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Sometimes, a constant red blinking light on a Schlage lock could cause problems. These problems may manifest as disruptions or annoying beeping sounds, potentially disrupting the lock's normal operation.

That said, a blinking red light is most often due to battery issues or a programming error.

So in this article, I'll provide model-specific instructions on how to fix a Schlage lock with a red blinking error.


Before I head down to the specifics, let’s go through some of the common reasons why a blinking red light might occur. 

  1. Low Battery: If your lock flashes a red light after you input a code or if a red blinking light is accompanied by loud beeping, you might need to replace the lock's batteries. 
  2. Invalid User Code: A blinking red light can signify that you've entered the wrong user code. Check the code and make sure you're inputting the correct one.
  3. Maximum User Codes Reached: If you're attempting to add a new user code and see a red light, it could also indicate that you've reached the limit for the maximum number of user codes. To resolve this, delete an existing user code before adding a new one. 
  4. Door Alignment Issues: When a door isn't properly aligned with the lock, the bolt may not function properly. This can cause the red light to blink. Check for proper door alignment and adjust the screws on the lock's mounting plate if necessary. 
  5. Firmware Update Required: Ensure your lock's firmware is up-to-date. Schlage periodically releases updates to fix issues and improve performance. You can check for updates through the Schlage Home app.
  6. Vacation Mode: If you see a red light after entering a valid code, it may be because the lock is in vacation mode. To fix this, input the six-digit programming code to disable vacation mode. 

Also, when troubleshooting your Schlage smart lock:

  • Follow proper programming steps without rushing
  • Avoid duplicating codes; even the programming codes and user access codes should look different from each other.
  • Maintain your lock's battery life by replacing batteries annually. 

Schlage Encode Plus

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Apple Keys Compatibility

Model Schlage Encode Plus 2 2 1

The Schlage Encode Plus smart lock features two red-colored indicators that serve different purposes.

image 25
Schlage Encode Touchscreen Indicators

Low Battery Icon

  • The Low Battery Icon will flash after a code is entered if the battery level is low, and remains solid (without blinking) when the battery level is critically low, causing the lock to stop functioning.
  • To resolve this issue, replace the batteries by sliding out the cover on the inside of the lock, pulling out the battery holder compartment, and replacing the batteries.
  • Make sure the batteries are facing the door when inside the holder, slide the battery holder back in, and reinstall the cover.

For step-by-step instructions, check out our battery replacement guide.

Lock Button

Another indicator on the Schlage Encode Plus is the Lock Button with an “X” icon.

  • This button engages the lock, and the “X” flashes red for a wrong user code.
  • If you encounter a red light when trying to add a new user code, it may indicate that you've reached the maximum number of user codes.
  • To fix this, simply delete one existing user code before adding a new one.
  • Ensure the correct code is entered and that it doesn't have similar digits to your program code or existing access codes.
  • While deleting existing user codes, ensure you enter the same codes (the second time)  to avoid red blinking light.
  • If you experience a red light when programming the lock, check that the programming code is not the same as a user code or that the entered codes match.

To learn more about manually programming a Schlage Encode, check out this guide.

Schlage Encode

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Model Schlage Encode Three 1 1

The Schlage Encode can have the same issues as the Encode Plus. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on the two red indicators: the low battery icon and the lock button with an “X” icon.

I recommend pairing the Schlage Encode with the Schlage Home app as it will help you manage the lock through your smartphone and provide exact details on what's going wrong with your lock.

Schlage Sense

Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt

Model Schlage Sense

For the Schlage Sense, the blinking red light usually pops up as a red error X to indicate various issues that might occur during programming or operation.

Schlage Sense Indicators Legend
Schlage Sense Indicator Legend
  • For instance, if the bolt cannot fully extend, the red X will light up and a tone will sound, warning you that the door might remain unlocked.
  • Another scenario where the red error X might show is when an access code entered is invalid, or if there's difficulty adding, deleting, or changing an access code. In this case, two red Xs will be displayed.
  • Lastly, if the Schlage button is pressed and three red X's appear, it's a sign that the battery is critically low and needs replacement.

If you're worried about battery drain on a Schlage lock, check this article.

Schlage Connect

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave Plus

Model Schlage Connect Two

For the Schlage Connect, blinking red lights can signify a battery-related issue or programming error that needs fixing.

  • If the red light is a result of an enrollment problem, try to pair the lock again with your network system.
  • You may also encounter the red X accompanied by a tone if the bolt cannot fully extend, which means your door might have remained unlocked.
  • Additionally, if you see the red error X, it means the user code was not valid.
  • In case you see three red Xs after pressing the outside Schlage button, it's time to replace your lock's batteries.

To avoid programming errors, make sure to input the correct user and programming codes, avoid exceeding the maximum number of codes, and do not input user codes when the lock is in vacation mode.

Replacing the Batteries on a Schlage Connect

To replace the batteries use four new AA alkaline batteries and follow these steps: 

  1. Slide up the black battery cover located on the interior side of the lock and remove it.
  2. Then, unsnap the battery connector (terminals with a short wire) to remove the battery tray.
  3. Replace the batteries inside the tray.
  4. Ensure the batteries are facing the door when reinstalling the battery tray.
  5. Finally, snap the battery connector back into place, and replace the cover.
image 24
Battery Replace Instructions for the Schlage Connect

Schlage Connected Keypad

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave

Model Connected Keypad

The Schlage Connected Keypad may also display red blinking errors on the outside Schlage logo button. There can be several reasons for this but most of the time, it’s due to a low battery or programming error. 

Here are some model-specific issues and solutions:

  • The connected keypad BE369 may display a red light if there's an enrollment issue, which can be resolved by re-pairing the lock with the app or network system.
  • If the bolt fails to extend completely, causing the Schlage logo to light up red and emit a tone, it's crucial to check the lock's installation and alignment with the strike plate holes.
  • A flashing red light can signify an invalid user code or programming errors, such as incorrect or exceeded maximum codes, requiring code verification or correction.
  • Rapid red blinking on the Schlage button typically indicates a critically low battery, while a red-to-green light following a valid user entry suggests a slight unlocking delay due to a low battery.
image 26
Battery Replace Guide for the Schlage BE369

Schlage Touch Deadbolt BE375

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch 1

Touch Deadbolt BE375's red blinking light usually indicates that an incorrect user code has been entered, or there's an error in programming.

To resolve this, make sure you're using the correct codes. Also, double-check the programming process to eliminate errors. Follow each step carefully and wait until the confirmation beeps are signaled for each step before proceeding. 

image 27
Battery Replacement Instructions for the Schlage Touch Deadbolt

Schlage Touch Lever FE695

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch Lever

The Touch Lever FE695 Schlage Smart Lock may display a red blinking light in a couple of scenarios: either an incorrect user code has been entered, or there is an error during the programming process.

Also, If the Low Battery icon is blinking red, it means your Smart Lock's battery is critically low, and you’ll need to replace it promptly to avoid potential lockouts, while programming errors such as invalid codes or inability to add new users can also occur due to operational glitches or missteps.

If the Schlage touch series electronic lock has a dead battery, you can perform an emergency jump start using a spare 9V battery. Learn more about this in our step-by-step on opening Schlage locks with a dead battery.

image 28
Performing a Battery Jumpstart on Schlage Touch-series Electronic Locks

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt BE365

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Schlage Keypad Deadbolt

A blinking red light on a Schlage Keypad-style lock can indicate several underlying issues. Without an app or detailed touchscreen, it can be difficult to diagnose but even so, you can read the lights, beeps, and situation to figure out what's going wrong.

Here are some common reasons why a BE365 keypad deadbolt might give out a red error.

  • Invalid User Code: Ensure that the entered code is valid, as the red light might be indicating an incorrect entry.
  • Dead Battery: A blinking red light could be signaling a dead battery; replace the batteries to resolve this issue.
  • Maximum User Codes Reached: If you've reached your limit on user codes, you'll need to delete existing codes before adding new ones.
  • User Code Mismatch: If the second user code doesn't match the initial one you've entered, the red light may start blinking; double-check and re-enter the codes.
  • Inability to Change Programming Code: To resolve this issue, ensure that you're following the correct process for programming code changes, as outlined in the user manual.
  • Other Programming Errors: Make sure you're following the correct steps for programming your lock, referring to the user manual for guidance, and addressing any specific error messages or issues.

Schlage Keypad Lever FE575, FE595

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Keypad Lever 1

Encountering a red blinking red light on your Schlage Keypad lever locks can be frustrating. Most often, this is due to battery issues or programming missteps:

  • Invalid User Code: Ensure that the entered code is a valid user code.
  • Dead Battery: Replace the batteries immediately.
  • Max User Codes Reached: Delete existing codes to free up space for new ones.
  • Mismatched User Codes: Re-enter the new user code to ensure it matches the first one.
  • Programming Code Issues: Verify the programming code is correct and reset it if necessary.
  • Other Errors: Check the lock's programming instructions to identify and resolve specific errors.


The blinking light on my Schlage Lock starts blinking green and then turns red, even when I enter a valid user code. Why is that?

It's likely because the lock is in vacation mode. Vacation mode is a feature on Schlage smart locks that disables all user codes, ensuring your home remains secure while you're away.

To fix this, you can either input the six-digit programming code directly on the lock or disable vacation mode through your mobile app or web interface.

My Schlage Lock starts blinking red when I try to delete all user access codes.

When attempting to delete existing user codes from your Schlage lock, it's important to enter the same code twice to confirm the deletion.

If the lock blinks red after trying to delete the codes, it indicates that there's a discrepancy between the two codes you entered.

If your lock blinks red then green while disengaging the bolt on your Schlage lock (often with a slight delay than usual) it might be trying to indicate low battery. Try to replace the batteries as soon as possible and the Schlage lock will start operating without delays.

I replaced the batteries but my Schlage Lock is still giving out low-battery indicators

Check whether you installed the batteries correctly. Always put in a fresh set of Alkaline batteries. Avoid Lithium ones and also don't mix in with older batteries. Also, make sure the batter tray contacts are clean and free of dust and debris.

If replacing the batteries doesn't seems to work try performing a factory reset on your Schlage lock.


Fixing the blinking red light on your Schlage lock can be a simple process once you know about the possible causes. By referring to the troubleshooting solutions I've mentioned above, you can identify and resolve this issue.

Most of the time, a red light is due to low batteries or a programming error. So make sure to replace the battery, check for updates, and adhere to the proper maintenance and programming procedures to ensure the reliable operation of your Schlage lock.


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