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Issues related to the battery, inadequate signal strength, or certain lockout setups could potentially impact the operation of your Schlage smart locks.

Below, I discuss 12 common causes and provide model-specific instructions on how to fix them to get you back up and running.

Common Troubleshooting Methods

Here’s what you can do to diagnose a Schlage lock that’s stopped responding.

  1. Battery Issues: Check and replace batteries if necessary.
  2. Vacation Mode: Ensure vacation mode is disabled. Type in the programming code to disable it.
  3. Lock Override: Try using the physical key to manually unlock. This can help diagnose hardware faults in the locking mechanism.
  4. Wrong Codes: Check your user access codes and avoid inputting too many incorrect attempts. The lock will disable itself for 30 seconds or so.
  5. Programming Mode: Exit programming mode to regain normal functionality. Press the Schlage button once, or press it repeatedly until the keypad lights up or another indicator is shown.
  6. Turn Lock Feature: Toggle the turn lock feature on or off. This might help clear out any timer glitches.
  7. Engaging/Disengaging Bolt: Wait for the lock to complete its current action. The lock might be trying to re-initialize itself.
  8. Rapid Code Entry: Whenever you’re programming or entering, type in the codes or steps more slowly.
  9. Firmware Update: Wait for any ongoing firmware updates to finish.
  10. Reconnect/Re-enroll: Try reconnecting to your Smart home hub.
  11. App Interface: Ensure a stable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for app use. Check signal strength and maybe use a Wi-Fi extender.
  12. Bolt Issues: Keep the door open and check if the bolt is stuck or operating slowly; lubricate if necessary.
  13. Factory Reset: Perform a factory reset to resolve persistent issues. Make sure to keep the default programming and user access codes on hand.
  14. Contact Customer Support: If all else fails, reach out to Schlage's customer support for further assistance.

Preventive Measures

To prevent future your Schlage Smart Lock from getting stuck in the future, follow these steps: 

  • Regularly inspect your lock for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Change your lock's codes regularly to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Keep the lock clean and free of dust, dirt, and grime.
  • Monitor battery levels to ensure optimal performance.
  • Update the lock's firmware regularly for the latest security and performance features.
  • Lubricate moving parts with a dry Teflon or graphite-based lubricant.
  • Make sure your door is properly aligned to prevent lock malfunction.

Model-Specific Instructions

I’m sure that's quite a handful. Anyhow, let’s check out the model-specific instructions to diagnose more complicated issues.

Schlage Encode Plus

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Apple Keys Compatibility

Model Schlage Encode Plus 2 2 8

The Schlage Encode Plus can stop responding due to several reasons. It can be an update, a low Wi-Fi signal, a glitch in programming mode, or a litany of other issues outlined in the common guide. 

Indicators on the Encode Plus

The indicator LEDs on the Schlage touchpad can help you figure out most issues at a glance.

image 46
Schlage Encode Plus Indicators
  • The Schlage Encode Plus Smart Lock Communication Icon (Wi-Fi icon) flashes when the lock is connected to Wi-Fi to check for updates.
  • The Programming and Input LED serves a dual purpose: it flashes white for every digit entered on the keypad and turns amber when using manual programming mode.
  • The red battery indicator light flashes to indicate low battery and remains solid, without blinking, when the battery is critically low.

Reading these three indicators, based on the situation, can help you figure out, most of the time, why your Schlage Encode Plus has stopped responding. 

Low Wi-Fi Signal

A low Wi-Fi signal can be a plague in many Schlage Smart locks. They can cause unnecessary battery drain and delays within the app itself. 

To fix a low Wi-Fi signal strength:

  1. Try reconnecting your router and checking the Wi-Fi signal strength near the lock. You can check it through the Schlage Home app or your smartphone.
  2. If the signal seems low, try removing any obstacles and clearing a path to your Smart lock.
  3. Check the signal again and try repositioning the router.
  4. If that doesn’t boost the signal, try using a Wi-Fi extender. 

A high enough signal strength will not only prevent stuttering but can also drastically improve the battery life of your Schlage smart lock.

Factory Reset

If all else fails, a factory default reset might be your last resort. At least, until you contact customer service. However, make sure you have the default codes ready for re-programming.

To factory reset, remove the battery cover and press and hold the black circle reset button inside the lock until the LED stops flashing red (about 7 seconds).

The LED will light solid blue (in up to 10 seconds) to confirm factory reset completion.

image 47
Factor reset button and indicator on Schlage Encode lineups

To validate, enter a default user code; a successful reset will allow the bolt to eject and retract from the door's edge.

Schlage Encode

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Model Schlage Encode Three 1 8

The troubleshooting procedures for the Schlage Encode are similar to that of the Encode Plus. So in essence:

  1. Try to diagnose the issue using the touchpad indicators
  2. If not, follow the common troubleshooting guide
  3. Check Wi-Fi signal strength
  4. Perform a factory reset. 

Schlage Sense

Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt

Model Schlage Sense 1 7

Although the Schlage Sense doesn’t utilize Wi-Fi, it can run into issues with Bluetooth timeouts, battery issues, and hardware errors. 

Battery Errors

  • If the backlighting doesn't come on when the outside Schlage button is pressed, the batteries may be entirely dead, preventing electronic operations.
  • Alternatively, the battery tray or cable running through the door might be disconnected.
  • To resolve this, remove the alarm assembly and check the connection.
  • If the lock experiences a delay when unlocking with an access code, this is likely due to a low battery.
  • You should replace the battery in this case.

Other Issues

  • In other scenarios, like the inside Schlage button flashing but not sounding an alarm or the deadbolt not relocking when the outside Schlage button is pressed, enabling the 1-Touch Locking feature will resolve the issue.
  • If the deadbolt does not extend or retract as expected or requires multiple attempts to lock/unlock, adjust the bolt/frame alignment for optimal performance.
  • Also, check the Smart lock via the Schlage home app. If you experience delays or stutters, it might be an issue with Bluetooth connectivity. Try reconnecting your smartphone or other device.

Factory Reset

To reset your Schlage Sense, follow these steps: 

  1. First, disconnect the batteries
  2. Press and hold the outside Schlage button, reconnect the batteries, and release the button.
  3. To verify the reset, press the outside Schlage button and enter a default access code.
  4. Wait for the bolt to stop moving, indicating that the reset and setup are complete.
image 48
Factory Reset Instructions for the Schlage Sense

Emergency Key Override

During emergencies, or to check for hardware faults, you can use backup methods such as the key override feature to unlock the door.

Insert the key and rotate it to unlock, just like a conventional lock.

Schlage Connect

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave Plus

Model Schlage Connect Two 8

For the Schlage Connect, diagnosing a lock that’s stuck is pretty straightforward. Most of the time, it’s a battery issue, a programming glitch, an enrollment issue, or a hardware fault.

Hardware Faults

  • If your Schlage Smart Lock has suddenly stopped responding, first, check if the bolt is operating smoothly or not.
  • A soiled bolt can cause issues; clean it with mild detergent and warm water to resolve the problem.
  • Alternatively, a worn strike can also lead to malfunctions- try flipping the strike over for smoother functioning.
  • If the deadbolt is not extending or retracting as expected, you may need to adjust the bolt/frame alignment.
  • In case the deadbolt requires two attempts to lock or unlock, the alignment of the deadbolt with the frame could be marginal, and you'll need to adjust the door or frame for optimal operation.

Lock and Leave Function

Another common issue is when you press the outside Schlage button when the deadbolt is unlocked, it does not extend the bolt to relock.

This is not a glitch and only happens because the Lock & Leave feature is not enabled in your Schlage lock.

Low Battery Issues

Should you notice the Schlage Smart Lock's yellow dot flashing and a delay in unlocking after entering a user code, this is your sign that the battery is low and needs replacement.

Unresponsive backlighting and entry of user codes indicate dead batteries, a disconnected battery tray, or a disconnected cable that runs through the door.

Remove the Alarm Assembly to check and fix these connections.

Factory Reset

As always, nothing beats a good old factory reset so try it out if nothing else seems to work. For the Schlage Connect, the factory reset procedure is similar to that of the Schlage Sense. 

You can check out my factory reset guide for more in-depth instructions. 

Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave

Model Connected Keypad 8

Besides connectivity issues with Z-wave, the Schlage Connected Keypad doesn’t run into many other model-specific issues.

Vacation Mode

That said, if you find that your Schlage Smart Lock Connected Keypad isn't responding when you enter a valid user code, it's possible that the lock is in vacation mode.

To fix this issue, simply deactivate vacation mode to resume normal functionality.

Temporary Lockout

If the Schlage button does not light up when pressed, it could be due to a temporary lockout caused by multiple incorrect code entries.

Wait for 30 seconds and try again.

Low Battery

Additionally, ensure that the lock's batteries are not dead, as this may prevent the lock from functioning properly.

A blinking red light on the Schlage button, even when no buttons have been pressed, may indicate a critically low battery.

Replace the batteries as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

image 49
Battery replacement instructions for the Schlage Connected Keypad

Hardware Issues

If you notice that pressing the Schlage button when the deadbolt is locked unlocks the deadbolt, the cam may need to be rotated to the proper position due to an incorrect installation.

Lastly, if the thumbturn on your smart lock is difficult to rotate or doesn't rotate smoothly, the deadbolt may not have been adjusted to the correct backset position during installation.

To resolve this issue, disassemble the lock and adjust the backset position accordingly.

Schlage Touch Deadbolt BE375

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch 1 9

As a purely electronic lock, with no wireless connectivity options, the Schlage Touch Deadbolt can mostly run into battery issues or programming errors. 

If your Schlage Touch Deadbolt is stuck, check the touchpad to check for any indicator lights. If the red light is blinking, try reconnecting the batteries or better yet: replace them.

Beyond that, you can try to exit the programming mode. Try pressing the Schlage button on the outdoor side or perform a factory reset if the lock is not responding.

Schlage Touch Lever FE695

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch Lever 9

The Touch Lever has a similar architecture to the Touch Deadbolt electronic lock. As such, it’s mostly locked out due to a power issue or programming error. 

Temporary Lockout

Most of the time, the Touch Lever FE695 may seem unresponsive when the Schlage button doesn't light up during input. However, this could simply be due to multiple incorrect User Codes.

Programming Mistakes

Lastly, if the lock doesn't remain in programming mode, it is possible that a wrong key was pressed, or there was an error in the programming process.

To learn more about manually programming any Schlage lock, check this article.

Battery Issues

If you suspect the batteries, try reconnecting them or replacing them entirely if the touchpad doesn't respond.

Sometimes, the lock takes a moment to unlock after a valid User Code has been entered, which could signal a low battery that needs replacement.

Additionally, if the indicator light blinks red or remains solid red without any code input, the battery is dying and must be replaced.

image 50
How to replace the batteries on a Schlage Touch Lever

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt BE365

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Schlage Keypad Deadbolt 1 7

For the keypad lineup of Schlage electronic locks, the lock override can be sometimes overlooked, especially if you're a new user who’s trying to reprogram the lock. 

Lock Override

So if you’ve tried out the steps in the common troubleshooting procedure, or can barely access the lock, even despite a factory reset, the lock override might be the culprit. 

When lock override is enabled, the lock may flash green but not won’t retract the bolt or do anything else. In this situation, you can only use the backup key to open and close the lock.

To disable lock override, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cover on the indoor side by taking out the two screws using a Philips head screwdriver
  2. Disconnect and remove the battery
  3. Use a flathead-style screwdriver to rotate the “lock override slot” inside the circuit board horizontally to the Normal position.
  4. Ease the wires into the assembly. Make sure to avoid pinching them.
  5. Reinstall the battery, and replace the cover.
  6. Check to see if the electronic lock is working. 
  7. Also, attempt a factory reset for good measure. However, make sure to keep default codes ready before doing so.
image 51
Performing a Lock Override on a Schlage Keypad style lock

Improper Installation

If you find that your deadbolt unlocks simply by pressing the Schlage button without needing a code, this means your lock has been installed incorrectly and is not secure.

To resolve this issue, repeat the installation process, ensuring that the cam and bolt positions are correctly aligned as stated in the installation instructions.

Schlage Keypad Lever FE575 and FE595

Electronic Locks with Keypad

Model Keypad Lever 1 8

The Keypad Lever lineup can run into the same issues as the Schlage Keypad Deadbolt. Therefore, check for the lock override and make sure to troubleshoot using our common troubleshooting procedures.


A Schlage lock might be nonresponsive due to many reasons. Whatever the case, understanding your lock’s indicators and available functions is the first step to solving a lock that’s not responding.

Apart from that, going through the common troubleshooting guide can help you see the bigger picture.

So don't forget to check out the guide that's specific to your model along with the common troubleshooting process.


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