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In the event your Schlage smart lock suddenly ceases to function, there's no reason for alarm. Indeed, there's a simple solution to handle this situation!

Whether that’s a bolt that won’t extend/retract or a touchpad that doesn’t register, a non-responsive Schlage lock can almost always be reverted to default with a factory reset.

However, a factory reset is a last resort, so in this guide, I’ll walk you through step-by-step troubleshooting procedures to help fix your Schlage smart lock that has stopped working.

1. Battery Issues

The prime suspect, if your Schlage lock is not working, is an issue with the batteries. Make sure that the batteries are correctly installed, fully charged, and properly aligned. 

Also ideally, use non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, instead of Lithium for better performance.

The batteries can be dead when your Schlage lock's backlighting does not turn on when you press the outside Schlage button and if it doesn't respond whenever you enter an access code.

Besides that, if there’s a delay in unlocking the lock, indicated by a flashing yellow dot, it is a sign that the battery is running low and must be replaced.

image 39
Replacing the Batteries on a Schlage Sense

For more instructions, don’t forget to check out our battery replacement guide.

Additional Battery Troubleshooting

Also, if you tried replacing the batteries but the lock keeps giving low battery errors, these reasons can be why: 

  • The battery tray might be loose 
  • The cable that runs through the door is disconnected or pinched
  • The batteries are installed incorrectly and in the wrong orientation
  • You've mixed in old batteries with fresh ones
  • Dust or dirt might have accumulated on the contacts

Make sure to rectify these issues and try again

2. Signal Strength and Wi-Fi Connections

For smart models that connect to Wi-Fi, like Encode Plus and Encode, weak signal strength or incorrect network settings can cause connectivity issues. 

  1. To diagnose Wi-Fi signal strength, stand near the lock with your phone and check the Wi-Fi signal.
  2. If it's weak, try restarting your router by unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.
  3. If this doesn't help, consider clearing objects that might be blocking the signal or installing Wi-Fi extenders to boost the signal.
  4. Remember that Schlage smart locks only work with a 2.4 GHz network, so double-check you're connecting to the correct Wi-Fi band.
  5. It's also important to ensure you're using the correct password when linking the smart lock to your Wi-Fi.
  6. Test the password on another device to confirm it's valid, and update the password in the app if you've changed it recently.

3. App and Device Updates

Make sure you have the latest version of the Schlage app installed on your phone, and check for pending updates on the app itself or your device's operating system.

So ensure your smartphone is up to date and the Bluetooth settings are adjusted properly.

image 55
Schlage Encode Plus touchscreen indicators

For the Schlage Encode, the communication indicator on the upper left (Wi-Fi icon) will start flashing to indicate an update. For this and other smart lock models, you need to check for updates via the app.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Schlage lock when trying to pair or issue commands remotely, try restarting both the lock and your smartphone, waiting ten seconds before turning them back on.

To restart the lock, you can simply remove one of the batteries, wait a couple of seconds and re-install the battery.

4. Installation and Configuration

Improper installation or programming configurations could also be causing your lock to malfunction. 

Faulty Relocking Modes

For a Schlage lock where the deadbolt is not relocking after pressing the outside Schlage button, you can enable the relocking features such as 1-touch locking (Command No “7”), and auto-locking (Command No “9”).

To learn more about initiating manual programming mode, don't forget to check out this guide.

Vacation Mode

Another feature that might cause issues is the Vacation Mode. This mode disables all user codes at the keypad for added security during your absence.

Entering a valid user code while the lock is in Vacation Mode will only result in the Schlage button turning green and then red, without unlocking the door. So to disable Vacation Mode enter the six-digit programming code at the keypad.

Installation Issues

For any hardware-related problems, make sure to check these conditions:

  • Double-check that your lock is set up correctly with your door and locking system 
  • Make sure the strike plate is aligned with the bolt 
  • Keep the door open and check whether the bolt is extending/retracting properly
  • Verify you're using the correct code programmed into the lock
image 57
Rotate the thumbturn on the inside to check proper mechanical operation

5. Lock and Component Inspection

If you Schlage lock is not working, I recommend inspecting your lock's components for any visible damage or debris, such as cracks or grime on the keypad or cam arm. Removing any blockages or replacing damaged parts could resolve the issue. 

Ensure cables are connected properly, and the lock system is free of dirt or dust on contact points.

For locks that don't register keypad button presses, make sure that there isn't any dust or debris caught between the buttons and the case.

Obstructions to the Cam Arm

The cam arm might also experience a problem due to obstructions, dirt, or grime, so make sure it opens completely when inputting your code.

Testing the mechanical function of your locks, either using a physical key or the thumbturn to see if the bolt extends/retracts properly can help you diagnose component issues.

Also, check for damage to the lock's components, such as cracks or scratches. You might need to replace these parts or resolve other possible causes of failure (e.g., incorrect lock installation, loose cables, or a malfunctioning power source).

6. Factory Reset

When troubleshooting issues with your lock, such as keypad malfunctions, try resetting the lock's circuit board or performing a factory reset according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to reach out to customer service for assistance.

By following the steps above, you can ensure the proper functioning of your Schlage smart lock. However, if you’re still facing issues, please check out the rest of this article where I dive in deeper about the specifics of each model and how to fix one.

image 58
Factory Resetting a Schlage Sense

For detailed instructions, check out our guide on factory resetting Schlage smart locks.

7. Contact Customer Support

If you suspect any defects in your Schlage Smart Lock or you're unable to resolve the issue despite attempting all the troubleshooting steps, it's time to reach out to Schlage customer support.

Dismantling the lock on your own could void the warranty, so it's best to seek professional assistance.

Other Things to Consider

Along with the above fixes, also keep in mind the following.


One of the most important things to check when your Schlage Smart Lock doesn't work is its battery life.

Ensuring that the lock is running on a full charge is crucial for its proper functioning, so always have spare batteries handy.

If you find your device is dead or unresponsive, simply replace the batteries to see if this resolves the issue.

Default Codes

Another crucial aspect to bear in mind before troubleshooting your Schlage Smart Lock is locating the default Programming and User Codes.

These can be found either on the front of the user guide or the back of the Keypad Assembly.

image 1 3
Location of the default Programming and User Access Codes

Remember that resetting your lock to factory settings will restore the default codes while deleting all previously set User Codes and the current Programming Code.

It's important to note that customer service cannot help you retrieve lost default codes, so hold off on restoring factory settings unless you have access to these original codes.


Schlage's Encode and Encode Plus locks come with a Limited Lifetime Mechanical and Finish warranty, as well as a 3-year Electronics warranty.

This means that if you're facing an issue with the thumb turn not spinning freely when your deadbolt is locked, reaching out to customer support is your best bet.

They can assess the situation, help you pinpoint the problem, and provide you with the necessary guidance on how to fix it or whether you qualify for a replacement.


If Schlage locks start to malfunction, it’s typically because of low batteries, an improper installation, or incorrect code attempts. 

So if you have a lock that’s not responding, the best course of action is to follow the common troubleshooting procedures above.

That said, if you've tried everything and your lock is still not working, I recommend reaching out to Schlage customer support for further assistance.

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