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We‘re all aware of the damage broken pipes, faulty appliances, or leaky taps can cause to our home. The impact of a major leak in your home is huge with damage costing thousands of dollars to repair, causing massive disruption.

More and more people are looking to sensors, water monitors, and smart valves as a way of detection and mitigation to eliminate the impact of leaks in their homes.

The beauty of some of these products is they do not require the services of a plumber to install and can be set up simply and easily.

Now in the smart home era, some new products on the market are fully connected with other devices and hubs, providing you with all the tools you need to nip that leak in the bud.

Types of Automatic Water Shut Off Valves

There are two types of products you can choose from when looking to automatically shut off water flow into your home

  • Integrated Valve Controller – This type of valve needs to be installed on or alongside the main supply valve. This task is best suited to a professional plumber.
  • Motorizing Existing BullDog Valve – This controller can be installed over the existing shut off bulldog valve. Installation is very easy and is DIY.

Top Pick
Fully integrated shut-off system

Flow by Moen contains the features of a smart water monitor, to track flow and detect leaks. If a leak is detected, the smart valve can automatically shut off water to the house, limiting water damage.

Top Features
  • Auto identification of leaks across your entire home plumbing system through MicroLeak Technology
  • Monitor and control your whole water system remotely via the mobile app
  • Allows you to know your daily water consumption rate and set your water conservation goals

The Flow by Moen system contains the features of a smart water monitor, to track flow and detect leaks. If a leak is detected, the smart valve can automatically shut off water to the house, limiting water damage.


To install, you first need to drain all the water from your system. Then install the adapter into your main water line. Make sure that it’s placed after the water meter and the water-reducing valve. Then, connect it to a nearby power outlet and run the health test through the Flo by Moen mobile app. To avoid any difficulty, professional installation is recommended.

How it works

The Automatic Water Shut Off Valve has three sensors that continuously monitor your home water pressure, flow rate, and temperature. These sensors work in combination with MicroLeak™ technology which proactively monitors your entire home water system for any type of leaks or damage.

Mobile App

Once installed the Flo by Moen mobile app will enable you to control your whole water system and alert you instantly if any leak or damage is detected. From the Dashboard, you’ll be able to see your daily water usage and set your consumption goals.

Smart Hub Compatibility

Flo by Moen is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT. You can also run it without a hub via the mobile app.

What I liked
  • Automatically shuts off water to prevent damage when a leak occurs
  • Works with IFTTT, Google Home and Alexa
  • Detects leaks as small as one drop per minute
  • Detects leaks as small as one drop per minute
What I didn't like
  • Requires a professional plumber to install
  • Power outlet required for device
Top Bulldog Valve
DIY Installation & Z-Wave

The EcoNet Bulldog Valve Robot is a powerhouse of smart home water management.

Top Features
  • Fits over existing Levered Ball Valve, no additional tool is required.
  • Able to create enough torque to shut-off the toughest valves
  • Compact and durable build quality

This Z-wave certified valve is compatible with any popular smart hub and can work with several water sensors. It can create torques that are powerful enough to turn the toughest valves also. 

There is also an EcoNet Controls Wi-Fi Valve that does not require a hub. Check it out here


Installation is very straight forward and does not require a professional plumber. Firstly, position the bracket set over the valve collar with the mounting tab. Then, attach the motor assembly and position it with the pivot point of the motor assembly centered over the valve pivot point. Now, complete a test stroke with your smartphone once integrated into a Z-Wave hub.

How it works

In addition to leak sensors, EcoNet’s Bulldog Valve Robot can automatically detect water leaks and shut-off the system instantly by leaving a leak alert to your smartphone through the smart hub.

Mobile App

EcoNet’s Bulldog Valve Robot doesn’t have any dedicated app. Instead, it is compatible with a wide array of existing smart hubs and their apps.

Smart Hub Compatibility

EcoNet’s Bulldog Valve Robot is recommended for its high compatibility. This z-wave certified device is compatible with Vera, SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Homeseer, Control4, Wink, Nexia, and several other DIY-type controllers.

What I liked
  • Very easy to install
  • In addition to water sensors, it can detect water leaks and shut-off the system automatically
  • Compatible with almost all popular smart home hubs
  • Prompt and proactive customer support
What I didn't like
  • A few complaints reported about its connectivity with water sensors
  • Lack of a dedicated app maybe a challenge for some

Grohe Sense Guard is a Wi-Fi-connected water controller that is set on the mains water supply pipe.

Top Features
  • Detects micro leaks, pipe breaks, frost temperature, and unusual water flow
  • Allow automatic, remote or manual shut on/off function to limit water damage
  • Indication of valve position (open/close) via LED light

Grohe Sense Guard continuously monitors your home water system and detects every anomaly from minor leaks to a major burst. If any deviation from normal is detected, it shuts-off the water system immediately.


As the device is required to be installed on the main water supply pipe, professional installation is highly recommended.

How it Works

The Grohe Sense Guard continuously monitors water pressure in the pipes while the Aqua self-learning algorithm learns the patterns of water consumption. If it detects the water consumption is higher than usual, even detects any minor leaks, it automatically shut-off the water system by leaving an alert to the smartphone.

Mobile App

Grohe ONDUS app is compatible with both iOS and Android. It features remote and automatic control of the water system and creates daily water usage stats.

Smart Home Compatibility

Grohe Sense Guard is not compatible with any smart home hubs.

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant is a unique device that can protect the entire house’s water system from a single location.

Top Features
  • Automatic water leak detection and water monitoring system
  • Automatic water shut-off as soon as a problem is detected
  • Receive real-time alerts and water usage data to your smartphone through the free Phyn app

The Phyn Plus Water Shut Off Valve connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network so there is no need to purchase an additional smart home hub.


Install Phyn Plus on the main water supply pipe immediately after the main shut-off­ valve and before the line starts branching. Then pair the device with your home Wi-Fi connection. As the installation process is a little tricky, it’s recommended to install the device by a licensed plumber.

How it works

Phyn Plus can measure microscopic changes in water pressure (240 times per second). It generates a fingerprint based on the unique pressure profile of each fixture in your home. So when you run a faucet, Phyn can identify that as a faucet, and if that faucet leaks, Phyn can instantly let you know that through smart connectivity.

Mobile App

The Phyn app is available for both iOS and Android. When the device detects a potential leak, it automatically sends an alert to your smartphone with all the information thats needed to help diagnose the issue and fix it with a plumber. Phyn app also lets you turn off your whole water system from anywhere.

Smart Hub Compatibility

Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

What I liked
  • Analyzes the water consumption rate and sends you statistical data to help you manage your usage
  • Can detect plumbing problems like unsafe pressure levels or small leaks before they become larger issues
  • Can sense any ice crystals forming in your pipes before they have a chance to freeze and burst, giving you the notification to take action.
  • No additional or ongoing subscription costs
What I didn't like
  • Complicated to install and need a plumbing professional
  • No battery backup feature
  • Set up is restricted to below 1 1/4″ water supply line

Guardian Valve Controller can shut off your entire water system automatically if a leak, frozen pipe or earthquake is detected to prevent further damage.

Top Features
  • Comes with three automatic leak detector sensors
  • Can sense leak, low temperature & earthquake and generate an instant notification
  • Can run for up to 12 hours on the optional battery backup

The Guardian Wireless Leak Detectors can be placed up to a thousand feet away from the Valve Controller which enables this device to cover even the largest homes.


To install, first, locate your main water shut-off valve and close it. Align the fork to fit over the valve handle and hand-tighten the clamps. Then plug it into a standard power outlet and check it manually. Now, connect to your smartphone through the Guardian App and Wi-Fi network. Finally, calibrate the controller with a mobile device.

How it works

At the moment the Leak Detectors sense water, low temperature, or a vibration, the Valve Controller will automatically shut off the main water supply to prevent further damage, and send a notification to the smartphone via the Guardian App.

Mobile App

Through the Guardian App, you will receive notifications for any kind of problems like leaks, extreme cold or earthquakes. You’ll also have remote access to shut-off the whole system and see the backup battery profile.

Smart Home Compatibility

Guardian Leak Prevention System is a standalone smart home product. It’s not compatible with any smart home hubs.

What I liked
  • Easy to install – no need for professional plumbing
  • Can shut-off the system during leaks even when Wi-Fi is down
  • Infinitely Expandable – can add as many leak detectors as required to protect any building
  • Turn on or off the valve controller from anywhere and check up on the status of leak sensors
  • Can work with copper, PVC or PEX pipes
What I didn't like
  • Not compatible with smart home hub
  • Can be difficult to calibrate or configure the app

The HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve Controller lets you remotely and automatically control the flow of water.

Top Features
  • Works with water sensors to detect leaks and overflows, also to shut off
  • Suitable for indoor usage, outdoor spigots, showers, sinks, and irrigation equipment
  • The package comes with HomeSeer Water Valve Controller, Universal Power Supply with Plug Adapters, and a User Guide

The HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve Controller comes with wireless Z-wave compatibility. Moreover, you can use this valve with different water sensors. As soon as it detects a water leak, it immediately shuts off and stops the water from flowing. You can remotely control this valve.

Along with indoor use, you can also use this valve with outdoor showers, irrigation equipment, sinks, and spigots. The robust IP67 enclosure makes it powerful enough for outdoor use. No matter where you decide to use it, upon detecting water leaks, this is a valve that can close the water supply in seconds.

What I liked
  • Compatible with HomeSeer home automation systems
  • Comes with an IP67 enclosure for outdoor use
  • Has NSF and Z-Wave Plus certifications.
What I didn't like
  • Bulky compared to similar models

The HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve comes with Z-Wave Plus and NSF certifications. You can use it with a 908 MHz Z-Wave frequency, also the ZDK v6.5x Z-Wave version. Besides, you can also pair this durable valve with other Z-Wave compatible smart devices. The pairing process is fairly easy and will mostly work on the first attempt.

You can get either the 1-Inch or the 3/4-Inch Water Valve Controller. It gets power from a 100-240 VAC power socket at 50/60 Hz. With the package, you receive a HomeSeer Water Valve Controller, one Universal Power Supply with Plug Adapters, and the User Guide.


  • Z-Wave Plus certified.
  • Suitable for any standard home with ¾” or 1″ in pipework.
  • Works perfectly with heavy-duty water irrigation equipment. 
  • Can be controlled remotely or set on automatic mode.
  • Compatible with HomeSeer home automation systems.

Top Features
  • Supports up to 20 leak detectors for automatic shut off (detectors not included)
  • Integrated self testing system
  • Also supports Google Home and Samsung SmartThings

The Sedna device can be automatically triggered to shut off a water supply based on one of the connected leak detector sensors encountering water. You can also use the Neviweb app to manually open or close the valve.

Designed for 3/4 inch pipes, the Sedna is well-built with a stainless steel construction. (There is also a 1-inch device available here) As it is battery-powered, it does not require a power supply close to the pipework.

Includes flood sensors, transmitter and receiver

Top Features
  • EcoNet OEM
  • Comes with a full kit to get up and running
  • Voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant

The YoLink water leak system comes with three flood sensors, a bulldog ball valve triggered by a wireless receiver, and the YoLink smart home hub/transmitter.

A distinct advantage of the YoLink system is it does not rely on Wi-Fi or a fixed power supply. Once you lock in the behavior between the flood sensor and valve controller, if you lose power or the internet, the system can still communicate and trigger.

Top Features
  • Ideal for isolating water supplies to toilets and sinks
  • Battery Powered
  • Solid construction and easy installation

Unlike the other devices listed, the aquaHalt system is a leak sensor and automatic shut-off in a single device. This makes it ideal for installation behind toilets or sinks.

Requiring 2 AA batteries there is no need for a nearby power supply. There is also no need for a plumber as you can simply connect up the hoses for the water to pass through the device.

The wired sensor can then be positioned on the floor to detect water and trigger the device to shut the supply.

Top Features
  • NSF Certified for safe drunking water
  • Integrate into your existing Z-Wave hub
  • Impressive 10 year warranty

The LeakGopher by Leak Intel is one of the only devices listed that is NSF certified which means it is safe to be used for drinking water. The Z-Wave Plus device can be controlled by most Z-Wave hubs while also providing the ability to voice control with Alexa via Samsung SmartThings (among other smart hubs).

Top Features
  • Three sensors included
  • 3/4 inch ball valve
  • 418 Mhz frequency

The WaterCop system automatically disables a water supply if moisture is detected on the remote leak sensor. An optional remote control can also be used to manually close the pipe.

On receiving the signal from the flood sensor or remote controller, the actuator motor triggers the closure of the connected ball valve.

The device also has a Cat5 interface for integration with 3rd party security or home automation systems.

Should I buy an Automatic Water Shut Off Valve?

There are many reasons why purchasing a smart water valve is a good decision

Prevent Costly Repairs

Smart water valve controllers and water leak detectors work together to detect leaks, burst pipes or earthquakes and automatically shut off the water system to prevent further damage and costly repairs.

Instant Alerts

These devices can generate instant alerts to your smartphone as soon as the damage is detected and make you informed about potential repair work to undertake

Reduce Utility Bills

By using smart water management mobile apps you’ll be able to set water consumption goals. It’ll ensure that you do not need additional utility costs.

Automatic Water Shut Off Valve Features to Consider

Device and Installation Costs

It can cost between $300 to $600 for a smart valve based on the features required and if professional installation is needed.

Alert or Action

Next on the list is what you want from your smart water system. Do you want it to simply alert you to the problem or do you want it to stop the problem from developing further by automatically cutting the water supply?

The sensors and monitors will provide you with those smart alerts, by email or app. However to stop the problem from developing you will need an automatic water shut-off valve.

DIY or Plumber Install

If you would like to avoid the expense of hiring a plumber, then a motorized bulldog valve is the best option as it can be DIY installed. Otherwise, you will need a professional plumber to make some changes to your mains supply line to install the device.

Micro Leaks

Some devices are more sensitive than others. It's worth reviewing the granularity of leak detection as some devices can identify leaks as low as one drop per minute.

Integrating your Smart Water Leak Detector

Most of the devices listed above connect to Amazon Alexa at a minimum.

However, to avoid even more smart home apps, you can choose devices that integrate with your smart home hub/gateway (via Z-wave or Zigbee) or are IFTTT compatible. 

Power Outlet Available

Automatic water shut off valves typically require a nearby outlet power. Some devices also come with backup batteries in case of a power outage.

Common Questions relating to Water Shut Off Valves

How do water leak shut off valves work?

A water leak shut off valve can automatically detect water either by monitoring the flow in the supply pipe or by sensing water on the outer floor.  When an irregular flow or moisture is detected, the valve instantly shut-off the water flow via an internal ball valve. This can prevent catastrophic water damage.

How do I install a water leak shut off valve?

Water Leak Shut Off Valves can be installed by integrating a device into the main supply line or by motorizing an existing bulldog valve. The devices are then typically powered via a nearby power outlet and connected to your smartphone via the local Wifi or Smart Hub network.

What causes water leaks?

There may be several problems that result in water leaks. Some of the most common causes of household water leaks are broken seals, clogged lines, corrosion, excessive water pressure, loose water connectors, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

How many automatic water leak shut off valves do I need?

For single-family use, you just need one. Place it next to your main supply valve as it can shut off the main supply line in case a leak is detected.

The Verdict

The Flow by Moen Automatic Water Shutoff Valve is our best integrated automatic water shut off valve to save the day while the EcoNet Controls Z-Wave Valve is our top pick for motorized bulldog valve.

Top Pick
Fully integrated shut-off system

Flow by Moen contains the features of a smart water monitor, to track flow and detect leaks. If a leak is detected, the smart valve can automatically shut off water to the house, limiting water damage.

Top Features
  • Auto identification of leaks across your entire home plumbing system through MicroLeak Technology
  • Monitor and control your whole water system remotely via the mobile app
  • Allows you to know your daily water consumption rate and set your water conservation goals


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