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How to Change the Batteries in a Yale Smart Lock

Change Batteries 1 1

For avoiding potential technical issues or lockouts, regularly changing the batteries in your Yale smart lock is essential. When the battery levels are down to 20%, the mobile app or touchpad itself will let you know that the batteries need changing.  In this guide, I provide detailed instructions on how to do so for your exact model. Let’s go!  Replacing the Batteries…

Blink vs Reolink: The Ultimate Faceoff!

Camera Brand Head to Head Blink v Reolink

Amazon’s Blink cameras are garnering interest thanks to their straightforward design and uncomplicated setup procedure. Their standout feature is their robust battery life that demands less regular recharging, signifying remarkable dependability. On the other hand, Reolink has earned considerable acclaim in the security camera field for offering an array of devices customized to meet diverse needs. In this article, I explore and…

How to Connect a Schlage Smart Lock to Google Home?

Featured Image Connect Schlage to Google Home 1 1

You may sometimes experience challenges when attempting to link a Schlage Smart lock with Google Home. More often than not, these problems arise from an incompatibility with older versions. In the more recent models, you can use Google Home and Google Assistant to engage the lock or check the status of all your Schlage locks. You can also combine these two functions…

How to Open a Yale Smart Lock With a Dead Battery?

Open with a Dead Battery 2

What steps should I take if the battery in my “smart lock” runs out, potentially leading to subsequent glitches in the corresponding app and keypad? This is my main concern. Depending on the model, you can unlock the door using a physical backup key or provide emergency power just enough to type in your code.  So in this article, I’ll provide model-by-model…

How to Program, Change & Reset the Code of a Kwikset Smart Lock

reset instructions

You can rest easy if you’re struggling to find your Kwikset lock manual, which contains the master codes and instructions for setting up user access. In fact, there’s absolutely no need for concern! In this article, I walk through programming, changing, and resetting the codes for various Kwikset smart locks, including Obsidian, Premis, Powerbolt 2, Kevo, SmartCode 914, 275 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt,…

Kwikset Smart Lock Beeps and Lights Explained

beeps lights

Features like audio notifications, LED signal lights, and visual prompts on the touchscreen can be highly beneficial in overseeing the operation and spotting any possible problems with Kwikset smart locks. However, it’s important to note that these functionalities might not be present in all models. Common signals across different models such as Obsidian, Premis, Halo Touch, Powerbolt 2, and more include ……

How to Fix the Orange Light in a Schlage Smart Lock?

Fix orange light

If an orange light is shining from a Schlage lock, it may not be working correctly. This could cause issues like slowed access or complete lockouts. Although it’s primarily used to indicate programming mode, the orange light can start blinking continuously if there’s an underlying battery issue or programming error. So read on to find out how to fix it. 1. Programming…

Fixed: Kwikset Smart Lock Beeping or Not Working After Battery Change

not working after battery change

Generally, changing the batteries in a Kwikset smart lock is a straightforward process. However, it’s important to understand that certain models have special features that could potentially cause unexpected problems with the lock. As a result, you might receive a low battery alert shortly after installing new batteries. In this article, I’ll walk through 10 troubleshooting steps to follow, if your Kwikset…