Daniel founded Smart Home Perfected in 2019 as a personal passion project. With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Computing and IT from The Open University, his 15 years experience as a software engineer is what initially inspired him to play around with home automation platforms.

A shed full of power tools and an eagerness to take on any DIY task have helped get his smart home to its current level. He has tested over 100 smart home devices over the last 4 years. As a smart home is never "finished", he's continuing to find more ways to automate and improve his home, as new devices are released and technology evolves.

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Best Shower Timers of 2024: Maximize Efficiency in Your Bathroom Routine

best shower timer

The best shower timer can revolutionize your morning routine, saving water and energy while ensuring timely showers. From climate change to ever-increasing utility bills, there are plenty of reasons to conserve water and energy in the home. When checking off energy hogs, you’ll find the daily shower is a major culprit pumping out gallons of water and burning electricity to get it…

10 Best Smart In-Wall Outlets / Receptacles

Smart Wall Outlet

When it comes to upgrading your home with smart tech, it’s easy to overlook the humble power outlet. By replacing your traditional outlets with smart in-wall outlets, you can enjoy greater control over your electronics along with an x-ray view of your energy usage. While smart plugs are a quicker alternative to gaining smart control over devices, smart outlets offer a much…

Nest Multi Zone: 2023 Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Home Temperature Control

nest multi zone

Nest Multi Zone effectively adapts to zoned HVAC systems, offering precise control over different home areas’ temperatures. Typically, each zone requires a separate thermostat, but how compatible is a Nest thermostat with multi-zone systems using dampers? Let’s explore this further. What is a Zoned System A zoned system isn’t as complicated as it might sound. It’s all about dividing your home into…