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If you're feeling uncertain about how to change the batteries in your Schlage lock, you shouldn't worry. Typically, this task is quite simple and requires only a few tools.

A low battery indicator can be annoying to deal with however it won't be long before the batteries run out completely and you have to resort to manual overrides or jumpstarting.

So stick with this article as I'll show you how to replace the batteries in your Schlage lock, regardless of whichever model you own.

Overview of the Battery Replacement Process

Before heading over to the model-specific guides, let me walk you through the common procedures shared by all Schlage models. 

  1. Most Schlage locks require the use of high-quality alkaline batteries: specifically four AA batteries for most popular models. However, older variants, such as BE365 use a 9V battery, whereas FE575 and FE595 rely on smaller AAAs.
  2. To access the battery compartment on most Schlage locks, you'll first need to remove the interior cover. This typically involves unscrewing any visible screws and carefully sliding or lifting the cover off.
  3. Before inserting new batteries, always check and double-check the correct orientation according to the markings on the battery tray or holder. Incorrect placement can cause lock malfunction or damage.
  4. After replacing the batteries, reassemble the lock by sliding the battery cover or tray back into place, reconnecting any connectors, and placing the interior cover back on. Ensure no wires or connectors are pinched while doing so.
  5. Finally, test the lock to confirm it works correctly. The lock should retain its programmed codes during the battery replacement process, and you shouldn't have to reprogram the lock.

Model-Specific Battery Replacement Instructions

If the above guide seems a little too vague, don’t worry. Below, I discuss each Schlage model and walk you through how to replace the batteries. 

Schlage Encode Plus

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Apple Keys Compatibility

Model Schlage Encode Plus 2 2 3

The more recent models involve a very simple process when it comes to battery replacement. You don’t need fancy tools or a screwdriver, just brand-new AAs. 

Battery Indicators

Usually, it’s a good idea to replace the batteries annually. That said, you can tell if the Schlage Encode Plus models need new batteries whenever the battery icon, on the touchpad, is flashing or solid. Besides that, the app will also notify you when the batteries are critically low. 

image 13
Low Battery Indicators on the Schlage Encode Touchpad

How to Replace the Batteries on a Schlage Encode Plus

  • Batteries Required: 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
  • Screwdriver Required: No
  1. First, locate the black battery cover on the interior side of the lock.
  2. Slide the battery cover upwards to remove it.
  3. Carefully pull out the battery holder.
  4. Replace old batteries with four new AA alkaline batteries, making sure each battery is inserted in the correct direction.
  5. Reinstall the battery holder, ensuring the batteries are facing toward the door.
  6. Slide the battery cover back into place to secure the batteries in their holder.
  7. Wait for the Encode Plus to light up and type in a user access code and check whether it works as usual.
image 18
Battery Replace Instructions on the Schlage Encode

Schlage Encode

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Model Schlage Encode Three 1 3

The Schlage Encode shares the same procedure as the Schlage Plus. So as usual, slide up the black battery cover on the interior side, to reveal the battery holder.

Then, remove the battery holder and insert the new batteries, double-checking that they are oriented correctly before reinserting the holder and securing it in place with the batteries facing the door.

Schlage Sense

Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt

Model Schlage Sense 1 2

The Schlage Sense doesn’t share the same housing or internals as the Schlage Encode. Nevertheless, the battery replacement steps are nearly identical. 

How to Replace the Batteries on a Schlage Sense

Replacing the batteries in your Schlage electronic lock can be done in a few quick steps using four high-quality alkaline AA batteries. Here’s how:

  • Batteries: 4 x AA Alkaline
  • Screwdriver: No
  1. Take off the inside cover by sliding it up and pulling it away from the lock.
  2. Gently pull apart the battery connector from the lock's circuit board, then slide out the battery tray.
  3. Insert four fresh alkaline AA batteries into the tray, ensuring proper orientation according to the markings on the tray.
  4. Slide the battery tray back into its slot, making sure the batteries face the door as indicated.
  5. Reconnect the battery connector to the lock's circuit board, ensuring a secure connection.
  6. Check if the lock is working by typing in an access code.
  7. If everything seems to work as usual, reattach the inside cover by aligning it with the lock and carefully dropping it in.
image 14
Battery Replace Instructions for the Schlage Sense

Schlage Connect

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave Plus

Model Schlage Connect Two 3

Schlage Connect shares a similar housing to the Schlage Sense. As such, replacing the batteries is just as simple. However, make sure to use fresh Alkaline batteries and avoid touching the circuit parts. 

Start by removing the inside cover and carefully disconnecting the battery connector before sliding out the battery tray.

Next, swap out the old batteries for four new high-quality alkaline AA ones, ensuring they face towards the door before reconnecting the battery connector and replacing the cover.

Connected Keypad BE369

Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave

Model Connected Keypad 3

The Schlage Connected Keypad BE369 requires three AA batteries and a 9V alarm battery. I highly recommended replacing these at the same time and in their entirety, so make sure you have a fresh set of batteries and Philip’s head screwdriver before carrying out the swap.

How to Replace the Batteries on a Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

  • Batteries: 1 x 9V battery + 3 x AAs (Alkaline)
  • Screwdriver: Philip's Head
  1. First, take out the top and bottom screws holding the rear panel on the indoor side.
  2. Take out the rear panel and slowly remove the screw holding the AA battery tray. Keep holding the battery tray so it won’t fall out.
  3. Slowly remove the battery tray and replace the batteries with fresh AAs.
  4. After that remove the 9V battery from its terminals and replace it with a fresh 9V battery. 
  5. Fix the battery tray and screw it back on. 
  6. Tuck the new 9V battery into its space and make sure not to pinch any of the wires.
  7. Check if the lock is working by inputting an access code
  8. If everything works, reinstall the rear place.
Untitled design 1
How to Replace the Batteries on a Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

Schlage Touch Deadbolt BE375

Electronic Lock with Touchpad

Model Schlage Touch 1 4

The Touch Deadbolt Schlage Electronic lock has a much simpler battery replacement process. No screwdrivers are required, just a fresh 9V battery. 

Here’s how it’s done:

How to Replace the Batteries on Schlage Touch Deadbolt (BE375)

  • Batteries: 1 x 9V battery
  • Screwdriver: No
  1. Take out the inside cover by sliding it up
  2. Remove the old 9V battery and insert a fresh one, ensuring the correct orientation and no wires are crimped
  3. Test the lock for successful operation
  4. Finally, reinstall the rear cover
capture latest
Battery Replace Instructions for Schlage Touch Deadbolt

Schlage Touch Lever FE695

Electronic Lock with Touchscreen

Model Schlage Touch Lever 4

The Schlage Touch Lever FE695 has a similar process but the battery is located under the handle and you need a Philip’s head screwdriver to undo the rear plate. Here’s how you can replace the battery.

How to Replace the Batteries on a Schlage Touch Lever FE695

  • Batteries: 1 x 9V battery
  • Screwdriver: No
  1. Unscrew the rear plate on the indoor side of the lock
  2. Lift the plate down and out to safely get it out of the way
  3. Take out the old 9V battery and remove the connected terminals
  4. Connect a fresh 9V battery and place the new battery inside the space. Follow the correct orientation and make sure not to pinch any wires. You can use the tabs to hide the wires. 
  5. Test the Touch lever for successful operation
  6. Finally, angle up the rear cover, slide it in, and reinstall the screw
image 19
Battery Replacement Steps for a Schlage Touch Lever

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt BE365

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Schlage Keypad Deadbolt 1 2

The Keypad Deadbolt BE365 and older keypad models require a fresh 9V battery for a successful battery swap. Replacing the batteries is a quick and simple process with minor differences across all three models.

First, let’s talk about how to replace the batteries on the Keypad Deadbolt BE365.

Replacing the Batteries on the Schlage Keypad Deadbolt BE365

  • Batteries: 1 x 9V Alkaline
  • Screwdriver: Philip's Head
  1. First, take out the two screws holding the rear plate of the deadbolt (indoor thumb turn side)
  2. Take out the rear plate and untangle the 9V battery
  3. Disconnect the 9V battery terminals and reconnect with a fresh battery
  4. Check for successful operation and reconnect the rear plate. Make sure not to pinch the battery wires and neatly tuck them inside. 
image 17

Schlage Keypad Lever FE575, FE595

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Keypad Lever 1 3

There are some minor differences between the FE575 and FE595. In the FE595, you may need to take out the entire lock to replace the batteries. Still, this is a pretty simple process and you only need a Phillips head screwdriver and a fresh 9V battery.

How to Replace the Battery on a Schlage Keypad Lever FE595

  • Batteries: 1 x 9V Alkaline
  • Screwdriver: Philip's Head
  1. First, take out the two screws on the indoor side
  2. Simply remove the rear cover
  3. Unhook the old battery, and remove the 9V terminals
  4. Replace with a fresh 9V battery
  5. Neatly tuck the wires
  6. Check if the lock works
  7. Reinstall the rear thumb turn plate with the screws
image 16
Battery Change for the Schlage Keypad Lever

How to Replace the Battery on a Schlage Keypad Lever FE575

  • Batteries: 1 x 9V Alkaline
  • Screwdriver: Philip's Head
  1. First, unscrew the handle on the indoor side to remove the lock
  2. Take out the indoor handle and also remove the keypad side from the door
  3. Open the battery compartment
  4. Remove the old 9V battery and replace it with a new one. Make sure not to pinch the wires.
  5. Put everything back together and test the lock.
image 15
Battery Replace Steps for the Schlage Keypad Lever

Common Tips about Replacing the Batteries on Schlage Locks

Here are some common tips you need to know when dealing with Schlage electronic locks

  • To avoid any unexpected lock failure, I recommend changing the batteries annually, ideally at the same time you test and replace your smoke alarm batteries.
  • Also, while lithium batteries may last longer, they fail rapidly once depleted; therefore, alkaline batteries are a safer choice for your lock.
  • Avoid touching the circuit board to prevent electrostatic discharge, which could damage the lock.
  • While assembling the lock, ensure no wires or connectors are pinched.
  • Most Schlage locks use one set of batteries, but some may use two sets, so make sure you have the necessary number of batteries on hand.
  • If you encounter a critical battery warning after replacing the batteries, you may need to factory reset the lock.
  • Please note that you should only reset your lock if you have access to the original programming code, as this cannot be retrieved by customer service.
  • Resetting restores the lock to its factory settings, including the original programming code and pre-programmed user codes.


The Schlage electronic lock's battery icon is flashing red after I enter a code. What does this mean?

The flashing red icon means the battery is low, and it's time for a change. I suggest replacing the battery as soon as possible. If the red light is solid, it indicates that the battery is critically low and you must replace the batteries immediately. 

Will My Schlage Lock Work During a Power Outage?

Your Schlage electronic lock works on batteries. They will continue to function despite a power outage in your house.

What Type of Batteries Should I Use for My Schlage Smart Lock?

Use premium alkaline batteries – four AA batteries for Connect, Sense, Encode, and Encode Plus locks; a 9-volt battery for keypad units like the FE595 and Schlage Touch; and two or three AAA batteries for locks with built-in alarms.

Can I Open my Schlage Lock After the Battery Has Died?

A dead battery can be bypassed using an Emergency Jump (for BE375 and FE695 models) or an Emergency Key Override for models with keyholes and cylinders.

I Replaced the Batteries but my Lock Still Keeps Giving me Low Battery Indicators and Warnings.

If you continue to receive low battery indicators after replacing them, check for incorrect installation, mixing old and new batteries, or using low-quality AA batteries. Also, inspect the battery terminals, connectors, wires, and lock internals, and troubleshoot software issues if necessary.

If all else fails, try carrying out a factory reset.


Replacing the batteries in a Schlage electronic lock doesn't require specialized tools nor does it take up a lot of your time.

By following the easy steps outlined for each model, you can easily replace the batteries and ensure your lock continues to function as it should.

Remember to always use high-quality batteries and replace them promptly when needed, as this will help to extend the lifespan of your lock and prevent any unexpected malfunctions.

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