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In case you're after the ideal Z-Wave doorbell, your search may just end here. While traditionally, Z-Wave doesn't cater to video streaming functionalities – a job often shouldered by 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi networks, rest assured, video doorbells that can flawlessly connect with voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as Z-Wave smart hubs like Samsung SmartThings do exist.

Through the Alexa/Google Home or smart hub app, you can tie in other Z-Wave devices through scenes and routines. Alternatively, your could pick up a simple Z-Wave doorbell and install a security camera, or integrate a micro-controller to smarten up your existing doorbell!

Video Doorbells Compatible With Z-Wave Hubs or Voice Assistants
Top pickYou can use routines in Google Home or Alexa to tie into other Z-Wave devices
9.4 31A0P2CfkYL. SL500
Runner upSamsung SmartThings compatible
Z-Wave Button Doorbells & Chimes
9.5 Aeotec
Best valueFull Z-Wave!
Z-Wave Doorbell Sensors (Interface Module)
9.3 Nexia Home Intelligence
Event relaying and trigger based doorbell sensor
9.2 FortrezZ
A sensor and motor controller

 What are my options?

When choosing the right video doorbell cameras, chimes, or sensors, you have up to 4 different options. You can opt to:

  1. Get a standard Z-Wave doorbell and chime
  2. Get a video doorbell that you can integrate into Google Home or Alexa – allowing you to create routines and scenes with your Z-Wave devices
  3. Get a video doorbell that you can directly integrate into a smart home hub – such as Samsung SmartThings
  4. Install a Z-Wave interface/bridge module and integrate that with your Z-Wave hub

You will notice that few models come with built-in Z-Wave radios. Nonetheless, you can still integrate them into the Z-Wave ecosystem using a hub like Samsung’s SmartThings or via the Alexa or Google Home apps. 

You can even use a bridge module which turns any electronic device into a Z-Wave compatible device.

Video Doorbells Compatible With Z-Wave Hubs or Voice Assistants

There is a good selection of video doorbells that are fully compatible with voice assistants. Through these voice assistants (such as Alexa or Google Assistant), you can integrate video doorbells into your entire smart home system by creating scenes or routines.

Top pick
You can use routines in Google Home or Alexa to tie into other Z-Wave devices

With the Lorex 2K QHD Video Doorbell, you can use routines in Google Home or Alexa to tie into other devices

Top Features
  • 164 degrees field of view
  • 2HK QHD resolution
  • Motion-activated LED warning light

The Lorex 2K QHD Video Doorbell is built with an impressive 2K QHD resolution which delivers excellent video quality. The doorbell camera’s 164-degree viewing angle and 4:3 aspect ratio allow you to accurately view a full picture. The HDR imaging on the other end automatically corrects exposure when lighting is not ideal to ensure a clear and true-to-life end result.

Additionally, the doorbell is built with two communication options. You can use 1 of the 3 pre-recorded quick responses to greet your visitors at the door when they ring the bell. You can also choose to record your own custom messages, and when you are around, you can use the two-way talk technology to communicate with them at the door.

At night, a night light feature allows you to program the built-in LED light to turn on at select times. The LED light can even be activated by motion to deter unwanted guests for extra security. The patented color night vision with low light capabilities allows you to see with great clarity whoever is approaching your doorway at any time – day or night.

Tech Specs

Video resolution:   2K QHD
Viewing angle:      164 degrees
Storage :             32GB micro SD card
Technology:         Wired
Runner up
Samsung SmartThings compatible

The Ring Doorbell Pro features an advanced motion detection build with customizable motion zones

Top Features
  • 1080p HD Live Video
  • Color Night Vision
  • 160 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical viewing field

The Ring Doorbell Pro is built with an upgraded 1080p HD video resolution to ensure you enjoy exceptional video quality. Using the doorbell, you can view the video footage using a wide selection of methods, including the SmartThings app. You can use the doorbell with your Samsung TV using the SmartThings app to view footage of your doorway.

An advanced motion detection feature allows you to always know when someone is at your front door for guaranteed security. As if this is not enough, you can set up the motion detection feature with a customizable motion zone to have an even larger perimeter of security coverage. You can even get motion-activated alerts on your phone, tablet, or PC at any time, anywhere you are, and enjoy a live view of your home using the Ring app.

The built-in Alexa greetings allow you to communicate with your visitors even when you are not nearby, When you are nearby, the two-way talk mode allows for direct back and forth interaction. The doorbell is built with an exclusive Ring Protection Subscription Plan, allowing you to record footage up to 6 seconds before an event. The plan allows you to save the footage for up to 60 days as well as share videos and images.

What I liked
  • Compatible with Alexa Echo devices
  • 1080p HD video offers great image viewing clarity
  • The motion detection feature has a customizable zone so you can choose the area of focus
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity guarantees reliable connections with fewer interruptions
  • Pre-roll video previews for up to 6-second previews of motion alerts
What I didn't like
  • It doesn’t have a built-in storage feature

Tech Specs

Video resolution:   1080p
Viewing angle:     160 degrees horizontal/90 degrees vertical
Storage :            N/A
Technology:         Wired

Best Z-Wave Doorbell Buttons & Chimes

Z-Wave button doorbells and chimes can be connected to your Z-Wave smart hub/controller. Connected to the Z-Wave hub, these devices enjoy uninterrupted wireless control from the app. The app acts as a one-stop control for all the devices in the system.

The Aeotec Z-Wave Doorbell 6 integrates a 3-step layer of encryption for the total security solution of your home.

Top Features
  • 100 lumens visual light alerts
  • 110dB audio alerts
  • 30 different chime tones

The Aeotec Z-Wave Doorbell 6 features a 110dB chime and siren with up to 30 preloaded sounds and 8 tones dedicated to the doorbell functions. Thanks to this construction, the doorbell is up to 27% louder than Z-Wave doorbells of previous generations. Furthermore, the easy-to-install doorbells are built with versatility, allowing a single chime to connect to up to 3 buttons for multi-door monitoring.

The doorbells can easily be installed by anyone in the house – simply install, plug, and sync with your smart hub. Furthermore, the doorbell features advanced wireless range connectivity. Built with 2 different wireless technologies, the doorbell button can be installed up to 300 feet from the indoor chime and the chime can be installed up to 328 feet from the Z-Wave gateway.

Yet, the doorbell offers a quick response time and an overall wireless range of up to 490 feet in open space. The doorbell is also compatible with Z-Wave gateways such as Samsung SmartThings, Vera, and Figaro. Additionally, the doorbell features built-in Z-Wave Plus technology. The Z-Wave Plus technology offers 3 layers of wireless security to prevent hacking or interference from intruders.

What I liked
  • Offers 1000 lumens of customizable light alarm in the dark
  • Offers up to 110dB audio alerts which is 27% louder than previous generations
  • The chime is packed with a section of up to 30 different tones to choose from
  • Each doorbell chime can connect up to 3 buttons for multi-door monitoring
  • Allows you to receive instant smartphone alerts anywhere you are from the Z-Wave system
What I didn't like
  • Some notification sounds can be a little low for large homes

Tech Specs

Video resolution:   1080p
Viewing angle:      N/A
Storage :              N/A
Technology:         Wireless

Best Z-Wave Doorbell Sensors (Interface Module)

An integrated Z-Wave sensor (also known as an interface/bridge module) will notify you when someone rings the doorbell through your Z-Wave hub.

Event relaying and trigger based doorbell sensor

The Nexia Z-Wave Plus Doorbell Sensor alerts you when someone is at your door whilst offering extra benefits when synced with other Nexia-compatible smart home devices.

Top Features
  • Simple attach-and-play installation
  • Battery operated
  • Compatible with Nexia-friendly devices

The doorbell is designed to connect directly to your indoor chime, detects when someone rings your doorbell, and notifies you through your smartphone. When connected to other smart devices, the sensor’s functions are not limited to just sending alerts.

The sensor can also trigger automations you set up in your smart hub and even log the event in your Nexia account. The sensor works with compatible devices such as an outdoor camera that can record video footage for later viewing or a light that turns on when the doorbell is detected.

The FortrezZ Z-Wave MIMOlite Motor Control brings versatility, allowing you to use it on a wide range of devices. Using the FortrezZ Motor Control, you can control a wide selection of devices including garage doors, motorized shades, and gates, just to mention a few.

Top Features
  • 100-feet distance range
  • Indoor-specific plastic-enclosed casing
  • LED status indicator

The device works by converting digital or analog voltage input to dry contact relay input or message input. In short, the interface device acts as a sensor that relays information and triggers automations.

The motor control is even built with a reasonable distance range of up to 100 feet in a clear line of sight. Nonetheless, due to its delicate plastic-enclosed casing, the motor control is ideal for indoor use only.

Best Z-Wave Doorbell: The Verdict

This review of the best Z-Wave doorbells, cameras, chimes, and sensors allows you to choose the ideal device for your home, no matter your budget or preferences. 

You can opt for a dedicated doorbell camera or a more comprehensive doorbell that you can sync with your smart hub to connect to cameras and other devices in your home. Either way, both options guarantee a reliable security solution for your home.

Top pick
You can use routines in Google Home or Alexa to tie into other Z-Wave devices

With the Lorex 2K QHD Video Doorbell, you can use routines in Google Home or Alexa to tie into other devices

Top Features
  • 164 degrees field of view
  • 2HK QHD resolution
  • Motion-activated LED warning light



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