating inclusion mode on the hub and pressing the ‘learn' button on the audio sensor for 10 to 15 seconds. It's that simple!

Battery Life

The Ecolink Wireless Audio Detector also offers users the added convenience of 5-years' worth of battery life (via a CR123A battery). The product also includes a 3-year warranty for material defects. 

Finally, installing the Ecolink FireFighter Audio Detector is straightforward enough – even for beginners to handle. The product comes equipped with all the materials needed for installation, such as the mounting bracket, screws, adhesive tape, etc.


Overall, the Ecolink Wireless Audio Detector provides users with a viable substitute (instead of replacing all fire/smoke alarms) and does so at a convenient price range. 

Plus, there's also the fact that the product offers advanced algorithms and professional security-grade accuracy to reduce the occurrence of false alarms. The listener is worth checking out if you’re looking to upgrade your fire-alarm protection without spending a lot on completely new detectors

Not a Z-Wave solution, but you could enhance your fire protection with the Alexa Guard feature.

While not a Z-Wave solution, if you currently have a SmartThings or Hubitat implementation that includes Alexa, you could activate Alexa Guard to listen out for sirens from your existing detectors.

Top Features
  • Able to detect sounds of smoke and CO alarms.
  • Immediate Smart Alert notifications on phone in case of sound detection.
  • Offers convenience of home and away mode.

If you're not familiar with what that is – it's a feature you can configure on Echo devices that'll help keep an ear out for sounds that indicate trouble. 

Thankfully, Alexa Guard can also pick up smoke or CO detectors – meaning you'll receive an instant smart alert on your phone the minute the relevant alarms go off. From there, you can listen to the 10-second sound byte Alexa Guard sends along with the notification and choose whether to call emergency services or not. 

Long story short, you have the option of safeguarding each room or area of your home with an Echo device that'll actively keep monitoring the space for any dangerous sounds.

The Verdict

We've reached the end of our Z-Wave detectors, alarms, and sensors guide and hope that you've found the answers to all your home protection queries. 

Z-Wave functionality can enhance the protection offered by smoke detectors through interconnected scenes, instant notifications and more.

However, if you're not sold on the idea of replacing all your existing detectors or sensors – you can always opt to get yourself a wireless audio detector and save yourself lots of time and money.



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