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Typically, a Schlage lock is designed to operate for an entire year on one charge. Additionally, there are particular methods that can be used to reduce the power usage of the Schlage lock.

With the exception of rapid battery drain, which can be due to a malfunction or a loose connection, you can enable/disable certain features to minimize power consumption. 

So in this guide, I’ll show you how to reduce battery drain on Schlage locks.

Common Practices to Reduce Battery Drain on Schlage Locks

Before I talk about each model in detail, let me show you some of the common practices that can help minimize battery drain on your Schlage lock.

  1. Use high-quality alkaline batteries: Choose quality brands like Duracell or Energizer when replacing your Schlage lock's batteries. Avoid Lithium or rechargeable batteries.
  2. Ensure proper battery installation: Make sure the battery tray is inserted correctly, with clean and well-aligned contacts.
  3. Avoid mixing batteries: Do not combine old and new batteries or use different battery brands.
  4. Ensure strong Wi-Fi signal strength: Position your router closer to your lock, remove signal-blocking obstacles, use a Wi-Fi extender to improve signal strength, or upgrade your Wi-Fi to whole home mesh Wi-Fi.
  5. Ensure strong Z-Wave signal strength: Weak connections with the Z-Wave hub can also cause battery drain, so it's important to maintain a strong connection.
  6. Disable unnecessary features: Turn off the beeper, auto-relock function, and any alarms that you don't need. This helps save energy.
  7. Clean the lock regularly: Maintain your lock by cleaning the bolt with mild dish soap and warm water. Dust off any dirt or dust that has accumulated in the housing or locking mechanism.
  8. Check door condition and lock motor: Make sure your door is secure, with no warping or cracked jambs.
  9. Check the bolt mechanism: Keep the door open and verify that the deadbolt extends and retracts easily. Overworked motors can lead to accelerated battery drain.
  10. Check for alignment with the strike plate: Make sure the bolt extends and retracts securely from the strike plate. 
  11. Perform a factory reset and contact customer support: If battery issues persist despite following these tips, try performing a factory reset on the lock, then contact Schlage customer support for further assistance.

By following these recommendations, you can optimize your lock's performance without sacrificing convenience or security.

Model-Specific Instructions

Schlage Encode Plus

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Apple Keys Compatibility

Model Schlage Encode Plus 2 2 7

For Encode Plus, the most significant factor that can impact the battery life is the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi Issues

  • To check the signal strength of your Smart deadbolt, open the Schlage Home app and access your Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Your Schlage Encode lock has built-in Wi-Fi, so it constantly tries to maintain a connection with your network.
  • When the Wi-Fi signal is weak or obstructed, it forces the lock to frequently search for and reconnect to your network, draining the battery.

To reduce battery drainage on these Schlage locks due to poor Wi-Fi signal, you can take several measures.

  1. First, try positioning your router closer to your lock 
  2. Ensure that obstacles like walls or other concrete, brick, or metal barriers aren't blocking the signal.
  3. If the router is too far away, use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal or upgrade to whole home mesh Wi-Fi.

Low Battery Issues

Also, Schlage recommends using premium alkaline batteries for their electronic locks, as lithium or rechargeable batteries might lead to suboptimal performance.

When the low battery warning appears on your lock, replace the batteries promptly to maintain reliable operation.

Always opt for new, unused alkaline batteries when replacing them.

image 43
Battery replacement instructions for the Schlage Encode lineup

For detailed battery replacement instructions covering all models, check out this article.

Schlage Encode

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Model Schlage Encode Three 1 7

The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt's battery life may be affected by a weak Wi-Fi signal, as it continuously attempts to maintain a connection with your Wi-Fi.

So the best way to reduce battery drain is to reposition the router such that it's closer to the lock. Also, remove any signal-blocking obstacles, or use a Wi-Fi extender.

In addition, make sure to use premium alkaline batteries in your Schlage Encode lock. Lithium or rechargeable batteries may not provide optimal performance.

Schlage Sense

Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt

Model Schlage Sense 1 6

The Schlage Sense doesn’t use Wi-Fi, instead, it uses Bluetooth. So to reduce battery drain on your Schlage Smart Lock, you can try disabling optional features.

Disabling the Beeper

  1. First, consider turning off the beeper, which can save a significant amount of battery life.
  2. To do so, initiate programming mode:
    1. Press the outside Schlage button
    2. Type in your programming code
    3. Wait for the programming indicator to light up
  3. Press the “5” button on the lock's keypad. This will toggle the beeper setting.

Note that beeps will continue to sound during programming, even when the feature is disabled.

Other Optional Features

Besides the beeper, auto-relocking function, and alarms can also cause unnecessary battery drain, especially if the lock has to carry out these functions more frequently.

To disable the auto-relock function, initiate programming mode and press “9” on the keypad. When enabled, the lock automatically relocks 30 seconds after unlocking, consuming more energy in the process.

Additionally, you can disable specific alarm features through the Schlage app. 

To learn more about manual programming the Schlage Sense, don't forget to check out our detailed guide.

Schlage Connect

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave Plus

Model Schlage Connect Two 7

For the Schlage Connect, which utilizes Z-Wave for wireless communication, other than poor signal strength, maintenance is the key to reducing battery drain. 

Battery Maintenance

  • Use four high-quality alkaline AA batteries for replacement.
  • Avoid using lithium batteries, as they can potentially cause the lock to function in undesirable ways.
  • Picking the right batteries is the best way to reduce battery drain and keep your lock performing optimally.

Hardware Maintenance

Maintaining your Schlage Smart Lock can also help improve battery life. So don't forget to consider these methods:

  • Clean the bolt with mild dish soap and warm water to maximize its performance.
  • Consider turning off the beeper if you find it unnecessary; however, keep in mind that beeps will still sound during programming.
  • Disable any alarms that you don't need, as they can contribute to battery drain.
  • Try reducing the sensitivity of your lock's alarm to achieve more efficient battery use

Disabling the Z-Wave Radio

Z-Wave features are disabled by default. If you’re not using this wireless network it’s best to unenroll it. Here’s how:

  1. Initiate Programming mode:
    1. Press the outside Schlage logo button
    2. Type in your programming code 
  2. Press “0” on your touchpad
  3. Wait for the green checkmark icon to confirm that the non-enrollment procedure was successful.

Also, you can carry this out using the physical button located on the inside of the lock.

You can verify the lock is unenrolled by reinstalling the battery and checking for the indicator LED on the indoor side. If it doesn’t light up, the Schlage Connect is unenrolled. 

If this doesn’t seem to work, you can attempt a factory reset as this will disable the Z-Wave radio by default. However, make sure you have the default codes on hand.

Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave

Model Connected Keypad 7

For the Schlage Connected Keypad, improving Z-Wave signal strength, or disabling the Z-Wave radio, and installing fresh batteries are the best practices to minimize battery drain.

Replacing the Batteries

So to ensure its optimal performance and reduce battery drain, it's important to use new, high-quality batteries.

When replacing the battery tray and cover, make sure to follow the instructions carefully, and avoid pinching any wires in the process.

This will help maintain the proper function of the lock and extend the life of your batteries.

image 45
Replacing the battery on a Schlage Connected Keypad

Disabling the Beeper

To further minimize battery drain on your Schlage Connected Keypad BE369, you can disable the beeper feature. To do this:

  1. Initiate Programming mode on the connected Keypad by:
    1. Type in your programming code
    2. Press the outside Schlage logo button
  2. Press “5” on the keypad
  3. Wait for the confirmation beep

This will minimize power consumption, while still retaining the lock's core functions.

Checking Alignment and Hardware Defects

Besides the beeper, it's also essential to ensure the smooth operation of the thumb turn by addressing any potential issues, such as a malfunctioning deadbolt or improper installation.

A thumb turn that doesn't rotate freely or smoothly will require more force to turn, leading to increased battery drain.

Keep the door open and try to lock the door. If the lock struggles to extend/retract the bolt, it may indicate inefficiencies within the motor, exaggerating the battery drain. 

If you encounter such issues, try to clean the lock and ensure proper alignment with the strike plate holes. Even so, it's best to consult with customer service or a professional installer to resolve the problem.

Schlage Touch Deadbolt BE375

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch 1 8

For the Touch series of Schlage locks, most of the common hardware issues still apply. However, since they are non-smart electronic locks, battery issues, and unnecessary functions are the biggest contributors to battery drain. 

So make sure to use high-quality Alkaline batteries and be careful when re-tucking the wires. Improper contacts and loose or pinched wires can exaggerate battery drain.

image 42
Replacing the batteries on a Schlage Touch Deadbolt

Schlage Touch Lever FE695

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch Lever 8

The Touch Lever FE695 falls under the same issues as the Touch Deadbolt. 

Don't forget to use high-quality alkaline 9-volt batteries, disable unnecessary features, and ensure there aren’t any underlying hardware faults.

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt BE365

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Schlage Keypad Deadbolt 1 6

You can ensure minimal battery drain on a keypad style Schlage lock by using high-quality batteries and disabling unnecessary features. 

Also, if you find that you'll only be using the physical key or won't be utilizing the Schlage lock for an extended period, consider removing the batteries and enabling Lock Override.

This feature allows you to completely disable the keypad, ensuring that a key must be used to unlock the lock, thus preserving battery life.

To enable lock override:

  1. Unscrew the indoor side cover of your Schlage keypad-style lock
  2. Remove the 9V battery
  3. Rotate the lock override slot vertically so it falls in line with the “lockout” orientation
  4. Tuck the wires back in and reinstall the cover.
image 44
Lock Override instructions for the Schlage Keypad Lineup

Additionally, if you find the beeper to be unnecessary, disabling it will also help save battery power.

Schlage Keypad Lever FE575 and FE595

Electronic Locks with Keypad

Model Keypad Lever 1 7

To minimize battery drain on the Schlage keypad lever style models, you can disable unnecessary features, maintain the hardware and use high-quality batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Best Method to Reduce Battery Drain in Schlage Locks?

For Smart models, such as the Encode, Sense, and Connect, weak Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave signals are the most significant factor that can consume more battery. When the signal is low, the radio in your Schlage lock consumes more power trying to extend its reach.

Addressing this, using the solutions mentioned above, will help reduce battery drain in your Schlage locks by a significant amount.

Will My Schlage Lock Stop Working During a Power Outage

Schlage locks operate on battery power, meaning it won't be affected if you experience a power outage. Make sure to replace the batteries annually or whenever the lock indicates a low battery.

How Will I Know that the Batteries Are Low in My Schlage Lock?

If the battery icon on your lock starts flashing red upon entering a code, it's a signal for you to replace the batteries immediately. 

Besides that, if the lock gives out red warnings and a delay whenever you enter a code to disengage the lock, it means that the battery is low. 

To learn more about low-battery indicators, check out my guide on fixing the red blinking light.

What Happens When a Schlage Lock’s Battery is Completely Dead?

When your lock's battery runs out, you can only lock or unlock it manually using a key or by jumpstarting the battery. Make sure to read this article to learn more.

How Long Do the Batteries Last in a Schlage Lock?

Schlage locks using AA batteries typically require changes yearly, while locks using 9-volt batteries may last up to two years.

Note that these durations may vary based on how frequently the lock is used; heavily-used locks may need more frequent battery replacements.


With frequent use, the Schlage lock’s battery might get depleted sooner than the average one-year period. 

If you’re worried about this, the best method to reduce battery drain is to use high-quality batteries and disable unnecessary functions.

Make sure to consider the steps outlined in the guide above and contact customer support if you experience unusually rapid battery drain.  


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