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Decreasing the moisture levels in your home can lead to a variety of issues including worsened allergies, heightened asthma symptoms, skin problems, chronic cough, as well as damage to your furniture and indoor plants. Consequently, it's advised to use smart humidifiers. These appliances can substantially improve the comfort and look of your indoor surroundings by increasing the level of humidity.

While tackling low humidity levels, smart humidifiers can also be integrated into your smart home system for voice control, remote control or to connect with other devices as part of scenes or routines.

Top PickLarge Tank Capacity
9.2 31INlBppFWL. SL500
Runner UpCompact and Portable Smart Humidifier
9.0 proscenic
High Capacity Smart Humidifier
8.5 HuPro
Ultra-Quiet Humidifier
8.4 41qQoq8JuUL. SL500
Premium Pick30 hours of continuous operation
8.1 Ledonti
Simple, Easy-To-Use Humidifier

Benefits of a Smart Humidifier

A smart humidifier is a wirelessly-controlled device that adds moisture to the air in a room to combat the dryness in the air. It automatically detects if the humidity in the air has fallen below the desired level and injects moisture into the air.

Having one in your home has several benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Wireless Control

Wireless control of your humidifier is a significant advantage. Using a smart device, you can easily optimize your home’s atmosphere for your comfort.

Even better, you do not have to risk over-humidifying your home and damaging important fixtures with moisture. Sensors in the unit will automatically shut it off once it reaches the desired humidity.

2. Helps with Health Issues

Smart humidifiers can help those with pre-existing health conditions such as allergies, cough, and asthma. Adding moisture to the air provides relief and counteracts the dryness responsible for these problems.

3. Skincare

Low humidity dries out the skin, lips, and other parts resulting in irritation and itching. Humidifiers relieve this and keep your skin and other body parts moist.

4. Indoor Climate Control

Other fixtures in your living space can also benefit from a more humid environment. For example, wooden furniture and houseplants can warp and wither in dry climates.

A smart humidifier creates a better indoor environment for your plants and wooden furniture, keeping them fresh and vibrant.

Best Smart Humidifiers

Top Pick
Large Tank Capacity

The Levoit Humidifier is a large-capacity humidifier capable of operating for more than two days without the need for refilling.

Top Features
  • It features a large 6L tank capacity that offers up to 60 hours of continuous operation.
  • It offers an essential oil diffuser to infuse scents into your home.
  • It features an integrated auto-humidity sensor.

The Levoit Smart S300 is an ultrasonic mist smart humidifier equipped with a large 6L tank. This humidifier is specifically designed to take on large spaces, as its large tank gives it fast humidifying capabilities and a reach of almost 500 square feet.

Product Connectivity

With its Wi-Fi capabilities, you can control the Levoit S300 remotely and integrate it into your smart home. In addition, the unit is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

You can even set it up and control it from your phone via the dedicated V-sync app. On the app, you can set the optimal humidity, mist level, aromatherapy options, and more.

Product Design

The S300 features an elegant cubic design with a transparent tank on top. In addition, it has a 360-degree nozzle to spread moisture properly in all directions.

There is an LED touchscreen on the unit's base with four buttons for switching between the various operating modes. This screen can be powered down at night and replaced with a night light for better sleep.

Also, the Levoit Smart S300 automatically shuts down and alerts you if the water has run out in the tank. To refill the unit, you just have to take off its top and fill the tank back up with water.

What I liked
  • It is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • It offers a 360-degree nozzle – making sure the entire room is covered.
  • The automatic humidity detector senses when the optimal humidity has been reached to avoid over-humidifying the room.
What I didn't like
  • It has no water purification system for hard water and tap water.

Tech Specs

Tank Capacity: 6L
Max. Coverage Area: 500 sq ft.
Max. Operating Time: 60 hours per fill
Connectivity: App via Wi-Fi | Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Runner Up
Compact and Portable Smart Humidifier

The Govee Smart Humidifier is a compact, portable smart humidifier that you can easily take with you on the go.

Top Features
  • It features eight different mist output levels that are adjustable through the app.
  • Smart home integration and app control are available.
  • It offers a portable and compact build for easy transportation.

The Govee Smart Humidifier is a great humidifier for those constantly on the move. Thanks to its compact and portable build, you can easily move it from room to room as you need.

Product Connectivity

To make control more straightforward, you can control it from the app. Using the app, you can control the mist levels in your home to 8 different levels, set a timer, and access various aromatherapy options.

You can connect the app to the humidifier using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also use smart assistants like Google Home.

Product Design

The Govee Smart Humidifier features a minimalistic cylindrical design. The 3L tank sits at the top with a 360-degree nozzle spraying mist in a grid of 160 square feet.

There is no LCD panel on the humidifier. The control panel only has a single button for turning the humidifier on and off.

The Govee Smart Humidifier features a top-fill tank for easy refilling. It also has a slide-out aromatherapy tray to replenish the scents quickly.

However, it doesn’t have any hard water filter. So, make sure to fill it only with distilled water.

What I liked
  • The auto-mode feature keeps the humidity constant at your target humidity level.
  • You can control and time the humidifier’s mist output through the app.
  • The top-fill design makes refilling the humidifier easy.
What I didn't like
  • You have to buy a separate hygrometer humidity sensor for the auto-mode to work.

Tech Specs

Tank Capacity: 3L
Max. Coverage Area: 160 sq ft.
Max. Operating Time: 30 hours per fill
Connectivity: App via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth | Amazon Alexa and Google Home
High Capacity Smart Humidifier

The Proscenic 808C Humidifier is a high-capacity humidifier with several smart features that can comfortably operate in large rooms.

Top Features
  • There are seven different levels of mist output available.
  • Integrated humidity sensors for intelligent humidity control.
  • Hands-free voice control is available via Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Designed by Proscenic with long-lasting comfort in mind, this smart humidifier can handle long humidifying sessions. With its 5.8L tank, Proscenic claims it can last up to 30 hours without needing a refill.

Product Connectivity

With the app, you can control the Proscenic 808C Humidifier through your local Wi-Fi network – as long as it’s 2.4GHz. You can also pair it with your Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Using these assistants, you can change the humidifier’s settings and enable various modes.

Product Design

With its slightly boxy shape and large tank, the Proscenic 808C Humidifier isn’t ideal for carrying from one place to another. However, it blends in well with other appliances and furniture.

So, it can be positioned permanently in a corner.

On its front panel, you have an LCD with a slide control for changing the settings manually. The display is also quite large and easy to use if you ever need to control it manually.

It features a bottom-fill design, so you need to be very careful when refilling and moving it to avoid spills. Also, you can slide out the aromatherapy tray if you need to replenish the essential oils.

What I liked
  • You can infuse your favorite scents into the air using the aromatherapy box.
  • A large 5.8L tank gives it a long operating time without refilling.
  • It has built-in ceramic and HEPA filters to help purify the water and air.
What I didn't like
  • Its bottom-fill design makes it more susceptible to leaks.
  • It connects to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection only.

Tech Specs

Tank Capacity: 5.3L
Max. Coverage Area: 330 sq ft.
Max. Operating Time: 30 hours per fill
Connectivity: App via Wi-Fi | Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Ultra-Quiet Humidifier

The Hupro Humidifier is a bare-bones, Ultra-quiet humidifier built for steady, quiet high-capacity operations.

Top Features
  • It features a high-capacity 5.5L water tank.
  • It offers an Ultra-quiet operation.
  • It features a sleek, modern design.

If you’re looking for a decent-sized humidifier for your bedroom or your workspace, then the Hupro Humidifier is your best bet.

It combines a high output capacity with automatic humidity control to provide a balanced atmosphere in your home. You can also switch between warm and cool mist modes depending on your preferences.

Product Connectivity

The Hupro Humidifier is light in the connectivity department. It offers no app, Wi-Fi, or smart home integration.

The only way you can control it is by using the touchscreen LCD on the unit. Via this LCD, you can choose between three different mist outputs, quiet mode, and more.

Product Design

The Hupro Humidifier is one of the larger humidifiers that won’t look out of place on a nightstand. Its sleek, all-black design slims down the substantial 5.5L tank in the unit.

This tank offers almost two days of consistent operation without needing a refill! Also, the tank is detachable, which makes it easy to clean and refill.

The Hupro Humidifier also sports a ceramic filter to filter out impurities, ensuring it pumps out only fresh vapor.

What I liked
  • You can choose between cool and warm mists.
  • Its large tank offers up to 40 hours of operation and covers 550 square feet.
  • It has a detachable tank for easy refilling and cleaning.
What I didn't like
  • Some users have complained about poor customer support.
  • No app, Wi-Fi, or voice assistant support.

Tech Specs

Tank Capacity: 5.5L
Max. Coverage Area: 450 sq ft.
Max. Operating Time: 40 hours per fill
Connectivity: None
Premium Pick
30 hours of continuous operation

The Ultenic H8 is a premium, well-designed smart humidifier with plenty of smart features that makes it suitable for home and office duties.

Top Features
  • It features a 4.3L tank that offers up to 30 hours of continuous operation.
  • It offers an intelligent hygrometer for automatic humidity control.
  • It features plasma air purifiers for thorough air filtering.

The Ultenic H8’s high output capacity, premium design, and features make it a stand-out choice for the modern home.

Product Connectivity

The Ultenic H8 comes bundled with Wi-Fi capabilities that enable it to be controlled via both the app and smart home assistants.

The app contains many special modes, such as the Baby mode and the Sleep mode. 

Product Design

The H8’s brushed grey exterior is one of its most eye-catching features – giving it a refined steel-like look. On top of this, there is an LCD touchscreen for manually controlling the humidifier.

The beautiful exterior masks a 4.3L tank capable of providing 30 hours of continuous operation with a single fill. It also contains a diffuser for spreading essential oils in the house.

Although the tank is a bottom-fill design, you can remove it for easy refilling and cleaning.

What I liked
  • It offers a sleep mode with three different night lights.
  • It has an auto-shutoff mode for when the tank runs out of water.
  • The 360-degree nozzle does a good job circulating the mist around.
What I didn't like
  • Some users have reported recurring error messages.
  • It only works on stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Tech Specs

Tank Capacity: 4.3L
Max. Coverage Area: 323 sq ft.
Max. Operating Time: 30 hours per fill
Connectivity: App via Wi-Fi | Google Home and Alexa | Remote control
Simple, Easy-To-Use Humidifier

The Ledonti Humidifier is an easy-to-use humidifier made for decent-sized rooms.

Top Features
  • It features an Ultra-quiet (<35dB) mode for whisper-quiet operations.
  • It features dual warm and cool mist modes.
  • It offers ceramic filters for fresh, odorless vapors.

With a monochrome touchscreen design and a simple, functional design, this humidifier is designed for users who aren’t tech-savvy.

Product Connectivity

Ledonti uses a well-designed app named Tuya for using the smart humidifier. This app works over your home Wi-Fi network, and you can access your humidifier from anywhere via the app.

There is also an IR remote in the package for changing settings while in the room. However, there is no voice control assistant support available.

Product Design

The Ledonti Humidifier sports a functional, cylindrical design. The touchscreen is placed conveniently on the front, making it easier to operate.

It features a top-fill tank and a slide-out tray to refill the aromatherapy box easily. Cleaning is also easy as you can remove the reservoir from the unit and clean it thoroughly.

Its decent-sized 4L tank produces up to 30 hours of operation on low settings through its 360-degree nozzle. 

As a plus, users also get an Ultra-quiet sleep mode in the app. When set to this, the humidifier’s noise drops to about 30dB.

What I liked
  • Straightforward to set up and operate.
  • The top-fill design and removable tank make it easy to clean.
  • The Ultra-quiet sleep mode reduces the humidifier’s noise at night.
What I didn't like
  • It only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections.
  • No voice control assistant support.

Tech Specs

Tank Capacity: 4L
Max. Coverage Area: 300 sq ft.
Max. Operating Time: 20 hours per refill
Connectivity: Wi-Fi via the Tuya app | Remote control

Decision Factors when Buying a Smart Humidifier

If you're interested in a smart air purifier and humidifier combo, check out our guide here.

1. Capacity

The tank capacity of the humidifier is the maximum amount of water the tank is capable of carrying. Therefore, it determines how long the humidifier can operate without a refill.

Humidifiers with big tanks are slightly more expensive, but they can be time-saving as you don't have to refill them as often.

Another factor to look out for is the humidifier's moisture output. This refers to how much moisture the unit will produce in 24 hours.

So, before you select a humidifier, check if its specifications fit in with your space and operating hours requirements.

2. Area Coverage

The area coverage is the size of the room(s) you expect the humidifier to cover. So, this factor determines the size of the humidifier you’re going to get.

Humidifiers come in various sizes for this purpose. For example, large console units can humidify several rooms at once. 

In contrast, smaller portable units are limited to smaller spaces and rooms.

So, choosing the right area coverage depends on your needs and whether the humidifier is personal or for the whole family.

3. Noise

Like all mechanical appliances, humidifiers produce some noise during operation. However, too much noise can be distracting, especially if you're trying to sleep or work.

Consequently, it's best to check out the noise level of the humidifier you intend on buying. A noise rating of about 30dB or lower should be optimal for sleep and work.

Some models on the market use technology like Ultrasonic mist makers and brushless DC motors to achieve silence. Some even have unique quiet operating modes in their apps.

If you're looking for a low-noise humidifier, it's best to look out for these features.

4. Ease of Use

Ease of use refers to how easy it is to perform routine tasks such as refilling, cleaning, and maintaining the humidifier.

All these tasks are essential as neglecting them can result in problems for you and your humidifier.

So, it’s best to choose a humidifier with a design that makes this easier.

Look out for humidifiers with a “top-fill” design for easy water refilling. Also, the aromatherapy tray for replenishing essential oils should be easily accessible. 

Finally, make sure the water and air filters are always placed in locations with easy access and have extras on hand. So, when it’s time to change them, you can do so easily.

5. Smart Features

Smart features determine whether a smart humidifier is worth it. So, if you’re in the market for one, you should ensure it has all the smart functionality you require.

First off, make sure it has an app where you can easily change and modify the settings. Great settings to look out for include timers, auto-operation modes, aromatherapy, mist modes, just to mention a few.

Secondly, make sure the humidifier is compatible with your smart home setup. You should be able to pair it with a voice assistant for hands-free control.

Finally, connectivity should also be a priority. For example, having Wi-Fi capacity means you’ll be able to access your humidifier over a greater distance than IR or Bluetooth.

The Verdict

Getting a smart humidifier for your home is a great investment. Not only will it improve your indoor climate, but it will also do wonders for your health.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick one from the many options above and fill your home with a refreshing mist today.

Top Pick
Large Tank Capacity

The Levoit Humidifier is a large-capacity humidifier capable of operating for more than two days without the need for refilling.

Top Features
  • It features a large 6L tank capacity that offers up to 60 hours of continuous operation.
  • It offers an essential oil diffuser to infuse scents into your home.
  • It features an integrated auto-humidity sensor.


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