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The inclusion of multiple Zigbee repeaters can significantly improve coverage across your property, particularly in the case of a larger home or one with many concrete barriers. Fortunately, standard wired devices, which can operate as repeaters within a Zigbee mesh network system, are readily available on the market.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best repeaters available, taking their smart features into account.

Zigbee Range

Generally, your Zigbee mesh network will offer a 2.4 GHz transmission range of up to 250 feet in the interior, due to obstacles such as concrete walls. The lesser used Zigbee sub-GHz range can extend to about 980 feet with no obstructions.

Range Accuracy

The network uses relatively low data. Furthermore, on the transmission bands, for example, 2.4 GHz, each product connected to the mesh network has access to 16 separate channels.

This reduces the likelihood of interference or disturbance. The network has a fairly reliable wireless connection, with a decent set of protocols to mitigate risks of network interference. This includes features such as collision avoidance and clear channel assessments.

How a Zigbee Network Works

What Is a Mesh Network?

A mesh network is a wireless technology designed to allow communication between multiple smart devices integrated with it. The devices are linked together in the form of nodes and branch out to form a tree-like connection.

What Is a Repeater? (Node in a Network)

On a mesh network, a Zigbee repeaters helps enhance its signal power – retransmitting it and increasing its range. For example, in the case of a Zigbee network, adding a repeater is essential if you have multiple nodes connected to the network. 

This, in turn, helps to extend the range without impacting the signal strength. Typically, Zigbee devices on the network act as repeaters. A good example is smart plugs. Hence, this means that the more devices you add to the Zigbee network, the stronger it gets.


For the network to be complete, firstly, you need a Zigbee hub, which acts as the center of the network, connecting all the devices to the internet. In turn, this allows devices across the system to send and receive signals. The mesh connection established by these devices also means that they aren’t interdependent thanks to the hub. 

One can break down without affecting the other. Similarly, these devices connected to the network act as repeaters, extending their range and signal strength. So, the more nodes or devices you add to the Zigbee network, the stronger it gets. 

Generally, your Zigbee networks will support multiple nodes per network and multiple coordinators.  Rather than focusing on the number of nodes, your network support depends on other factors. These factors include the frequency band, device communication frequency, and data loss.

What You Should Know About Zigbee Repeaters

Not all Zigbee devices will act as Zigbee repeaters. Particularly, battery-powered Zigbee devices don’t act as repeaters. For most cases, most Zigbee devices hardwired for plugging into an outlet will act as repeaters. Furthermore, your Zigbee repeaters will only function as repeaters for devices of the same profile. For the most part, devices such as smart plugs are great repeaters.

Some of the Best Zigbee Repeaters

The Innr Zigbee Smart Plug boasts complete voice control using Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant.

Top Features
  • It features resettable overload protection.
  • It features complete voice control using devices compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.
  • It offers a higher power rating.

The Innr Zigbee Smart Plug allows you to connect high power rated devices and appliances, for up to 1800W, instantly transforming them into smart devices. You can connect traditional lights, a small heater, TV, or even a washer.

You can also use the smart plug to set schedules for the devices. Furthermore, the smart plug doubles as a repeater, allowing you to extend your Zigbee network.

Energy & Smart Features

Additionally, the smart plug allows power consumption tracking and energy monitoring. When you don’t want to deal with manual control, you can take advantage of the full voice control feature. 

The smart hub is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What I liked
  • It supports devices of up to 1800 Watts.
  • It features a dual bridge and app control.
  • It uses the Zigbee 3.0 protocol.
What I didn't like
  • It is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Tech Specs

Switch Type: Push-button switch
Mounting Type: Plug-in mount
Controller Type: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings
Voice Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Bluetooth Connectivity: No

The Philips Hue Smart Bulb gives you transformative control over your home’s lighting and ambiance.

Top Features
  • If features white and color ambiance in lighting.
  • You can customize the lighting scenes.
  • It is voice-activated.

The Phillips Hue Smart Bulb offers a great way to extend your Zigbee network while giving you optimal control of your home’s lighting system. The 60W smart bulbs fit in most light fixtures, whether on the wall, lamps, recessed cans, or even overhead lights. 


These smart bulbs also feature an easy installation process, using the magnets, tape, and wall brackets that are already included in the box. The best part about these bulbs is you will enjoy full repeater functions, without needing any hardwiring. 


Using the smart bulb, you can also fine-tune the light scenes how you want, thanks to the warm-to-cool white profile range. In fact, the warm-to-cool white ambiance range features over 50,000 different shades, allowing you to create the exact lighting you want.

What I liked
  • It has Bluetooth capacity and can be integrated into a Zigbee network.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.
  • Compatible with most light fixtures.
  • Comes in a 3-piece pack.
What I didn't like
  • It doesn’t get very dim.

Tech Specs

Light Color: Warm-to-cool white and color
Bulb Technology: LED
Lumen: 800 lumens
Light Output: 16 million colors
Wattage: 9.5 W
Wattage Equivalent: 60 W
Lifetime: 25,000 hours
Another Smart Plug Repeater

The Seedan Smart Plug offers multiple ways to control devices connected to it. You can opt for remote control, voice control, or app control.

Top Features
  • It features a 750-degree thermo-resistant and flame-retardant casing.
  • It offers double security protection.
  • It features a double insulation design.

The smart plug is compatible with various smart platforms, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. This smart plug is also a great option for those who want to enjoy a one-stop lighting control solution for their home.

It allows you to control your light bulbs and strips individually and as a group. All you have to do is assign each bulb its own name and a group for it.

The RGBgenie Zigbee Color Touch Panel Controller allows you to do more than just turn your lights on and off, it has multiple built-in functions and effects.

Top Features
  • It is wireless.
  • It features built-in effects.
  • It offers white light temperature control.

The RGBgenie Zigbee Color Touch Panel Controller gives you full control over your lighting, connecting to up to 30 Zigbee strip lights and bulbs. Unlike a traditional wall switch, this Zigbee switch offers greater control than just switching the lights on and off. It also controls other features offered by your smart lights while maintaining a consistent power supply.


The touch panel control lets you control the colors of your lights, whether covering a few specific areas or multiple zones. Moreover, the light control panel comes with additional features – including gentle dimming, white light temperature control, and built-in effects.


The 2-in-1 touch panel controller does a great job at eliminating weak signal areas on your Zigbee network. Plus, it comes with the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol.

What I liked
  • It supports the latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol.
  • It connects up to 30 smart home devices.
  • It features a seamless wheel color slider for easy light color control.
  • It offers full dimming functions.
What I didn't like
  • No AC output.
  • Some users have experienced minor difficulties during the installation.

Tech Specs

Smart Device Capacity: 30
Compatibility: Philips Hue Bridge, Smart Light Bulbs, and RGBgenie LED Controllers
Voice Control: Amazon Alexa
Bluetooth Connectivity: No

Zigbee Repeaters: The Verdict

What makes Zigbee repeaters unique is their versatile design. In addition to using them as network range enhancers, they are designed with various functions. As evident from our top-rated picks above, you can find repeaters with varying functions, ranging from smart plugs to bulbs and sensors. It's all about choosing what works well for your home!

The Innr Zigbee Smart Plug boasts complete voice control using Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant.

Top Features
  • It features resettable overload protection.
  • It features complete voice control using devices compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.
  • It offers a higher power rating.


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